How to prepare your refrigerator for a move?

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Home appliances are crucial to every household. They might have not been around for a long time, but nowadays, we cannot live without them. They make everyday tasks easier and faster. A fridge is a must in every household, even more, life is unimaginable without it. Since everybody owns one, and everybody moves from time to time, so do fridges. But they are big, heavy appliances that can also be damaged easily. Royal Moving & Storage Inc have moved plenty of them, so they can also move your fridge, and everything else, if you give them a call. But if you want to learn how to prepare your refrigerator for a move, you are in the right place to learn.

How to prepare your refrigerator for a move?

When you have just gotten your refrigerator, you have likely heard that you shouldn’t turn it on for 24 hours after transporting it. Right now, that is the least of your worries, because you have a lot to do before you get to transport it. But even if you succeed in doing it alone, you should let one of the skilled residential movers in Los Angeles transport it. If you wonder how to prepare your refrigerator for a move, do the following:

  • Empty contents and disconnect
  • Defrost and clean
  • Protect the outside of your appliance

It’s important to follow these steps in order to make the move as smooth as possible!

a grey refrigerator
Moving a refrigerator is not as easy as it looks.

Empty and disconnect the fridge

A rule of thumb is to stop diminishing the number of groceries you buy before moving. But when moving day comes, you will likely still have things in your refrigerator. The first, obvious, thing to do is to take everything out and either eat it or get rid of it. Groceries and other perishables are rarely accepted. So, as our apartment movers in Los Angeles suggest, don’t even bother packing them. If your fridge is only connected to the light, disconnecting it is fairly simple. But never fridges are also connected to the water line, and this sometimes requires a plumber to get it disconnected.

Defrost and clean

Defrosting your fridge might not always be necessary, but it is recommended. For a local move, you might even get away without doing it, but for a longer move with long distance moving companies in Los Angeles or going into storage, it cannot be skipped. Cleaning is mandatory in any case, as food residue can get spoil, and cause a bad smell and health hazards.

Protect your fridge

Up-to-date fridges are functional, and even aesthetically pleasing. The trending metallic finish can easily be ruined by scratches, which can happen during a move. Each of the reputable movers in North Hollywood will put maximum effort into protecting each appliance, inside and outside. Outside protection is as easy as wrapping the appliance in a thick layer of plastic or bubble wrap or wrapping it in moving blankets.

food in the fridge
One of the steps in the process of how to prepare your refrigerator for a move is using bubble wrap.

Get the help you need

The question of how to prepare your refrigerator for a move is not a question of difficulty, but time. The steps are very straightforward, but they will require at least a day to be done properly. If you want to go the DIY route, you will likely have to get your friends to help you. The average fridge weighs 250 pounds, definitely, more than one person can lift it. Of course, we’ll always be happy to help if the need arises. Good luck!

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