8 Surefire Ways to Reduce Stress During Your Move

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Americans move an average of six times in their lives, according to a survey by Squarefoot.com, and 40 million Americans will move in this year alone. I assure you, that is 40 million anxious individuals who have a lot of important decision ahead of them, and a lot to plan.

The psychological impact of moving is a real thing, with 58 percent of people saying that the process of relocating is more stressful on a couple than planning a wedding. In fact, 31 percent of folks have moved with a partner say they have had some of their worst arguments during a move, which leads us to another fact: moving is the most stressful life event, even more so than a divorce or starting a new job.

Parents have it particularly hard because they must worry about themselves, their spouse, and most importantly, their children, whose mental fitness through the process becomes the priority. Statistics show that families with children spend eight more days planning, packing, and moving.

The mental health issues associated with a move create pressure that causes people to suffer age related symptoms, as people report feeling and looking two years older. During a move, 10 percent of people suffer from hair loss, 14 percents suffer short-term memory loss, and 19 percent experience clinical-level anxiety.

The top causes of stress are the following:

  • The process of finding a home
  • The cost of deposits and down payments
  • The process of finding a reputable packing and moving company
  • The cost of hiring a professional mover
  • The process of unpacking

To help you reduce your stress, we have eight tips to get you through the moving process. While we cannot help you find the perfect home, once you do, our stress-reduction guide offers ways to save money and move efficiently.

1) Plan WAY Ahead in Order to Reduce the Stress of Moving

Make sure that you begin the planning process as early as possible, which is as soon as you know your move-out date. Since moving is one of life’s most stressful experiences, the tendency for most of us is to put off the planning as long as possible, which creates more stress in the end. Once you have a clear plan that is actually written out, along with dates attached, your anxiety reduces.

2) Downsize in Order to Reduce the Stress of Moving

As soon as you know your move-out date, clear the clutter from your home. Moving to a new residence is the perfect time to get rid of those things that you never use. Not only will this reduce the amount of possessions you have to pack and move, but you can also make a little money to help with the costs of moving.

Gather all of your belongings that you seldom use or wear and have a sale, in either your yard or your garage. If you live in an apartment, use Craigslist and selling apps as your storefront. If you are not into the selling process, or you have trouble selling some of your items, you can help the less fortunate by giving your seldom-used items to charity. If you have furniture, bags of used clothes, or numerous appliances, many charity organizations will come to your home and pick them up with a simple phone call.

Downsizing is a great project to begin a few months before your move. You might not believe it now, but it really does help reduce stress because it feels good to get rid of extra baggage (literally) and you move into you new residence with only the things you truly need.

3) Ask for Help in Order to Reduce the Stress of Moving

Ask friends and family to help you with your move, and the help should not begin 10 minutes before you are packing your belongs on a truck. The help should begin when packing items in your house, and packing involves a well thought-out plan that starts a month from your move. So, get on the phone early, find folks that have time on their hands on the weekends before your move to help pack and disassemble items, and other people who have trucks big enough to transport your largest pieces of furniture if you do not plan to rent a moving truck.

4) Leave the Packing to Professionals to Reduce the Stress of Moving

Packing is a time-consuming and grueling task that you best leave to the professionals. Professional packing services like the one offered by Royal Moving Co. are very convenient because they provide all of the packing supplies you will need, and delicately box all of your possessions, label the boxes, disassemble large furniture, and even unpack and disassemble at your new how, if you wish.

You would be doing a disservice to yourself if you did not give Royal a ring if you need assistance with any part of your move, even if it is at the last minute or it is an emergency. Royal does local moves up and down the west coast, long distance moves, and commercial moves of any size. They also rent plastic containers for packing, which keep your belongings dry and safe, and they deliver the plastic boxes before the move if you want to pack them yourself, and then they pick up the containers once you have unpacked them. In addition, they provide “labor-only” services and storage options. Furthermore, all of the labor is covered under one fair, hourly rate, and we mean EVERYTHING. There are no hidden expenses.

Leaving the packing of your possession to packing professionals removes an immense amount of anxiety. While the pros pack, you can focus on the important things that only you can do like transferring the utilities, keeping your regular home and work schedule, and taking care of your kids who will need extra attention to reduce their fears about moving.

Professional packers understand how to pack items of all shapes and sizes from elaborate pieces of art, to your flat screen television and other sensitive electronics, to every piece of furniture, to your small, fragile valuables, so that you never have to lift a finger or take the risk of damaging something important to you.

Packing requires packing materials, such as foam cushioning, bubble wrap, furniture covers, packing paper and tape, and boxes, as well as specialty containers of various sizes, including wardrobe boxes and glass and plate divider inserts. In other words, professional packers have the best supplies and know how to use them. Nothing gets past these packing pros when it comes to protecting your possessions.

5) Leave the Heavy Lifting to Professionals to Reduce the Stress of Moving

If you decide to use a mover, you have made a good call because hiring a professional moving company will reduce your stress, save you time, and help you avoid the physical demands of moving furniture and boxes from one residence to another. Moving crews like those at Royal Moving Co. are experts because they move people everyday. Therefore, they are quick and efficient. In addition, if anything is broken or damaged during your move, the movers’ insurance covers the cost of those items.

In many cities, there are additional complications during moving like steep and narrow streets, and limited parking. Professional movers know how to navigate the logistics of your move because they understand how the cities operate, so that the process is not a huge burden for you on moving day. Their competence reduces anxiety, and for you, that might provide a priceless experience.

6) Plan for Your Children and Pets on Moving Day to Reduce the Stress of Moving

If you have kids, they are your number one priority. In fact, they may be the reason why you are moving in the first place. You might want more space for them, or you are in search of a good school district or particular type of school for them. However, on moving day, they become a lot to manage as you move your entire life from one residence to another, which creates a lot of stress for you. It is best to drop the kids off at a trusted friend or family member’s house, so they do not get in the way, or get lost in the shuffle as you coordinate the day’s move. With your kids safely away, you can focus on the task at hand and your stress will be severely reduced.

Furthermore, your pets often go unnoticed during a move, especially if you are busy reducing your child’s fears or your own anxiety. You might consider boarding them in a kennel during the move, so they are out of the way and happy while you negotiate all aspects of the move. If you do not have a trusted kennel, have a friend or family member watch your pet, so that your furry friend does not escape through an open door at your old or new residence. Losing them, or tripping over them and causing an injury, will add a new level of stress to an already-stressful endeavor.

7) Do Not Forget the Small Stuff to Reduce the Stress of Moving

Do not forget the little things that could add stress to your life if you wait until the last minute. For example, you have to officially change your address with the United States Postal Service by filling out a change of address form in order to receive your mail at your new residence. In addition, there are several other very important institutions that need to know your new whereabouts. Furthermore, car insurance rates vary from neighborhood to neighborhood, so your insurance company needs to know your new location. Also, inform your bank, credit card companies, and phone carrier.

In addition, make sure you move your utilities over to your new home and cancel service at your old spot, or you could be paying for two locations, or be without electricity and water on the day of your move. It takes several days notice in some cases, so get ahead of the curve, so you are not without utilities for an extended period of time.

Finally, cancel your social club memberships and gym contracts if they are no longer at a convenient location to your new home. These recurring charges might go unnoticed for many months if you are not careful. In addition, transfer your auto-fill prescriptions to a pharmacy closer to your new residence. Also, you have to get your address changed on your driver’s license and vehicle registration or you can receive a ticket if you are stopped by law enforcement for any reason.

8) Take Care of Yourself to Reduce the Stress of Moving

Use our tips to get you over the top and away from anxious moments. We must reiterate that planning is the key, and planning begins as soon as you know your moving date. Finding a good moving company begins on that day, and planning a packing schedule is important to ensure that you are ready on moving day.

Finally, take care of yourself. Get enough sleep, do not skip meals, eat healthy food when you do eat, and get away from your home, which is littered with packed and half-packed boxes, for a minute to enjoy some time away, whether it be a hiking trail or even a nice hotel suite where you can be pampered. You will keep anxiety at bay and return with less stress if you get away from the chaos for a day or night, and take the time to take care of yourself.

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