Best suburbs of Portland in 2022

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Portland is one of the best big cities to live in in 2022. Amazing coffee shops, restaurants, events, art, and outdoor destinations Portland is one of the best places to relocate to. Every year thousands of new residents come to Portland. When it comes to the best suburbs in Portland in 2022 you will find something that fits your preferences. No matter if you like developed residential spaces or quirky suburbs -you will find your spot!

One of the best suburbs in Portland in 2022 – Lake Oswego

Lake Oswego is known as one of the nicest Portland suburbs. This suburb once was a vacation region for wealthy families. Although that has changed, you will see large houses on big and beautiful green lawns. If you are looking for a truly breathtaking place that is just 8 miles from the center of Portland start looking for residential movers Portland Oregon today. People are friendly and included in their community. Also, if you have kids you should know that schools in Lake Oswego are among the best ones in Oregon. And don’t worry, besides expensive and large homes you can find condos and single-family homes. And that is just one of many reasons why Lake Oswego is one of the greatest suburbs in Portland in 2022.

two people sitting near Lake Oswego as one of the best suburbs of Portland in 2022
Lake Oswego offers breathtaking views

Hillsboro is a booming suburb of Portland

Hillsboro attracts young professionals, singles, retirees, and families. People love Hillsboro because of its rolling hills, great location, and above all pedestrian-friendly streets. Hillsboro is booming because it is located in Portland’s Silicon Forest. More than 1000 people work here in companies like Intel, and Anitian. Hillsboro offers a balance between urban and suburban feeling. Moving to Hillsboro can be a great idea if you are looking for a warm place to call home. You can easily find moving services Portland to assist you with everything. From transporting a piano to unpacking your whole home. And don’t worry – Hillsboro offers everything. From restaurants to theatres. You will easily find what you like in one of the best suburbs of Portland in 2022.

West Linn – the best suburb of Portland in 2022 with exquisite views

If you are looking for a home with a perfect view West Linn is a suburb for you. One of the best views of Mt. Hood and Willamette River. West Linn attracts families and retires with its houses. Usually, you will find small to medium Craftsman and Colonial townhomes, but also new condos. The neighborhood and the community are very friendly and they love to enjoy their beautiful streets. You will often see joggers, and parents with kids walking around this suburb. It is no wonder since West Linn has more than 600 acres of beautiful parks.

family in front of their home
West Linn attracts families

So, if you plan to move to Portland and you plan to move to West Linn make sure to look for packing services Portland so you can enjoy the view from your new home. Also visiting restaurants and bars. enjoying parks and meeting your new neighbors will be much more fun than packing and unpacking your home. It is much better to let professionals handle it.

Sherwood – one of the best suburbs of Portland in 2022

Sherwood is a great place if you like to have everything in one place. Here you can find everything you might need – Home Depot, Target but also local shops that are unique. Sherwood is growing and becoming a more and more popular suburb of Portland in 2022. One interesting fact about Sherwood is that they have a regular community event called – Robin Hood Festival. If you plan to move here with your kids and pets – they will love it. There are a lot of parks that you can enjoy with your kids and pets, and it will make relocation much easier. Your kids and your pets will easily adjust to Sherwood. Here you will find a variety of houses, but one thing that they have in common is big lots.

Milwaukie is one of the most affordable suburbs of Portland in 2022

If you are a person that loves to spend their time outdoors and you are looking for a place to settle down then Milwaukie is the place for you. If you are still thinking about moving, you should know that Milwaukie is more and more popular since it is much more affordable than the surrounding wealthier suburbs. That is why it is popular with young professionals, families, retirees – everybody loves it. If you are worried about reaching downtown portland – don’t worry. In 2015 the MAX Orange Line opened so now you can easily reach downtown Portland with light rail, just follow the timetable.

girl in Milwaukie
Milwaukie is attracting young families looking to settle down

With quick mountain access, it is no wonder it is attracting more and more people. You can go camping, hiking, fishing – whatever you like. Options are endless. When it comes to housing options you will find Craftsman houses, contemporary condos, and custom homes. Although it is worth mentioning that there is a lot of construction, so you should be able to find your dream home in no time.

Happy Valley – a developing area

You should know that Happy Valley was made up of farmland only ten years ago. But now – this place is developing and booming! New roads and highways are almost complete and that is already attracting a lot of new residents. A lot of young families choose Happy Valley to settle down, and if you are thinking about doing the same you can call Royal Moving Company. We will be more than happy to help you start your new adventure on the right foot. And don’t worry, Happy Valley can offer you everything you might need. From one of the largest indoor malls to great outdoor activities. Whatever you prefer, you will find your spot in Happy Valley as one of the best suburbs of Portland in 2022.

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