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Moving to a new location and leaving a familiar environment is never easy. Whether you are moving to a city next by or to another state it is normal to feel overwhelmed and stressed. Apart from stepping out of your comfort zone and moving to a new neighborhood, there are many things that you will have to organize for the relocation day. Still, if you have reliable movers by your side your moving process will be much easier. At Royal Moving & Storage CA, we know that relocation is a complex job and we will do our best to assist you with every task relate to it. Get in touch with us and let movers Huntington Beach relocate you to your new location with ease. 

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Entrust your belongings to one of the most trusted and reliable movers Huntington Beach has

One of the most important things for your relocation day is to have movers that you trust by your side. This way your whole moving experience will be serene and stress-free. At Royal Moving & Storage, we understand that our crew plays an essential role in your moving process. For that reason, we carefully choose our employees and we invest in their development. Today, our team consists of reliable and knowledgeable professionals, that will ensure you have a smooth and simple moving experience.

Since we started our company, back in 2012, our goal was to be moving company number one. We worked hard and listened to our customers and their feedback. We are proud to say that today we are one of the most recommended moving companies Huntington Beach has. There is no reason to stress over your relocation day when you can have our skilled movers help you move to your new place.

Our crew will cover every aspect of your relocation process

As we understand that you want one moving company to cover your whole moving experience we have created a wide range of services. With us, you will not have to look for another company. We will be there for you from the moment you decide to relocate until you settle into your new home. Be assured that we will provide you with full moving services. And ensure that you don't have to worry about a single moving phase.

Not only that our movers will ensure that you have full moving experience, but we will relocate you wherever you need us to. For us, distance doesn't make a difference. Our experienced movers in Huntington Beach will relocate you, whether you need assistance with:

With our professional packers, your belongings will be protected and ready for moving day

There is no doubt that packing is one of the most difficult jobs during the moving process. It takes a lot of time and requires patience and dedication. Whether you need assistance with packing your household items or office inventory we will help you to protect them and ensure that they are ready to load into the truck. Rest assured that with our packing services your belongings will be properly wrapped with quality packing materials.

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Not only that we have a crew that knows how to properly pack your belongings, but we have tools and equipment to do it. We have quality packing supplies that will give extra protection to your valuables. As one of the most trusted moving companies in Huntington Beach, we will ensure that there are damages to your belongings. Do not hesitate to entrust us with your valuables and be more relaxed knowing that your belongings are safe.

At Royal Moving & Storage CA, we have storage solutions as well

As we know that there are many occasions when you might need additional space for your belongings, we added storage solutions to our services. This way you will truly have a full and easy moving experience as you will not have to look for a storage company as well.  Our storage units are in different sizes and you can place any type of belongings with us, whether you need storage solution after:

Rest assured that all our storage facilities are well maintained and we take good care of the cleanness. Also, we understand how valuable your belongings are to you. For that reason, we have invested in our security system. Rest assured that your items will be under constant supervision and as we took all measurements needed to prevent any possibility of theft.

What are the advantages of living in our community and should you move to Huntington Beach?

At Royal Moving & Storage CA, we are proud to be part of our community and serve our residents. There is no doubt that Huntington Beach is a good place to live because of the lifestyle that you could get here. It offers a mix of urban-suburban feel and has a lot of restaurants, bars, and shops. For that reason, younger generations choose our Huntington Beach movers to relocate them here. Even though the cost of living is a little bit higher than the national average warm weather and amazing beaches are making up for those expenses. Whether you are seeking new job opportunities or you are looking for a family-friendly community you will not make mistake if you decide to move here.

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Reserve your relocation with one of the most dedicated movers Huntington Beach has

Without a doubt, relocation is an overwhelming experience. It involves a lot of different tasks that need to be planned and organized. But with one of the most skilled, knowledgeable, and dedicated movers Huntington Beach has you will not have to worry about the single step of your relocation process. Contact us, and we at Royal Moving & Storage CA will ensure that you have the relocation of your dreams.

Moving to Huntington Beach? Here is what you can expect once you get to Huntington Beach.

Huntington Beach is a Pacific seaside community inside the confines of Orange County, California. The city is located 35 miles south of Los Angeles and 90 miles north of San Diego. It is named after railroad magnate Henry Huntington, who was most responsible for its development. The city has an 8.5-mile-long beach, accompanied by a mild climate, and great waves, which make it a popular spot for surfing. In fact, over the years, it gained notoriety as “Surf City”. Dean Torrence, of the pop group Jan and Dean, and who co-authored the song “Surf City,” said that Huntington Beach is the embodiment of the #1 hit's spirit of fun and freedom. In addition, Huntington Beach is mentioned in the Beach Boys classic “Surfin’ Safari” ("At Huntington and Malibu, They're shooting the pier"), and in “Surfer Joe” ("Joe went to Huntington's Meet one week") by the Surfaris.

The Orange County Register, the local paper, named Huntington Beach the “Best City to Live in Orange County” because residents enjoy a quaint community with a fabulous coastline, boat marinas, beautiful parks, a great school system, a variety of housing options for all income levels, numerous parks, and exemplary health care and a diverse economy and an overflow of jobs. Huntington Beach also houses Golden West College, which offers an array of a two-year associate of arts degrees that easily transfer to four-year universities. The Huntington Beach school district has four public high schools and 24 elementary and middle schools. The city also has a downtown district that has an eclectic mix of art, shopping, and museums, including the International Surfing Museum.

Needless to say, the California lifestyle aligns with Huntington Beach.  Nothing else in the United States that is there a city that epitomizes surf culture more than Huntington Beach.  The city claims the widest, cleanest, safest, and most fun beaches in all the land, with an unofficial dress code that is comprised of trunks and bikinis, sandals and bare feet, and wetsuits, with beach towels, volleyballs, and surfboards as required accessories.

There are many services and organizations worth knowing about as a new resident of Huntington Beach. Here is some valuable contact information that you might need in order to settle into your new residence in Huntington Beach. The contact list includes utility companies, community service associations, recreational facilities, as well as important state and local government organizations.

Utility Companies in Huntington Beach

Cable TV and Internet

  • Spectrum, Address: Phone: 866-874-2389, Address: 16434 Beach Blvd, Westminster, CA 92683, Web Address:


  • Southern California Edison, Phone: 800-655-4555, Address: 1325 S Grand Ave, Santa Ana, CA 92705, Web Address:


  • SoCalGas, Phone: 800-427-2200SoCalGas, Address: 12631 Monarch St, Garden Grove, CA 92841, Web Address:


  • City of Huntington Beach, Phone: 714-536-5630, Address: 2000 Main Street, Huntington Beach, CA 92648, Web Address:


  • AT&T, Phone: 714-934-8061, Address: 7501 Edinger Ave Suite 101, Huntington Beach, CA 92647, Web Address:

Trash Services

  • City of Huntington Beach, Phone: 714-536-5630, Address: 2000 Main Street, Huntington Beach, CA 92648, Web Address:

Community Services in Huntington Beach

Animal Control Officer

  • Phone: 714-935-6848: Address: 1630 Victory Road, Tustin, CA 92782, Web Address:

Department of Public Works

  • Phone: 714-536-5431, Address: 2000 Main Street, Huntington Beach, CA 92648, Web address:

Environmental Services

  • Phone: 714-536-5431, Address: 2000 Main Street, Huntington Beach, CA 92648, Web Address:


  • Huntington Beach Hospital, Phone: 714-843-5000, Address: 17772 Beach Blvd, Huntington Beach, CA 92647, Web Address:

Parks and Recreation

  • Phone: 714-536-5431, Address: 2000 Main Street, Huntington Beach, CA 92648, Web Address:

Post Offices

  • Phone: 800-275-8777, Address: 6771 Warner Ave, Huntington Beach, CA 92647, Web Address:!input.action

Public Library

  • Phone: 714-842-4481, Address: 7111 Talbert Ave, Huntington Beach, CA 92648, Web address:

Recycling Centers

  • City of Huntington Beach, Phone: 714-536-5630, Address: 2000 Main Street, Huntington Beach, CA 92648, Web Address:

Emergency Contacts in Huntington Beach

Fire Department

  • Phone: 714-536-5411, Phone: 2000 Main Street, Huntington Beach, CA, Web Address:

Police Department

  • Phone: 714-960-8811, Address: 2000 Main St, Huntington Beach, CA 92648,


  • Phone: 714-536-5411, Phone: 2000 Main Street, Huntington Beach, CA, Web Address:

Movers in Huntington Beach Reviews

80 total reviews
Local Moves, Huntington Beach
I had a last minute moving need and was out of options luckily royal moving company saved our day and was able to provide reliable professional service and deliver our stuff perfectly (moving into a 3 story house was not easy as well). Akmal and Antony and sultan went above and beyond they are wonderful.
Local Moves, Huntington Beach
I thought I was going to be able to move my two bedroom apartment with my girlfriend but she ended up getting sick the weekend of the move(thankfully not CovID-19). My initial call to this company was great. The representative was very friendly and accommodating. I called them on a Saturday, and they were able to fit me in the next day. I made the mistake and only asked for two movers. After I boxed everything, I realized there was quite a bit more to move than I expected. On the day of the move, the movers arrived early! The movers did agree that they would require another mover to assist with the move. The manager of the company was able to get us another mover to assist last minute and he arrived within an hour of being called. They handled everything with care and seemed to have an efficient process of moving items from my apartment located on the 6th floor down to the truck. My new home has three stories with narrow stairs. We wanted one of our couches to be placed on the loft which overlooked the family room. There was no way they would have been able to carry/fit the couch up the stairs, but they did manage to lift the couch up to the loft from the family room. I was very impressed with the attention to detail during this move. They covered the rails, the floor and the walls to make sure they were not damaged. The entire move took about 6 hours. Thank you, Kamran, Gleb and Igor! The three of you made our move so much less stressful. This teams deserves 5-stars for the move.
Local Moves, from Huntington Beach to Anaheim
My family would not be able to move so many fragile items without breaking anything – Royal Moving co saved us from all the damage.
Local Moves, from Larchmont to Huntington Beach
After working with Royal I realized my moves will never be the same. I wasted so much time trying to transport stuff on my own.
Local Moves, from Huntington Beach to Newcastle
Royal Moving company is the best solution when you need a quick and trouble-free move. They make the move so simple you won’t even notice it.
Local Moves, from Burbank to Huntington Beach
If you are in search of reliable and fast movers in California, don’t hesitate to call Royal Moving company: it’s worth it.
Local Moves, from Huntington Beach to Brentwood
I am so grateful to the team of Brentwood Movers from Royal Moving company. I would not make it all on my own.
Local Moves, from Huntington Beach to Larchmont
I was amazed by how movers in Lakewood from Royal Moving company coped with the mess in my house and transported all stuff to the new place. It took one moment!
Local Moves, from Huntington Beach to Altadena
I regret now meeting you before – you would make my move so much simpler. Royal Moving co, you’re wonderful!
Local Moves, from Hermosa Beach to Huntington Beach
I’m so happy to have finally found reliable and strong movers in Huntington Beach. Royal Moving co know how to handle anything from piano to a vase.

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