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    At this time we do not operate in WA state

    Royal Moving Company
    Average rating: 5.0/5.0
    Based upon 5 customer surveys
  • Get a quote from Best Seattle Movers
    Royal Moving Company
    Average rating: 5.0/5.0
    Based upon 5 customer surveys

  • At this time we do not operate in WA state
    Get a quote from Best Seattle Movers
    Royal Moving Company
    Average rating: 5.0/5.0
    Based upon 5 customer surveys
  • Get a quote from Best Seattle Movers
    Royal Moving Company
    Average rating: 5.0/5.0
    Based upon 5 customer surveys

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      Local Moves, from Redmond to Oregon City
      I needed to move furniture into a new house from my storage unit, and I absolutely loved Phil and Sam! Super professional, very careful and attentive, and overall really easy-going and easy to work with. When I previously moved furniture into my storage unit, I used ABC movers and they honestly did a horrible job. A few very valuable furniture pieces came out of there broken and cracked, which was upsetting. Phil and Sam took this into consideration and were very conscious and respectful of my valuables, as though they belonged to them. Would DEFINITELY recommend and use their services again :)
      Local Moves, from Newcastle to Edmonds
      Dave , Max and Taylor were unbelievable... I can't say enough about how much help they were to me with my move! This company is like two in one. At first I didn't believe that they provided free moving boxes for their clients. However, not only were they free, they were plastic! So I saved money by not having to buy cardboard boxes and the plastic boxes protected my personal and valuables very well. I've never heard of any company that provides a FREE service just to please their customers. These are genuine guys and they do an amazing job. They made this move so easy and it really did put me a ease. Moving is stressful and trust me with this company and all that they do for their clients it won't be stressful at all! It's the easiest choice to make when moving. P. S. I would like to thank Hank, he was very informative, polite, and professional when I made the call for my move. I've never felt so comfortable talking to someone over the phone, he made things so easy! Amazing customer service guys!!!!!!
      Local Moves, from Issaquah to Gresham
      These are the best movers I've ever used! They are super nice, hard-working, reliable guys. They helped us move our house today, and we couldn't have gotten it done without them. They took great care of our stuff, wrapped everything with plastic wrap to keep things clean, super fast, great packers. I couldn't believe how much of our stuff they magically fit into our storage unit. I would highly recommend them to anyone I know. And we plan to hire them again at the end of the year.
      Local Moves, from Issaquah to Beaverton
      I really want to take the time to sincerely thank this team. You guys really made my parents happy! I was a bit skeptical at first because I tend to do the moving by myself, but now that I'm getting older I think I'll let the youth do the work. Thank you guys so much! You guys were definitely on point so I will definitely recommend you gentlemen. Thanks again for being reliable and professional and most of all caring people!
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      Royal Moving has more than 100 "5 Star" reviews on Yelp.


      The roots of the Royal Moving Co. began the simple dream of three best friends who worked together in the moving business for more than six years. While doing the heavy work on a daily basis, the founders of Royal sketched out their plans to create a moving company that did things the right ways every single time.

      Their dream took hold in Los Angeles, where they built a successful brand through a passion for helping people, and the experience and professionalism to do every job at a level that no other moving company could beat. They set the standard for other companies to follow at a price that anyone could afford, becoming #1 in the market.

      After rising to the top in Los Angeles, and doing the same in Portland, Royal created an office in Seattle in 2016 to serve the community with pride. At the Seattle location, Royal has built a team of moving professionals who have the same motivation, standards, and dedication to customer service as the three founders.

      We are the coolest and we are the cleanest. We are uniformed and we are smart. We are fast and efficient. We are Royal.

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