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Even the smallest moving mishap could damage the instrumentation or craftsmanship, and Royal Moving Co. specializes in safely moving pianos and organs in the San Francisco area. And since your precious instrument is not something you should take lightly, then why not leave it to us? We are known for being professional and punctual and as soon as you leave your relocation to us, there will be nothing else to worry about! Our piano movers San Francisco recommends are the ones who will transport your piano safely, quickly, and for a good price!

A piano in a hall
Wherever you need your piano transported, count on Royal piano movers in SF!

Your piano is safe with Royal Moving services

Every good company must provide everything people need for their piano relocation. No matter the type and distance of your relocation, movers should be the ones you can trust. And since we set you and your inventory as our main priority, we had to design our moving services accordingly. As soon as you decide that the time has come to move with your piano to another place, we will provide:

Why choose our piano movers San Francisco relies on?

Royal has the special equipment required to move your large, heavy, and expensive pianos, and Royal has crews who have specialized training in handling pianos, so we understand how to properly pack, transport, and set up your prized instrument with exceptional care and precision.

Whether it is located on the ground floor at your suburban home in the San Francisco area or in a high-rise building in downtown L.A., Royal is qualified to safely move your piano from your home, apartment or business. Risking doing it alone shouldn’t be something to consider as piano indeed deserves so much better than that! We have been building our experience for years and are ready to share it with you!

two piano movers San Francisco offers sitting in their van
Let us tell you why Royal Moving Co. is the perfect moving partner!

No need to worry about the price!

Piano may be an expensive thing to buy and maintain, but our services surely are not! On our official website, you can request a free moving estimate and we will give it to you in a couple of seconds. Later when we discuss more details, we can make some minor changes, depending on your inventory and the destination itself. What matters is that there are no hidden fees or extra charges when moving with us!

Your budget is our priority and we will give our best to preserve it as much as possible. Otherwise, if you are to move the piano on your own, you would have to pay much more while spending huge amounts of time as well. Be smart about this and let our piano movers from San Francisco help you instead!

How does the process to move your piano work?

Since you have the piano yourself, you understand how extremely delicate this instrument is. Although our furniture movers treat every item carefully, in the case of the piano even the tiniest movement must be handled professionally. Otherwise, the piano can be damaged without repair. Not to mention when you have to move it to another place. Luckily, our piano movers San Francisco trusts can help you because our team at Royal:

  • Gives you an estimated flat-rate charge with no hidden fees.
  • Provides a guaranteed pick-up and delivery date to move your piano.
  • Uses experienced moving crews and the proper equipment to safely pack and transport your piano.
  • Delivers your piano on the agreed-upon date and sets up your piano.

In large homes, pianos are usually in a very visible place and most of the time it takes a lot to move the instrument across the home during your residential relocation in San Francisco. This instrument is pretty heavy, as well, no matter the type, and it surely is not a one-person job. That is why Royal’s team is here to handle it safely.

brown piano
Our piano movers San Francisco residents trust with their instruments will safely transport your piano no matter the distance

Welcome to San Francisco: The city of class!

There is probably not a single person who hasn’t heard about this breathtaking city. And since it is one of the best places to live in California, no wonder so many people wish to call it home. Living and working in San Francisco will benefit you in countless ways, as you will have excellent job opportunities and a chance to meet some lovely people. It is suitable both for young professionals and those who plan to start a family. So, if you are moving alone some of the suitable neighborhoods include:

  • SoMa
  • Mission District
  • Cow Hollow

On the other hand, if your family will be moving with you, make sure to consider places like:

  • Glen Park
  • Pacific Heights
  • Marina District

The city has countless locations that are famous all around the world. Some of them, like the Golden Gate Bridge, were included in many movies and TV shows and remain the most special thing about San Francisco. Once you officially settle in, make sure to balance your lifestyle with the pos-relocation activities. As you’re obviously an art and music lover, the city will treat you well as it is home to many art events almost daily!

Two piano movers San Francisco trusts are making an inventory
Contact us, and leave your instrument to our professional team!

Living costs in San Francisco

Living costs will determine not only your lifestyle in this city but the entire future. It is no secret that San Francisco is expensive, but its job opportunities and low unemployment rate can make it easy. Currently, the living costs are well above the national average. But some other costs, like utilities, are going below so not everything will cost a fortune there. If you manage to make a good plan and organize your budget properly, there will be no need to worry about your finances.

It is time to call us and hire our piano mover San Francisco offers!

If you are in the San Francisco area and need to move your prized piano or organ down the street or across the state, get in touch with our team at Royal Moving and Storage. We will make sure you end up with the best moving experience. Our piano movers San Francisco based will make sure that your instrument arrives safely at its new location! Royal makes it easy and affordable for you, and we offer a wide range of prices, flat rates, and packing material to accommodate all your needs. Partner with a professional piano moving company you can trust!

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