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Even the smallest moving mishap could damage the instrumentation or craftsmanship, and Royalty Moving Co. specialize in safely moving pianos and organs in the Seattle area. 

Royalty has the special equipment required to move your large, heavy, and expensive pianos, and Royalty has crews who have specialized training in handling pianos, so we understand how to properly pack, transport, and set up your prized instrument with exceptional care and precision. Whether it is located on the ground floor at your suburban home in the Seattle area or in a high-rise building in downtown L.A., Royalty is qualified to safely move your piano from your home, apartment or business.

How does the process to move your piano work?

  • Royalty gives you an estimated flat-rate charge with no hidden fees.
  • Royalty provides a guaranteed pick-up and delivery date to move your piano.
  • Royalty uses experienced moving crews and the proper equipment to safely pack and transport your piano.
  • Royalty delivers your piano on the agreed-upon date and sets up your piano.

If you are in the Seattle area and need to move your prized piano or organ down the street or across the state, call Royalty Moving Co., where you are treated like family. Royalty makes it easy and affordable for you, and we offer a wide range of prices, flat rates and packing material to accommodate all your needs. Partner with a professional moving company you can trust.

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