Important Tips for Moving While You Are Pregnant

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Pregnancy is difficult enough without throwing in the stresses of moving, but sometimes life aligns itself in mysterious ways. A move might be required to accommodate a nursery for your new addition, or the move could be an unexpected event that caused an immediate need for a change of residence in the middle of your pregnancy. Regardless of the reason, motivation and energy are already in short order when you are an expectant mother, so juggling the logistics and anxiety of moving while battling bouts of nausea, and a litany of aches and pains, sounds like torture. Royal Moving & Storage Inc CA is here to help you reduce the stress of moving while you are pregnant with expert moving services, valuable tips, and industry insights.

The Emotional Toll of Moving While You Are Pregnant

First, let us be very clear, you can have a meltdown or two along the way when things do not go as planned, and do not ever get frustrated because you feel you are not pulling your weight. You are definitely doing your part by carrying the weight of an unborn child, both literally and figuratively while dealing with the logistics of a move to a new residence. Feel free to express yourself emotionally, and always get help whenever and wherever you need it. Second, as soon as you know that you are moving, talk with your physician when see her or him to get expert advice from a professional, who knows what your body and mind can and cannot handle during this stressful time.

A couple standing and talking about moving while you are pregnant
Acknowledge and accept your emotions during the move, recognizing that it’s normal to feel stressed or overwhelmed.

Pre-Move Preparations

A foundational step before moving while you are pregnant is consulting with a healthcare provider. This discussion is crucial for assessing the health and readiness of the expectant mother for the move. The healthcare provider can offer personalized advice tailored to the specific stage and circumstances of the pregnancy, including any potential risks or precautions to be taken. This consultation also serves as an opportunity to discuss and plan for continuity of care, particularly if moving to a new area.

Consult with your healthcare provider before moving while you are pregnant.

Determining the most opportune time for relocation is a critical aspect of pre-move preparations. Generally, the second trimester is considered the safest period for pregnant women to undertake significant physical activities like moving. During this phase, many women experience a reduction in early pregnancy symptoms and an increase in energy levels, making it a more conducive time for handling the demands of relocation. However, individual health considerations and pregnancy progress must guide this decision. If you are not sure what is the best time to move, consider reaching out to long distance moving companies Los Angeles boasts. Have them take care of the move while you take care of your health.

Create a Moving List and Take Notes When Moving While You Are Pregnant

Everyone feels better when she or he makes a checklist of things that they need to accomplish, regardless of the situation at hand, but this is especially true when moving. Instead of a jumbled, unmanageable pile of things floating through your mind and creating chaos, a numbered list eases a lot of the stress. Crossing those items off the list as you complete each task feels even better.

A woman using a laptop to research moving while you are pregnant
Create a detailed moving plan, including timelines and essential tasks, to streamline your relocation process.

Furthermore, there is a thing called “pregnancy brain,” and be certain that you are suffering from this syndrome because hormonal changes and stress from pregnancy cause a lack of focus, which leads to memory lapses. If you are not careful, you will forget to transfer the utilities, move your medical prescriptions to a new pharmacy, or hire a cleaning service. Make that list and continue to add to it as you think of things you need to do along the way before you forget something crucial. In addition, hire a professional local movers Los Angeles as soon as you know your move-in date because it is a welcome relief to know that is out of the way, and you have more options and get a better deal, the further out you schedule a moving company. Hiring a pro reduces emotional, mental, and physical stress during a move.

Start Packing Early While You Still Have Some Energy Left

The first thing on your checklist, after you have a house, a moving date, and have hired a professional mover, should be to get an early start on packing. As your pregnancy progresses, your energy will drift away. Even if you feel that you have no energy right now, you will have less energy in a month, a week down the road, or even tomorrow. Get your boxes and packing tape now, and start packing things slowly. Also, make sure that you take a break every 30 minutes to get a drink of water and put your feet up to help your circulation and reduce swelling.

By spreading the packing of your possessions across weeks instead of a few days, the process will be less stressful on you emotionally and physically. It might even feel cathartic as you prepare each box. Pack all of the things you can pack first, simply because you are pregnant, which consists of probably most of your pre-pregnancy clothes. Look at it this way, if you pack two boxes a day during the weeks that lead up to your moving day, you will surely be done well in advance, and think how good it will feel to check that huge item off your list. Keep the packing service Los Angeles providers in mind, as they can handle the entire packing process for you.

Do Not Lift Heavy Items

There are things that an expecting mother should shield themselves from by doctor’s orders. Heavy lifting is out of the question, and moving anything up and down staircases is never a good idea when you are carrying a baby. Do not lift any item that is heavier than 18 pounds if you are 20 weeks pregnant or less, and do not lift anything that weighs more than 13 pounds if you are more than 20 weeks pregnant, according to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.

However, those weights are only a general guideline, so ask your doctor about all of your moving concerns before you begin the process. Do not take these things lightly, as 13 pounds sneaks up on you in a hurry. For example, 10 books are about 13 pounds, and some blenders can way more than 13 pounds. Some five- and six-quart standard mixers can weigh up to 30 pounds. The best way to go is to reach out to reliable furniture movers Los Angeles locals rely on. With their expertise and training, your move is going to be done in a heartbeat.

Label Your Boxes and Stay Organized

Since you will likely be receiving the boxes as they are delivered to your new home, since you will not be moving them out of your old residence, make sure that each box is labeled with its contents to make them easier to unpack. It also helps to take a picture of the contents of each box with your camera phone before you tape the box closed. Then, you can label the container to align with the picture you took, so you know the exact room or other location that your box needs to go so that you do not have to make any extra effort to move boxes around the house. Furthermore, you will also know the order that each box needs to be unpacked, according to its immediate need.

A man writing on a box
Label your boxes clearly to help you with unpacking after moving while you are pregnant, as you will need certain things more rapidly than others.

Once you begin to pack, you can pack many items while you are sitting down. There is no need for you to stand and bend in uncomfortable ways, so have a seat, grab a stack of plates, set them next to a chair, and wrap and pack them.

Use That Baby Bump To Get Moving Help

There is one thing that is certain, pregnancy can move mountains. Ask your family and friends to assist you with whatever you need, especially on a moving day. No one wants you to overly exert yourself or harm the baby, so use the power of the bump to gather as many people as possible to do the heavy lifting for you. If that is not possible, or you just are not the type to ask for help, call a professional moving company like Royal Moving. Royal not only has trained and professional moving crews and the proper equipment to move your belongings efficiently and safely, but they also have packing and unpacking services, and everything is covered by a flat hourly rate, so there are no hidden charges.

Pack a “Day One” Move-In Box

Make sure you have your essentials box prepared, which is the box you will need as soon as you land in your new residence to make sure you are set while you are waiting on the apartment movers Los Angeles to move the rest of your belongings. First-day necessities from toilet paper to paper plates should be in the box so that you do not have to dig through your containers to find a specific item. This box should have everything you need for a single night, just in case you have no energy to unpack anything at the end of the first day.

A woman packing a box and labeling it
Pack essentials like maternity care items and important documents in an easily accessible box.

Remember, you will need some snacks, hydration with electrolytes, device chargers, medicine, toiletries, and sleeping clothes.  Think about making your life easier for the entirety of the first week. Have paper plates and plastic ware at the ready, so you do not have to unpack your dishes and clean them after you use them while you have so many other things to do during the first week after a move.

Save Money via Decluttering

Reduce the amount of items you will need to move by doing a little practical downsizing. Sell your seldom-used possessions, which is an easy process these days with phone Apps and Websites like Poshmark and Craigslist. These virtual marketplaces provide you with a worldwide base of buyers, and you do not even have to leave your house or put together a garage sale. It is even possible to make enough money to pay for moving expenses and purchase baby necessities that you have yet to buy.

Donate what you cannot sell. If you have a large item or many small items that you want to donate, you can schedule a pick-up from the charity organization that you choose. They will be happy to remove the items from your home, so you do not have to move them across town yourself. Then, throw away those things that cannot sell or are not quality charitable items. Also, consider having a baby shower after your move, so you do not have to pack and move any new items around twice or have extra items that might get in the way while you move. Consider asking for gift cards if your baby shower is before the move. But if you still find yourself lacking living space, consider utilizing secure storage Los Angeles residents recommend the most.

Selecting a Moving Service

When selecting a moving service, it’s important to consider factors beyond cost and availability. The ideal residential movers Los Angeles provides for a pregnant individual should have a reputation for reliability, sensitivity to special needs, and experience in handling moves involving pregnant clients. Look for companies that offer comprehensive services, including packing, unpacking, and possibly temporary storage. Reading reviews and seeking recommendations can provide insights into the suitability of a moving company for this unique situation.

A delivery woman holding a box
Choose a moving company with a good track record and sensitivity to your needs.

The physical demands of packing can pose significant risks to pregnant women. Professional packing services offer a safe alternative, minimizing the physical strain on the expectant mother. These services can ensure that belongings are securely packed, reducing the risk of damage during transport. Additionally, professional packers can provide valuable advice on organizing and labeling items, facilitating a smoother unpacking process at the new home. This investment not only safeguards the physical health of the mother-to-be but also contributes to a more organized and stress-free move.

Long-Distance Moves Are Especially Hard

For longer moves, it’s also important to carry essential items in a well-prepared travel kit. This kit should include items like water, nutritious snacks, a travel pillow, and any prenatal vitamins or medications. Regularly updating family or friends about the travel progress can provide additional safety and peace of mind. Furthermore, considering the best time of day to travel based on comfort and traffic patterns can make the journey more pleasant. If this sounds complicated, consider reaching out to experienced Los Angeles interstate movers to help you with your move.

Professional movers holding boxes
Professional mover can greatly aid you in long-distance moving while you are pregnant.

In dealing with time zone changes, maintaining a consistent and healthy sleep routine is critical. This might involve creating a calm and restful sleeping environment in the new home as soon as possible. Using relaxation techniques like deep breathing exercises or listening to soothing music before bed can also help in adapting to the new schedule.

Safety Tips For Moving While Pregnant

Ensuring the new home is free from hazardous materials is crucial for the health of both the mother and the baby. This includes checking for lead paint, asbestos, or mold, especially in older homes. Conducting a professional home inspection before moving in can identify potential hazards. Once identified, taking immediate steps to remediate these issues is essential.

Be Aware of Harmful Chemicals

It is unhealthy to inhale the fumes of some cleaning supplies while cleaning your old residence or new home. Many paints are also dangerous, along with some glues, solvents, aerosol sprays, used cat litter, and dust. Toxic fumes from these products can be damaging to an unborn child, and even though ammonia and chlorine might not harm the baby, they could make you nauseous or lightheaded, which could lead to a tumble and injury. Take ultimate precautions and hire someone to clean the house and do the painting.

A man talking about moving while you are pregnant with a couple
Choose a new home with safety and accessibility in mind, especially if you’re expecting a baby.

If it is not possible to pay someone or find help, purchase pregnant-friendly cleaning supplies, wear gloves and a mask, and ventilate the project area with fans and open windows. In addition, renovations to the new home should be complete before you move into the new home. Stay at a friend’s or relative’s house during the process of remodeling after moving while you are pregnant.

Take Care of Yourself Throughout The Entire Move

Your pregnant body is preparing you for labor, so your hormones are changing daily. One hormonal change is an increase in relaxin, which the placenta secretes to assist in dilating the cervix. However, it also plays tricks on the rest of your body by loosening your body’s ligaments, which makes you more prone to injury if you are carrying heavy items. Along with the extra weight and changes in posture, it is very clear you have to sit this one out.

In addition, if you have other kids who are currently in the world who are not jabbing your ribs from the inside, you will need someone to watch those rug rats on the day of the move. They do not need to be under your feet, playing in the street, or begging you for chow when you have work to do and a bunch of other stresses to sort out. Ask a friend or family member to watch them on moving day. The same goes for any pets, which you can board at a kennel if needed. If this sounds stressful, take a look at moving services Los Angeles residents often recommend and how they might benefit you.

Post-Move Healthcare

After relocating, one of the first steps should be to establish care with a new healthcare provider. This is essential for continuous prenatal monitoring and to address any health issues that may arise from the move. Researching local healthcare providers, seeking recommendations, and scheduling an introductory appointment should be done as soon as possible. This not only ensures continued medical support but also helps in building a rapport with a new provider who will be integral during the remainder of the pregnancy.

A pregnant woman at a doctor's office
Schedule post-move check-ups to ensure continued health for you and your baby.

Scheduling regular health check-ups after the move is important for monitoring the ongoing health and well-being of both the mother and the baby. These check-ups can help in identifying any stress-related issues stemming from the move and in adjusting prenatal care as needed. They also provide an opportunity to discuss and plan for the upcoming birth, including identifying a local hospital or birthing center.

Community Integration

When seeking out support groups, it’s beneficial to look for diverse communities that can provide different perspectives and experiences. Participating in local cultural events or classes after moving while you are pregnant can offer unique opportunities to connect with the community. Additionally, exploring local libraries or community centers for resources and events geared towards expectant mothers can be both educational and a way to meet people in similar life stages. In building a social network, consider reaching out to local health professionals, like pediatricians or obstetricians, who can provide recommendations for local parent groups or resources. Joining fitness or wellness classes designed for expectant mothers can also be a great way to meet others while maintaining health and well-being.

Let Royal Moving & Storage Inc CA Help You Move While You Focus On Yourself

Recognizing this phase as a period of transformation can be empowering. Embracing the change allows for creating a new identity in a new environment, which can be especially meaningful during the transformative period of becoming a parent. Reflect on this journey. Reflecting on the journey includes not just looking back at the challenges of moving while you are pregnant, but also celebrating the successes, no matter how small. It’s an opportunity to document the experience, perhaps in a journal or a blog, which can be a valuable resource and a source of encouragement for others in similar situations. This reflection is not just about acknowledging past experiences, but also about setting a positive and hopeful tone for the future in the new home.

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