Security Precautions You Should Take to Ensure a Safe Move

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Don’t throw caution to the wind when you’re changing to a new abode! There are a number of security precautions you should take to avoid security potholes and scams that can affect you. When you’re moving to a new address, it’s logical to expect that your mind will be occupied with numerous details. So it’s easy to forget about certain precautions that can make a big impact on the security of your home and your family. There’s no reason to panic though! The finest experts in moving and storage Los Angeles has to offer are here to assist you. There are many pitfalls that can appear while you least expect them, but if you add a handful of steps to your moving to-do list, you’ll be a good deal safer as you relocate to your new home.

Certain security precautions you should take immediately

Once long distance moving companies Los Angeles locals recommend deliver your items, you have to bolster your home’s defenses. Hire a qualified locksmith to inspect and change your locks in line with insurance requirements. It is ideal to replace locks with a patented or restricted locking system because their keys are harder to copy.

You’ll have greater protection because anyone trying to get a copy made must provide proof of home ownership to do so. You might also consider adding door chains, spy holes, bolts, and window locks. Each of these devices will make it more difficult for potential intruders to gain access to your home.

new house keys for safety precautions
Implement security precautions as soon as you move in

Not only should your doors and windows be secured, but your garage and any outbuildings also need to be made safe. You might want to think about adding additional security devices to them, such as bolts, window grills, extra strong padlocks, and new door locks. If your new home has a burglar alarm already installed be sure to change the security code as soon as possible.

There’s no telling how many people know the code, and thus have access to your new abode. Also, be sure to update it periodically for optimum safety. Consider improving exterior lighting in your home by adding dusk-to-dawn illumination or sensor lights. The extra light will not only deter possible intruders, it will also make the grounds safer for visitors who arrive after dusk.

Protect your valuables with reliable storage units

Storing valuable items in storage Los Angeles trusts can provide a variety of safety benefits. First and foremost, storage units typically come with security measures such as gated entry, surveillance cameras, and on-site personnel to deter theft and break-ins. Additionally, storing valuable items in a storage unit can protect them from damage caused by natural disasters such as floods, fires, and earthquakes.

Storage units are often climate-controlled and provide protection from extreme temperatures or humidity. Finally, storing valuable items in a storage unit can also provide peace of mind for the owner, knowing that their items are safe and secure in a separate location away from their home or business.

A person researching security precautions you should take to stay safe online
Be mindful of your private data when using the internet and security precautions you should take

Homeowners beware! Wire fraud scams are quite a common occurrence

Those buying a new home need to be vigilant against scam artists who will try to bilk you out of money when you’re about to settle on a home. The methods used with wire fraud scams are deviously simple. You might get an email from a real estate company or the title company asking you to wire money to an account for settlement.

The email tells you that there’s been a last-minute change in instructions for where to wire the money. You wire the money as the instructions say, but a day later you get a call from the title company asking why you haven’t sent your settlement funds. By this point, it is too late. You will now have to start a long and grueling process with your bank and authorities to reclaim your funds.

Scammers follow information online about real estate transactions and hack into the email accounts of homebuyers. They then wait patiently for the optimal moment to strike. Luckily, you can protect your assets with relative ease. Here are a few security precautions homeowners should take that will help protect them from wire fraud scam artists:

  • Do not send any sensitive information via e-mail. This includes banking information, account passwords, routing numbers, or PINs.
  • Before wiring funds, contact the intended recipient via a verified telephone number and double-check that the wiring information is correct.
  • Regularly clean out your e-mail accounts. Your e-mail use may develop patterns over time, making you an easy target for scammers.
  • Regularly change your usernames and passwords.
  • Protect your computers or servers with the most up-to-date firewall and anti-virus technologies.
  • If you spot suspicious activity, immediately report it to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center.

Remember to update your living address where needed

Make sure that you file a change of address form with the post office to ensure that your mail is forwarded to your new address. People who relocated with apartment movers in Los Angeles advise doing this before you move to avoid losing important mail or failing to pay bills. There are probably a number of items that arrive in your mailbox almost daily.

person signing a bill
If you don’t update your billing address, you might face unplanned expenses

They contain personal information and provide opportunities for scam artists to strike, with various bills and credit card applications. Notifying the post office about the address change helps reduce the chances of your mail falling into the wrong hands.

Don’t forget to update your address on your driver’s license, voter registration, and credit cards. And if you have car insurance, remember to notify them too. Your new address can affect your rates and the insurance company must update their records on your car’s location. If you shop over the Internet you’ll want to update your address on the sites where you shop. And if you do any online auto-payments of bills it’s important to update the address there, as well.

Transferring your utilities is among the security precautions you should take

Be sure to contact providers of gas, water, electric, and phone service, as well as Internet and cable TV suppliers. Update newspapers and magazine subscriptions. The post office will forward magazines and mail, but only for a limited time. Let your bank know about the address change. Many people pay their bills electronically, but you should still get some new checks with your new address on them.

Transferring your internet services is especially important if you’re relocating your business with the help of office movers in Los Angeles. You’ll want to reconnect to the world as soon as possible so you can continue working without issues.

Happy family after a successful move following the security precautions you should take
A safe move and a safe home make life simpler!

Have a safe moving experience with a few security precautions

Securing doors and windows, and ensuring that your burglar alarm is functioning well, will help protect you from intruders. Good lighting and secure locks can prevent the majority of property crimes. But just having the locks isn’t good enough – you must be sure to use them. No matter how secure your hardware is and how sophisticated your burglar alarm may be, neither of them can protect your home unless you keep your doors locked and your burglar alarm armed.

Being prepared for security issues can go a long way toward keeping you and your family safer as you move to your new address. There are a handful of vital security precautions you should take, and they’ll benefit everyone involved. In all, the small amount of vigilance required for safety is well worth it.

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