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If we are being honest, we asked or were asked to help someone relocate at least once in our lives. It is natural to try and help someone who is going through a big change in their life, and offering assistance with relocation is normal. We always think and talk about all the good things but what are the downsides of friends relocating you? It is not the same when you have friends helping you move and when you have professional movers packing and moving all of your belongings. Sometimes, it is much easier to find moving labor in LA than to organize all of your friends to help you relocate with ease. So, let’s talk about all the downsides of friends helping you move.

One of the downsides of friends relocating  you is their lack of experience

When it comes to moving, one of the things that make all the difference when it comes to moving is the experience of handling the whole relocation. Scheduling, organizing, packing, loading – those are all the tasks that professionals do with ease and much faster than you and your friends. You need to ask your friends – do they even have experience with moving? Do they know how to handle big or fragile items? On the other hand, moving companies Los Angeles can offer you excellent service without any issues. They know how to handle every single item in your home, and that experience can be very useful.

girl playing while packing as one of the biggest Downsides of friends relocating you
You need to ask your friends about their experience with moving and packing

Will you really save money with a DIY relocation?

One of the reasons that people often list as a reason for the DIY move with the help of their friends is saving money. But the real question is will you really save money? If you have friends that don’t have too much experience with moving, there is a great chance that something will get damaged or broken along the way. And is it really worth it risking damage to your belongings in an attempt to save money on relocation? One of the main downsides of friends relocating you is the fact that there will probably be damaged items and potential issues with your belongings.

Lack of equipment is one of the downsides of friends moving you

Even if you have friends that have some experience with helping people relocate, you won’t have all the equipment you might need. The first question that you should ask yourself is – do I have a truck available for this relocation? There is a small chance that you or your friends have a truck in which you can fit everything. Professionals like Royal Moving & Storage Inc usually have a lot of trucks in different sizes, depending on the size of your relocation.

Next, how will you carry and move around heavy things? You need special equipment in order to move heavy items around safely. Also, what happens if you live in a big building on the top floor? How will you carry your heavy items? Moving is a stressful event, and it requires a lot of planning and additional equipment.

people carrying a couch down the stairs
Do you have the right equipment to move with ease?

It will take a lot of time to move everything with your friends

Moving can be a time-consuming job. It takes time to pack everything then carry it to to the truck. Next comes loading, unloading and that can take a while. One of the negative sides of friends relocating you is the fact that they can help you in their free time. That means that you will have to adjust to their schedules and make sure that they have enough time to help you move. Being stuck in the middle of relocation alone will make everything complicated. Make sure to calculate how much time you will need and be honest with your friends. Ask them do they have that amount of time to help you.

One of the downsides of friends relocating you is having no insurance

One of the things that really can complicate everything lies in the fact that when you decide to move with the help of your friends – you can not have insurance. And if anything goes wrong – there is no insurance or any plan B. The only thing that can happen is that you will get into a really unpleasant situation with your friends. No one will break your items on purpose. But mistakes happen. And in order to save some money, you are risking losing valuable friendships. Looking for moving services in Los Angeles can make your relocation much easier and stress-free.

Packing is time-consuming and it needs to be done with care

A lot of people ask their friends and family to help them pack. And if we are being honest – that is not always a good idea. Not only packing can be very time-consuming, but it is also important to keep track of all of your items. And of course, it is important how you actually pack them. You need to be sure that everything is packed correctly, labeled correctly. And when you ask your friends for help, you need to be aware that they are different – they will pack your belongings differently, they might label them wrong. And it can cause you a lot of issues in the long run. On the other hand, hiring experienced LA packing services will ensure the quality of a packing job.

person packing things into a moving box
Do your friends know how to pack fragile items?

Is it really worth it?

The one and the most important question you should ask yourself – is it really worth it? Will you really save so much money that all of this hassle will be worth it? When you look at all the downsides of friends relocating you are you willing to risk it? Are you ready to forgive them if they break some of your items? These are all the questions that you should ask yourself, and be honest with the answers. There are a lot of ways to save money when moving, and you need to be sure that asking your friends for help when relocating is the best way to go!

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