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How does it work?

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How does it work?

  • Royal gives and estimated flat rate charges with no hidden fees.

  • Royal provides a guaranteed pick-up and delivery date for your move.

  • Royal loads your belongings on the agreed day you are assigned.

  • Royal delivers your belongings on the agreed upon date.

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With years of long-distance moving experience, Royal Moving understands the stress, anxiety, and fear that customers experience when preparing to move their personal belongings, their families and their pets hundreds of miles away to a new home.
Royal is the West Coast’s most trusted moving company, and has the experience to move efficiently move customers across California. We will help you plan your long-distance move, transport your belongings and support you all the way to your new residence by engaging in open communication from start to finish.
Long-distance moves are different from local moves of a short distance because they involve moving your belongings hundreds of miles. Long-distance moves require a reputable long-distance moving company with a highly-regarded track record, like Royal, because fraudulent movers are on the prowl. These rogue movers can literally ruin your life with bad service, mismanaged planning and execution, which results in damage and loss to your personal property, and scam you with hidden fees or even theft.
Choose Royal for your long-distant move and set your mind at ease.

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