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The moving day sure is exciting. There’s a lot to be done, a lot of items to sort through, pack and load. But you need to be sure that you are prepared for what’s to come. There’s more to preparing than buying moving boxes and booking movers Sherman Oaks. In fact, you need to be ready to tackle the challenge of moving. That means, besides other things, that you need to know what to wear, but also what not to wear on your moving day. There are a lot of dangers when moving. So you need to dress appropriately. Here are some of the things that you need to know before your moving day.

Moving day dress code – why is it important to know what not to wear on your moving day?

If you’ve moved before, then you already know how chaotic a moving day might be. Even with the best of plans, you can’t expect everything to fall into place. You need to be on your feet and ready to tackle any challenge that might arise. So even if you have the best local movers Los Angeles by your side, it still doesn’t mean that you can wear just whatever you feel like. And there are many reasons for that.

clothes in a drawer of what not to wear on your moving day
Be careful when choosing clothes for your moving day

Avoid moving injuries by dressing appropriately on a moving day

One of the main reasons why you need to take care of what you wear on a moving day is injuries. They do happen more often than you might think. While that might seem silly at first, since you’ll have some of the best furniture movers Los Angeles doing all the heavy lifting, you can still get hurt. Bumps, bruises, scratches, just to name a few. There are also some serious injuries that can happen if you don’t know what not to wear on your moving day. So, make sure to follow our guidelines on best practices and you’ll be perfectly safe.

Items you should know not to wear on your moving day

There are many items that you should not wear on your moving day. From loose clothes to flip-flops, there are many ways in which your clothes can get you seriously injured. So, in order to simplify things, we will break this up into a few categories:

  • Clothes not to wear on your moving day
  • Footwear to pack when moving
  • Accessories to avoid when moving home

Wearing weather-appropriate clothes can make all the difference

Before we dive into specific pieces of clothing that you should know not to wear on your moving day, we need to talk about the weather. While it might seem insignificant, especially when you have professionals handling your relocation, it’s still important to dress appropriately. So checking the weather forecast for LA before your move might make all the difference. It can save you from a heat stroke in the summer and from freezing in the winter. But most importantly, it will make for a much more convenient relocation.

girl in a sweater
Think about the weather before choosing your clothes for the moving day

Carefully pick which pieces of clothing you are going to wear on your moving day

Picking the right clothes is very important during relocation. Even when you have pros taking care of almost everything, you still have to load a few things by yourself. You need to be there to help out or at least manage the whole project. So, first, it’s important not to wear clothes that are too loose. If you are moving to a cold state, you might want to wear bulkier clothes. Just remember that they can easily cause you to get stuck on a sharp edge of a furniture piece or on a loose nail.

So, make sure that your clothes are weather-appropriate but also snug enough not to cause a problem. Likewise, wearing a skirt or a dress is definitely not a good idea. Pants or shorts are way better because they give you more flexibility. Jeans are great for a moving day since they are rugged and comfy, but make sure they are not too tight.

Wearing appropriate footwear is essential on a moving day

When it comes to picking shoes for your moving day, you have a few options. Both sneakers and boots are great, and you should choose based on the weather. But, it’s important to know what not to wear on your moving day. Flip flops, sandals, and shoes with heels are definitely not recommended. You can get seriously injured due to a poor choice of shoes. That’s one of the downsides of moving with friends. Someone is always bound to wear inappropriate shoes or clothes. So the chance of injury is much greater. And when it’s your relocation, it can get quite uncomfortable if someone gets hurt.

When it comes to jewelry knowing what not to wear on your moving day is very important

If you can, you should put away all of your jewelry when moving. It can easily cause you to either injure yourself or damage your jewelry. You should put it away for later after you unpack. But if you really want to wear it, make sure it’s safe for a moving day. Long necklaces can cause injuries just like poor footwear. So you should definitely be careful when choosing what to wear and what not to wear on your moving day when it comes to jewelry.

a lot of necklaces on sale
Be careful about your jewelry on the moving day

Knowing what to wear and what not to wear on your moving day can make a big difference

Dressing appropriately can make a lot of difference in terms of your safety when moving. It can also help you pack and move faster, be more agile and be able to do more things. So, wear comfortable but sturdy shoes. Avoid jewelry that makes the likelihood of hooking on something possible. Avoid loose clothes and dress for the weather. That way you will be ready for relocation. Even if you do have professionals by your side. Dressing appropriately is very important. No matter where you are moving to or which items you are transporting. If you dress properly nothing will stand in your way.

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