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At long last, you’ve started to think about how to efficiently pack your Beaverton office. Lots of businesses put off packing because it’s hard work packing and relocating! Like anything else, the trick to a successful office relocation is planning in advance. Make sure to go with a good company with expertise in commercial and office and commercial moving. Ask them what they will be responsible for. Keep reading to find out how to efficiently pack your office.

Choosing the right movers

Before you make your final choice about movers Beaverton, it’s a good idea to look for a couple of companies for estimates and consultation. Talk to them about the cost of your move and make sure to get on-site estimates. Also, beware of the hidden costs and confirm if everything is included in the contract before you start signing any papers.

It’s key to choose the right movers before you start packing your office.

Pack early and donate or sell the equipment you don’t need

If there’s one thing you need to know to efficiently pack your Beaverton office, it’s that it takes time and lots of it. It’s a good idea to pack items you don’t use as soon as you can. Packing up your office is time-consuming. If you have a lot of paperwork and items to go through, give yourself a couple of weeks. This is going to make the relocation more organized and less stressful.

If you don’t need or want some of the items anymore, there’s no sense in paying to move them. An office relocation is a good time to get rid of your old printers, computers, and office furniture. You can sell the equipment if it’s in good condition. Or, you can get a tax break if you donate these items to a registered charity.

Keep your computers and electronics safe

Commercial movers Portland fear that their valuable equipment will end up getting damaged during the relocation. Make sure to pack monitors by wrapping each one using anti-static bubble wrap and taping them. Also, don’t get any tape on the monitor itself! Don’t stack computers on top of each other and don’t place the monitors in boxes. To protect yourself during the move, make sure to backup your data onto an external hard drive or a USB stick, or one of the cloud storage services such as Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive.

Pack computers, printers, and copiers correctly so they don’t get damaged during the relocation process. Also, take out printer and toner cartridges. Remove all of the attachments and tape down lids, and covers. Check each device’s moving instructions. Moving them poorly may lead to breaking the device and voiding the warranty.

Organizing the paperwork

This step usually applies to files, paperwork, and other physical documents in your office. Start by going through everything and put aside what you can shred or recycle. It doesn’t make sense to pack more than you need to, so try to narrow your documents as much as you can.

Packing the documents

When you organize everything, pack your documents in a logical way. For instance, keep things such as financial paperwork, medical records, and other categories together.

  • If you’ve got a file cabinet, you can move it as is. Close the drawers tight. Make sure to use the built-in lock so you don’t lose anything during the move.
  • For loosely stored documents and folders, make sure to categorize them and stack them in a Small or Medium Box. Tape the lids using a box or packaging tape and label your boxes appropriately.

Keep the most important documents with you

Pick a small box or bag for your most sensitive documents and them with you in your own car. These might include tax returns, receipts, invoices, leases, or anything else you can’t afford to lose if a box becomes damaged or misplaced during the move.

Make sure to very carefully organize your paperwork as it’s very important.

To efficiently pack your Beaverton office, it’s important to carefully pack filing cabinets and drawers

If you have hired long-distance moving companies Portland, Oregon, they will more than likely do this part for you. Although, if you’re part of a small company, you might have to handle some of the larger packing aspects:

  • Vertical cabinets that only have two drawers: Make sure all cabinets are locked before packing them. Also, protect all its shelves and cabinets using a couple of layers of strong shrink or bubble wrap.
  • For lateral cabinets that have three or more drawers: Lock all drawers and wrap cabinets in bubble wrap for better protection.
  • After you finish packing cabinets, put them into moving boxes and label every box with a brief description of its contents and the desk or department with which it belongs in your new location. Make sure to label if the box contents are sensitive.

To pack efficiently your Beaverton office, get all of the needed packing materials.[/caption]

Get all the needed equipment

To efficiently pack your Beaverton office, it’s key to stock up on supplies. The last thing you want is going back to the store whilst you’re packing moving boxes or making sure everything is out of the office. Buy box cutters, permanent markers, adhesive bandages, packing tape, paper towels, and garbage bags. (They will still be useful afterward if you don’t use them during the move!). For larger office equipment, it’s a good idea to rent moving tools from a moving company. (If you hire a moving service in Portland, they’ll likely have their own.) However, if you move often, you might be better off buying these tools. By renting, buying, or borrowing, make sure you have furniture pads or covers, furniture dolly, and tie-down rope or straps at your disposal during the relocation.

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