Moving to Hillsboro OR in 2023: 5 things to think about

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Moving to Hillsboro OR in 2023? Is it a valid choice? What can you expect from living there? All of these questions will be answered in this article. Namely, we will take a good look at life in Hillsboro OR as well as 5 key things that you should think about when moving there. Furthermore, considering the many difficulties that can come with the relocation process, we will also cover the important role reliable and trusted movers such as Royal Moving & Storage Inc play in the relocation process.

A few basic details about Hillsboro OR

Hillsboro, OR is located west of the city of Portland. This quiet suburban area has a population of around 100.000 residents. Hillsboro has a very rich history. The early community of Hillsboro was founded in 1851. Since then, the area started growing and expanding slowly but steadily. The residents of Hillsboro, OR enjoy a wide variety of recreational, educational, career, and cultural opportunities. That is why this city attracts so many families but also young professionals as well. It has something to offer to everyone. Hillsboro is the fifth-largest city in the state of Oregon. With its suburban charm, steady development, and plenty of outdoor opportunities as well as job opportunities, it is quite clear why Hillsboro is attractive to many. Once your reliable movers Hillsboro OR relocate you here, you will be able to enjoy all of this and so much more!

The bridge over Portland Oregon.
Hillsboro, OR has plenty of opportunities for newcomers who are young professionals and also offers family-friendly neighborhoods for families and retirees.

The neighborhoods of Hillsboro OR

When relocating to a new area, another key thing that you will want to know is what kind of neighborhoods that area has. Luckily, Hillsboro neighborhoods offer some great places to settle down and something for everyone. Some are more filled with hustle and bustle and thus appeal more to young professionals. Others maintain the tradition of quiet and charming neighborhoods that Hillsboro is known for. We can compare, for example, Orenco Station and Brookwood. Orenco Station has a more metropolitan feel with plenty of action throughout the year. It is also filled with a variety of restaurants and shops. However, Brookwood, on the other hand, is considered to be a quiet and safe residential area that is meant for families and retirees.

Of course, since Hillsboro offers something for everyone, we also have neighborhoods such as AmberGlen, which mix a little bit of both from the previously mentioned neighborhoods. Some of the best neighborhoods in Hillsboro OR are:

  • Orenco Station
  • Cedar Mill
  • Orenco
  • Rock Creek
  • Brookwood
  • AmberGlen

What makes Hillsboro OR stand out?

Aside from these basic statistics, what else can we say about Hillsboro that makes it stand out from other similar areas in Portland? Well, to begin with, Hillsboro is a very diverse city. Hillsboro OR might be a quiet and suburban area, but it does have plenty of desirable jobs due to some of the major companies that are situated there. With a rich economic environment and a blend of cultures mixed with a ton of recreational opportunities and gorgeous natural landscapes, it is very obvious why so many people looking to settle down in the Portland area end up choosing Hillsboro. However, let’s now take a closer look at the top 5 things to consider when moving to Hillsboro OR in 2023. If you’ve already decided on moving to Hillsboro, make sure you do your research on time and enlist the help of only trusted and reliable local movers Portland to assist you.

Looking at a monitor.
Hillsboro OR is constantly developing and has plenty of different career opportunities which is why moving to Hillsboro OR in 2023 is a good choice.

Plenty of different career opportunities in Hillsboro

Relocating to this area in search of a new job? There is no need to worry! Thanks to its growth, steady development, and a lot of employers, Hillsboro, OR is an ideal location for those looking for a job. Hillsboro, OR is the center of the Silicon Forest. Another example of why Hillsboro is such a great location is due to its close proximity to downtown Portland. You will not be in the major city itself but you will be very close. Therefore, you can also expand your search for a job and look towards Portland if you do not mind commuting.

In addition to this, many events, festivals, and daily opportunities that might show up in Portland will always be available to you if you settle down in Hillsboro. A thing to keep in mind, though is the traffic. As with any other area that has a higher number of residents, you can expect some traffic during the work days. However, Hillsboro is connected to Portland’s Max train system. This allows you to bypass the traffic and get to downtown Portland fairly quickly.

As mentioned above, The area is colloquially known as the Silicon Forest, which is, of course, a play on Silicon Valley down in the Bay Area. Some of the major employers are IBM, Intel, Nike, and Columbia Sportswear. Oregon has no sales tax. Hillsboro is definitely considered to be the center of high-tech innovation in Oregon. A great variety of other tech firms have their HQs here.

You can pursue higher education here and not worry about the school system if you are moving to Hillsboro OR in 2023 with your kids

Are you thinking about the school system in this area because you are moving with your kids? Well, you can rest assured knowing Hillsboro is the right choice. Namely, the area’s public K-12 school system is excellent. Of course, when the time comes for higher education, there is a wide variety of different colleges that your children can choose from. Portland is home to Portland State University. It has a lot of graduate and undergraduate programs. Of course, the main goal is to keep Portland and Hillsboro in particular, the major social, innovative, and technological center as it is.

When it comes to choices, you can do additional research and expand your knowledge of Portland’s university and its colleges. In Southwest Portland, Reed College offers an Ivy League-caliber education. Furthermore, Lewis and Clark University is also an excellent choice. Of course, when you add to this list the University of Portland located in North Portland, you get a wide range of colleges and plenty of higher education options. This is all essential to know if you are a young adult in pursuit of higher education but also if you are a parent relocating with kids. In case you are relocating to Hillsboro OR in 2023 with your kids, ensure you have trustworthy moving companies Portland helping you out.

Moving to Hillsboro OR in 2023 to study.
Hillsboro, OR offers a good and reliable public school system as well as a plethora of colleges to choose from for higher education.

Lots of things to do in Hillsboro OR

Finding new things to do every day can be difficult. However, if you and your family or friends are looking to enjoy a fun day or night, you do not have to search far when in Hillsboro. There are pretty much an endless number of things to do here throughout the year. To the West of Hillsboro, the ocean is only a 2-hour drive away, and Mount Hood is about the same distance to the east. For all those who enjoy spending time in nature, you will love Hillsboro and its surrounding areas. Here, there are hundreds of miles of trails and several world-class ski resorts that you can visit and enjoy. In addition to this, there are also a few great parks where you can spend time with your kids and family.

In the winter months, you can visit the above-mentioned Mount Hood and participate in activities such as skiing and snowboarding. During the spring and summer months, you can enjoy activities such as swimming, hunting, and fishing. There are also many campgrounds nearby. You can check out Stubb Stewart State Park or the Tillamook Forest first. The Tillamook Forest to the west of Hillsboro offers plenty of different activities in which your entire family can participate. From camping and hiking to many other outdoor activities.

The local craft restaurants, wineries, and breweries are also well worth visiting. As mentioned already, Portland is also very near. This means that during the weekend, you can take a trip to downtown Portland if there is an event, festival, or concert that interests you and your friends or family.

Hillsboro OR is a very environmentally friendly city

This entire area has a reputation for being very eco-friendly. SolarWorld is located in Hillsboro. Portland and its suburbs are definitely looking out for the future of energy production. Although rain is present in the city of Portland throughout the year, including Hillsboro of course, there are many solar panels. So, if you wish to relocate to a place that is green-friendly and focuses on the future, the city of Hillsboro, OR is the right choice for you!

The entire community of Hillsboro, OR is very eco-friendly.

Hillsboro OR might be the perfect mix of urban amenities, rural landscapes, and quiet neighborhoods

When doing research on your potential new home, you will want to find out as much as possible. Simply looking at statistics will not be enough. Of course, each person looks at different factors and facts about a place. However, there are a few things everybody wants to have in the place they plan on settling down to. Therefore, it is worth mentioning again that Hillsboro OR is a very family-friendly and family-oriented place. This is why so many families move here each year. There are a ton of local activities and events to engage in. However, you also have the ability to enjoy the peace and quiet in your neighborhood. Hillsboro OR is also a very diverse city. So, when observing racial, ethnic, spiritual, and cultural diversity around Portland and in Oregon as a whole, Hillsboro truly stands well-above others.

Enlist the help of trusted and experienced movers in Hillsboro to help you with your relocation

Now that we have covered some of the key things to keep in mind when moving to Hillsboro, let’s also cover, in short, the important role of movers during relocation. The movers you hire play a huge role in the overall enjoyment and success of your move. Furthermore, they can provide you with a number of different, quality moving services at great prices. If you moved before, you know how things can quickly end up being complicated. That is why reliable movers are there to assist you every step of the way. So, give yourself enough time to do proper research and only enlist the help of trusted and experienced residential movers Portland Oregon to help you.

Ready for the move.
Moving with reliable movers in Portland, OR is fun, easy, and stress-free.

Time to start your moving process? Enjoy your new home in Hillsboro!

So, to sum up, moving to Hillsboro OR in 2023 is an excellent choice both for young adults and families looking to settle down. You can expect a perfect mix of activities, opportunities, career paths, and quiet and enjoyable neighborhoods which are very safe and family-friendly. If you are ready to begin your relocation journey, do not forget the importance of having trusted movers. With them, you will be able to enjoy your move from start to finish and successfully relocate to Hillsboro OR.

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