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Moving a piano is difficult process that involves an awkward piece of furniture that is heavy and expensive. So heavy, in fact, that if you are not properly prepared with help and equipment, you could suffer an injury to your piano or your back if you are not careful.

There are several important steps to preparing a piano for transport:

  • First, you will need heavy-duty straps and a furniture dolly that can support the weight of your piano. Furthermore, you will need padding and blankets to protect your piano from scratches and bumps.
  • Second, you need to close and lock the keyboard, so that the lid does not open during transportation. If the keyboard lid does not lock, wrap the piano in a way to secure it. Do not use tape to keep the lid closed because it will damage the wood surface. Next, use thick blankets or padding when wrapping the piano, especially the corners, and secure the padding with packing tape, but do not allow the tape does not touch the surface of the piano.
  • Finally, remember that you should never lift your pianos by the legs because they are fragile, and always keep the entire piano in the upright position. Never lay it on its side because it could damage the outside and wreck the inner mechanics.

When transporting a piano, place the moving straps under the bottom of the piano, using a strap on each end. One person holds one end of each strap to support each corner, which requires at least four people. Then, using the straps, lift the piano onto the furniture dolly. Next, secure the piano to the dolly, making sure that the piano legs are sitting flat on the dolly. Lock the piano’s casters in place. After it is secure, place the piano at the back of the moving truck, against the wall. If possible, use wood planks to ensure the piano sits level, which helps to relieve pressure on the casters and piano legs, so they do not strain to stabilize during the move. Finally, always lift you piano instead of dragging it.

When you get to your destination, move the piano out of the moving truck in the same way that you put it on the truck. Place the piano in a place where you can keep it protected from cold and damp condition, and understand that your piano will require a professional tuner once it is in its permanent place.

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