How to unpack after your Torrance relocation

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Relocating to the city of Torrance, CA, may “force” you to change your unpacking habits. But if this is your first time relocating, learning to unpack after your Torrance relocation might come a bit easier. When it comes to relocations, every person, every family, is different. Some people enjoy the unpacking process, while others may dread it. While some may choose to have one of the movers Torrance CA has on offer to do their unpacking for them. Either way, unpacking requires following a certain system, which we will detail in this small guide.

How to unpack after your Torrance relocation 101

Here is a quick overview of the unpacking process you might want to follow:

  • Creating an unpacking system
  • Unpacking the necessities first
  • Starting with the kitchen
  • Moving to the bedrooms
  • Unpacking the bathroom
  • Assembling and arranging the furniture
  • Unpacking the utility areas
person writing in a notebook
The first thing you will want to do is create an unpacking system.

Depending on the size of your household, you may want to enlist additional unpacking help. You may opt to have your friends and family help you with the task, or you can have your moving company assist you. For example, if you are relocating from Los Angeles, you may find that hiring unpacking services from Los Angeles interstate movers might be quite cost-effective. Most moving companies will help you unpack at a very reasonable price, especially if you’ve already hired extensive moving services. But if you want to unpack on your own, here’s what you will want to do:

Create an unpacking system first

Before you start unpacking anything, it is very important that you always know what you are unpacking now, and what you will be unpacking next. To create an unpacking system, you will need a copy of the inventory list of your belongings. If you’ve hired some of the moving services Los Angeles has to offer, for example, your movers will be able to provide one for you. Your items should be packed by room or by usage, and you need to carefully examine the boxes before you start the unpacking process. You may also want to peer inside each box to verify that it contains the items you want to unpack first.

Unpack the necessities

The first box (or boxes) that you will want to unpack is the essentials box. It should also be the very first box off the truck or the one that made the trip with you in your own car. These boxes will contain all the items that are essential to your daily functions in the city of Torrance for the short term. In the case that you have not prepared an essentials box, you will want to quickly find all the necessary items among the boxes that contain them. The idea is that you want to unpack all the items that are necessary to help you “get by” the first couple of nights.

These essentials usually include medications, books, phone/computer chargers, food preparation items, as well as basic toiletries.

Unpack the kitchen next

After you have all the essentials on hand, you will want to start your packing effort in earnest by unpacking the kitchen. If you happen to have extra time, you may want to make lining the kitchen cabinets and cupboards the first thing you do. But if you find yourself lacking time, you may only want to unpack the important items such as pans and pots. You will also want to plug in all the major appliances, as well as any small appliances that make your life easier (e.g. toaster and coffee pot).

person preparing a meal
You will want to ensure that you can prepare a tasty meal.

At this point, you don’t need to fully organize the kitchen, you will have plenty of time to do that once everything else is unpacked. Alternatively, you can have your residential movers Los Angeles unpack the kitchen while you focus on the other areas of your home. Having professionals “deal” with the kitchen can be an extreme time-saver, especially if you have many large appliances to move around.

Then move to the bedrooms

After the kitchen is unpacked, it is time to move to unpack the bedrooms. You will want to decide on furniture placement and closet organization before you start unpacking. After that, put all the beds together and unpack linens for each bedroom in your home. Also, you may want to choose “cooler” linens, especially if this is your first time moving to a warmer climate. In fact, the climate needs to be on your mind at all times when you unpack after your Torrance relocation. And if you are worried about being able to install the beds in the first place, you can always count on Royal Moving Co. to help you out. Our team will carry and install the beds before you know it!

Next up, bathrooms!

In most homes, bathroom fixtures are “good to go” from the moment you move in. However, you will need to unpack some items to make them fully functional, such as toiletries, towels, and similar bathroom items. Having a fully-stocked bathroom will make you feel at home in no time! The first items you will want to unpack are any medications, products for body care, shower curtains, and similar. While you can only unpack the items that you will immediately use, we advise that you prioritize fully unpacking the bathroom as soon as you can.

Assemble your furniture and arrange it

After all the other priority areas have been unpacked, it is time to assemble and arrange your furniture. Ideally, you will have a floorplan sketch of your new home that will assist you in this endeavor. Either way, you will want to create a systematic plan that will allow you to arrange your furniture only once.

a living room
Make sure to finalize the floor plan before assembling furniture.

Do not start assembling any large furniture pieces until you are certain of their final location. Assembling a piece in the wrong spot can lead to quite a bit of wasted time, as you will need to move it afterward. And if your new home is not yet ready to “accept” some of your items, feel free to utilize storage Los Angeles and keep them there until the right time arrives. Your items can be delivered to your Torrance home within the hour, so it might be a great idea to figure out the floor plan first and bring them in later.

The last areas to unpack after your Torrance relocation – Utility areas

If your home has any utility rooms such as a basement, garage, attic, etc. you will want to save them for last. None of the items inside these rooms are essential, and you may want to take your time organizing your utility space. Normally, you would want to unpack the patio furniture last but you may want to make an exception when you’re about to unpack after your Torrance relocation. You may want to prioritize the barbecue grill, at the very least!

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