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Beverly Hills has always been considered to be one of the top neighborhoods to live in LA. It has big beautiful houses and great views, and it has a kind of mythical reputation. Movies were made about this place and it’s considered to be the best of the best choices for life in Los Angeles. However, there are still quite a few people who have some pretty good reasons to move from Beverly Hills. Let us help you get a better picture of the situation and understand why people might dislike this neighborhood.

There are two groups of reasons why people move from Beverly Hills

Before we begin, we should distinguish between people who leave Beverly Hills and still stay in LA and those who leave LA altogether to live in another city or state. In both cases, people leave Beverly Hills but for different reasons. That’s why it’s important to mention all reasons so you can have a clear picture of why people find it easier to move with movers Beverly Hills than to stay.

the city of LA
All of Los Angeles is really expensive and that’s why a lot of people are moving out.

Reasons why people leave LA

LA was always a symbol of Hollywood and the American dream. People used to move to LA to try their luck and become actors, singers, or even businessmen. While LA is a big city and definitely has a lot to offer, there are thousands of people who leave it every year. Some just don’t adapt to the fast-paced lifestyle of LA, but others have reasons that are more related to prices and cost of living. Let’s look at them:

The cost of living is exceptionally high in Los Angeles

People love Los Angeles for its scenery. Also, the nightlife is another thing that attracts a lot of people to Los Angeles. This city has many other attractions like tourist spots, Hollywood, and other famous places in LA that attract a lot of people. However, not many of those who come to Los Angeles actually stay. Why? Well, the cost of living is just too high. It is the 59th most expensive city to live in in the world. Also, it was ranked the 16th most expensive city in the US. With that in mind, you can only imagine how much money you’d need to actually live there. A lot of the people who come with residential movers Los Angeles and try to live here are students. They don’t have a steady income and even if they do, it’s still too low for living in LA.

The crime rate is higher than before

The crime rate in LA has increased. People start panicking even if a rise in crime is small and that’s why once the crime rate was up, so many people decided to relocate and go to a safer environment, whether it’s a different city or a different state. Therefore, a lot of Angelenos are looking for a place outside of the city. Some people are leaving for villages and towns around LA and others either go back to their home states or neighboring ones.

The prices on the housing market are getting really high

For the last few years, prices on the housing market have been getting extremely high. For that reason, people find living in LA just too difficult. The median house price at the beginning of 2022 was somewhere around $900 000. Imagine that you are a parent who wants to get a house so your family can have a comfortable lifestyle. It’s just impossible with such high prices and that’s why so many people opt to leave.

hollywood sign on a hill
Nightlife is marvelous, there is always something happening and you’ll never be bored.

Reasons why people move from Beverly Hills

While we needed to look at the bigger picture to get a better understanding of the problem, the main topic is Beverly Hills. While many people are moving to Beverly Hills with moving and storage Los Angeles, a lot of people are also leaving this area. Let’s see why people often decide to relocate from this luxurious neighborhood.

Beverly Hills isn’t a very family-friendly neighborhood

Single people love Beverly Hills. Nightlife is marvelous, there is always something happening and you’ll never be bored. However, if you decide to start a family here, you should know that it isn’t very family-friendly. There aren’t many schools around and most residents are single or without kids. It’s not easy to raise kids in such an environment so maybe if you opt to have kids, you should find a more family-friendly part of Los Angeles or move to a less dynamic city.

People move from Beverly Hills because it’s even more expensive than the rest of LA

It’s widely known how expensive LA is. Most of the people who come to this city have to start working within weeks or they have to go back home because they can’t support themselves. It’s among the most expensive cities in the US and that creates a big problem for newcomers. However, Beverly Hills is even more expensive. It’s pretty understandable since most of the residents are millionaires. Actors, politicians, businessmen, and lawyers are all more than capable to support such a lavish lifestyle. However, people with average incomes aren’t really capable of doing that. That’s why so many people have decided to move from Beverly Hills.

There is too much publicity

Beverly Hills is known as one of the most media-covered neighborhoods. You shouldn’t be surprised if you see paparazzi everywhere during your morning jog. It’s just how it is. With so many actors and singers in one place, there had to be cameras and microphones waiting to catch them off guard. You will also see dozens of tourists who want to meet their favorite celebrities. While all of this is expected, it makes a lot of people decide to relocate. People tend to find smaller towns or even less populated states and move there.

beverly hills landscape
While a lot of people love the landscapes and scenery, prices are forcing them to move from Beverly Hills.

Maybe this is the time to move in?

While so many people are trying to move from Beverly Hills with long distance movers in Los Angeles, it might affect the housing cost. After a year or two, it might fall just enough for you to buy a place there and enjoy living in a luxurious area that’s famous for its views of the city skyline and the ocean.

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