How to Move a Mattress Without Help

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Relocating to the bustling city of Los Angeles presents its unique challenges, but none quite as puzzling as the solo transport of your mattress. Deceptively simple in appearance, this everyday household item can weigh anywhere from 43 to 92 pounds, turning a seemingly manageable task into a Herculean effort. Images of individuals struggling with the unwieldy bulk of a bending mattress are enough to draw a chuckle, yet the reality is anything but a laughing matter. But fret not because whether you are a seasoned Angeleno or new to the City of Angels, this guide is for you. Here at Royal Moving & Storage Inc, our movers Los Angeles trusts will offer insightful tips on how to move a mattress without help, turning what was once a struggle into a triumph of single-handed determination.

Evaluate the Health of Your Mattress Before Moving it

Is your mattress worth moving? This question needs to be answered before deciding to carry it all the way to Los Angeles. On first look, the mattress might seem to be perfectly fine, but this might not be the case. As we sleep on a mattress for long enough, we get used to it. So its flaws are often overlooked. Some of the telltale signs that you need a new mattress are:

  • your mattress is becoming lumpy;
  • the mattress is sagging;
  • your overall sleep quality seems to deteriorate.

A quality mattress should last you a decade, but it is best to inspect it closely every five years for damage and normal wear. A study by Oklahoma State University found that people who switched to a new mattress every five years slept better and had less back pain, so consider your options. So if you are ditching your old mattress before a move, consider professional help when shipping a new one. Reliable furniture movers Los Angeles locals recommend can help you out if you decide DIY isn’t for you after all.

An empty bedroom ready for someone to move a mattress without help
Carefully planning the path from the bedroom to the moving vehicle will allow for a smoother one-person mattress move, avoiding obstacles.

Reasons to Discard Your Worn-out Mattress Before Moving

The act of moving to Los Angeles can be very costly. If you are using professional help during the move, you might be smart to consider decluttering your belongings. The cost of hiring movers is partly based on the weight of your furniture, its volume, and the distance of the move.

So it is always recommended to get rid of the stuff you are not regularly using and the stuff not worth shipping over long distances. Therefore your heavy mattresses might drive up the price of the move. So, take this into account if you are moving to or from LA with the help of long distance moving companies Los Angeles offers.

Choose the Right Packaging if You Move a Mattress Without Help

Decided to keep your mattress and move it on your own? It’s crucial to focus on packing it properly. Doing so can shield it from potential damage during the move. Here’s what you should keep in mind:

  • Remove the sheets and comforter from the mattress and make sure that it is completely dry before you begin to pack it.
  • Mold spores require humidity and warmth to survive, and these things occur when you wrap your damp mattress in plastic, which is your next step.
  • It is best to remove your bedding and let the mattress sit against a wall for a few hours, preferably in direct sunlight, before packing it.
  • Purchase a mattress bag, which should run you under $10, from a furniture store, hardware store, or local moving company.
  • Tape the ends of the mattress cover shut with quality packing tape, making sure that no part of the mattress is unprotected from the elements.

Dealing with stairs can complicate the process, creating a challenging situation. But even without stairs to navigate, other problems can arise. Your mattress might scrape the ground or run into puddles of water or oil spots. Thus, maneuvering it cautiously and thoughtfully becomes a critical part of the process to ensure a successful and damage-free move. However, if this takes too much of your time, consider looking into a reliable packing service Los Angeles residents use daily.

A woman wrapping a mattress
If you move a mattress without help, wrapping it in a durable protective cover can prevent it from getting dirty or damaged.

Ways to Move Your Mattress by Yourself

It is time to move the mattress, but there are things to consider and items you will need before you can begin the heavy lifting. First, you will need a vehicle that can hold a mattress properly. An SUV or car will normally not cut it. Some SUVs and passenger vans are large enough when you remove the seats or fold them forward, but your mattress will probably have to be folded in half if it is flexible enough.

What you really need is a cargo van or a truck. An 8-foot truck is capable of holding a twin-size bed, and a cargo van can hold a queen or king mattress. There are ways to transport a queen or king mattress with a truck, but straps and tie-downs are a must, and it will presumably still hang over the edges of the bed of the truck

A 10-foot enclosed moving truck will hold all mattress sizes and is big enough to hold the possessions in a one- or two-bedroom house or apartment. Furthermore, you will need a furniture dolly, which is a wooden rectangle with four wheels on its bottom, as well as ropes, straps, or large bungee cords. Once you have your vehicle, furniture dolly, and straps, you are set to begin. If this sounds too complicated or time-consuming, consider contacting reliable local movers Los Angeles has to offer.

Useful Steps to Move a Mattress Without Help

Before you move the mattress, walk the path you will take to your waiting vehicle to ensure there are no obstacles along the way. Scout out the best path with the least amount of resistance. Try to avoid tight spaces and corners, narrow hallways, and steep stairs. Even king-size mattresses should be able to fit through most doorways.

However, you will need to slide it because mattresses of this size cannot sit on a dolly and roll through the door. There will not be enough clearance. Luckily, you have your mattress covered with a mattress bag, so you should not experience any great damage. Once you bring it to the sidewalk or stairwell, you need to maneuver it onto your furniture dolly. This balancing act is tricky, so be cautious.

Two stacks of old mattresses
Cleaning the mattress before a move helps remove dust and stains, ensuring a fresh start in your new home.

Once you’ve securely positioned the mattress on the furniture dolly, it’s time to initiate movement. Start steering it along your planned path, aiming for either your vehicle or stairs. If you encounter stairs on your route, you’ll need to leave the dolly aside. In this case, slide the mattress down the stairs with care and precision until you arrive at the bottom. When you’ve safely navigated to the base of the stairs, reposition your mattress on the furniture dolly. From here, proceed to carefully roll the mattress, maintaining alertness and caution all the way to your vehicle.

Other Options for Moving Your Mattress

Relocating a mattress is not complicated, but if you are attempting to move a mattress without help, it becomes difficult quickly. There are only a few reasons to move a mattress by yourself entirely, and they are because you are flat broke and have no family and friends in your area. Remember, if you are isolated from friends and family, it only takes one other person to make moving your mattress a breeze, and in today’s world, hiring experienced apartment movers Los Angeles area offers is easier than ever.

However, if you have the option to ask a friend for help, give them plenty of notice before the move. It might even be best to let your friend choose the day and time. Provide them with food and beverage during the move, show that you are in serious need of help, and that you appreciate them!

Tips for Unpacking and Setting up Your Mattress

Finally arriving at your new home in Los Angeles, your mattress might be the last thing you’re concerned about, but ensuring it’s correctly unpacked and set up is an essential step in making your new house feel like home. After being confined during the move, your mattress might need a bit of time to regain its original shape. Just like you need time to stretch after a long trip, so does your mattress.

Depending on its type and the time it spent packed, it could take from a few hours to a couple of days for it to regain its form entirely. While your mattress is busy regaining its shape, it’s crucial to provide it with an adequate ventilated space. If you do need help unloading your heavy mattress, experienced movers Downtown Los Angeles offers will be more than happy to assist.

Ventilation not only speeds up the process of shape recovery but also helps to dissipate any possible odors trapped during the packing and moving process. An equally vital step is inspecting your mattress for potential damage after the move. It’s crucial to assess the condition of your mattress before using it.

Moving might leave your mattress with some dust or dirt, making it a good idea to give your mattress a clean. A thorough vacuum and mild fabric cleaner to spot clean any visible stains will ensure you’re not sleeping with any unwelcome dirt or dust. When it’s time to set up your bed, patience is key. Make sure your bed frame is sturdy and assembled correctly.

A couple buying a new mattress instead to move a mattress without help
Sometimes, the decision to buy a new mattress after moving is an opportunity to upgrade to a more comfortable or suitable option.

Choosing New Bedding and Decor in Los Angeles

Firstly, choosing the right bedding is a critical aspect. Start by considering the climate. Los Angeles is famous for its sunny weather and mild winters, so opt for breathable, natural fabrics like cotton or linen for your bed sheets, which can help to keep you cool during warmer nights. The thread count of your sheets can also significantly affect comfort, so be sure to check this detail when buying new bed linen.

Next, pillows play a significant role in getting a good night’s sleep. There’s a wide range of pillow types available, from memory foam to down feathers, and the right one for you depends on your personal preference and preferred sleeping position. You may need to test a few before finding the perfect match.

Your comforter or duvet should provide the right amount of warmth without making you overheat. Opt for lightweight materials with good breathability, or consider a comforter with a removable cover that you can adjust according to the season. Don’t forget about the aesthetic aspect of your bedding. The color and pattern of your bed linen can greatly impact the overall look of your bedroom. Try to match it with the overall decor of your room. Or, choose something unique to make your bed the focal point of your space.

Mastering a Mattress Relocation is Not a Dream

Moving a mattress to Los Angeles involves various steps that need careful attention, from evaluating the mattress’s health to packing it securely and moving it efficiently. While trying to move a mattress without help, various options are available, from enlisting help from friends to hiring professionals. Once the mattress has arrived safely in LA, the final step is unpacking and setting it up correctly. Select new bedding and decor that suits both LA’s climate and your comfort needs. This makes your new surroundings feel like home. Remember, your comfort and rest are paramount in your new LA home. The time and effort spent on this are worthwhile.

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