Moving from West Covina to Long Beach – what to expect?

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There are many reasons why people move to a different city. Some move for a job opportunity, others to find a more affordable place to live and some even move for love. Moving from West Covina to Long Beach is an exciting one. That’s because Long Beach doesn’t necessarily offer more affordable housing or more lucrative jobs. But still, so many people move this route. So is it a good idea to start looking for moving and storage Los Angeles and relocating? Or maybe you should reconsider? Let’s explore what to expect once you arrive and what are the positives and negatives of moving to Long Beach.

Why are so many people moving from West Covina to Long Beach?

Why is Long Beach such an attractive destination? If you would look at the statistics of these two places, West Covina wins in all important categories. Housing, median income, and even unemployment rate. But there’s one thing that Long Beach has that is difficult to beat. It’s right here in the name, sort of. Long Beach is simply stunning. It’s a beautiful coastline, nicely organized blocks and the air that smells like the cleanest seawater you have ever seen is something that you can’t find just anywhere. It makes you want to find movers West Covina right away and move. But, there’s even more of the great stuff that you can expect once moving there. Likewise, there are some negative aspects of living in a larger city.

palm trees at the beach
Long Beach is located on the cost and features a truly beautiful scenery

Better opportunities attract people to Long Beach

One of the reasons why so many people are moving from West Covina to Long Beach is the opportunity. While it’s not a huge place, mainly due to it being a suburb of LA, it still has a lot to offer. And maybe that’s the catch. Long Beach has a decent population, more than 4 times that of West Covina. With more than 450,000 residents, there are a lot of opportunities, both when it comes to job offers as well as for businesses looking to make it big. Office movers Los Angeles have their hands full with people moving their businesses to Long Beach. More commercial parts of LA are simply too expensive, while Long Beach offers a nice balance of opportunity and cost.

Long Beach has a lower median wage than West Covina

One of the things you are probably wondering about before moving from Wst Covina to Long Beach is how much money you will be making. Even if that’s not even close to the top of your list of priorities, it’s still something worth considering, especially when moving for a job. And that is actually one downside to relocating to Long Beach. While the median wage in West Covina is around $67,000, well above the national average, Long Beach sits at around $53,000, slightly below it.

But, things aren’t always that cut and dry. If we were to dive a little bit deeper into the statistics, we would quickly find out that commute times are longer in West Covina. That means that those median wages are mainly tied to the fact that it’s a suburb of LA. So most people work in LA proper. Therefore, this wage comparison isn’t exactly straightforward. Nevertheless, it’s something worth considering.

man counting money after moving from West Covina to Long Beach
Long Beach offers a slightly lower median wage

The cost of living is a bit lower in Long Beach

When it comes to comparing these two places one has to consider the cost of living. And while the difference isn’t enough to cover the wage gap, its’ still noticeable. For example, both utilities and groceries are slightly more affordable in Long Beach. That said, housing is not. The median home cost in Long Beach is around $603,000, almost 10% more than in West Covina. But, again, you can’t always do a straight comparison. Being close to the sea does have its perks and it might be just the tipping point you need to call local movers Los Angeles to relocate you to Long Beach. On the other note, commute times are shorter. And in this day and age, that means less pollution, less money for gas, and a more convenient life. Public transport is also more affordable.

Moving from West Covina to Long Beach with a family

There are big differences in perspective when moving on your own and when moving with a family. In these regards both places are excellent. But what can you expect after moving from West Covina to Long Beach? Is education well enough for your little ones? Or will you have to seek long-distance movers down the road when the time comes for them to start school? First of all, Long Beach is more geared toward younger people, there’s no doubt about that. The median age is just 34. That means that you’ll have plenty of people with families to meet and hang out with. But that also means that there’s more competition for good elementary and high schools.

family after moving from West Covina to Long Beach CA
Moving to Long Beach with a family is an excellent choice

Education in Long Beach is much better than in West Covina

When it comes to education, Long Beach is much better positioned than West Covina. The municipality spends more money per student, and teacher to student ratio is much better. So if you are looking for a place to settle with your family, you are at the right place. Calling movers Long Beach CA and moving from West Covina to Long Beach is a great decision.  Not only will your kids get a great education, but they’ll enjoy a life by the sea. With clean air and beautiful scenery, it’s hard not to fall in love with this city.

You can expect great things when moving from West Covina to Long Beach

While both places have their positives and negatives, Long Beach truly has a lot to offer. With a bigger population and beautiful scenery, you’ll quickly fall in love with it. Just by visiting the City of Long Beach website, the first thing you will be is a beautiful sunset over the sea. It’s a great indication of what you can expect once you arrive there. And while median wages are lower, the abundant opportunities that await you can quickly make up for the lower income.

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