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When looking for a perfect place for your relocation there are certain things that you must pay attention to. And those things depend on the reason for your relocation. Whether you are moving with your family to search for the best neighborhood for your kids, or you are looking for a more affordable place, the list of best places for you to live will be long. So we have decided to help you out by writing reasons to move to El Monte. But, no matter how exhausting this choice can be you can always rely on Royal Moving Company. These professionals will not only give their best to relocate you, but they will also help you gain some of the best moving experiences ever.

The history of El Monte might be the perfect reason for you to move

The name El Monte means meadow or wooden spot in Spanish. It was named by the Spanish missionaries in the 1730s. It has some breathtaking landscapes and more than 3 hundred later with large trees and lawns between the stress. But there is more than just a pure nature here. Job opportunities, better schools education, and business is just booming here.

So no matter which us the reason for the move, you will find something great waiting. You need to be brave enough to step into the unknown. Ths Southern California community will give its best to make you feel at home and that is just one of the many reasons to relocate with movers in El Monte CA.

rain in the street
Use bad weather to visit some galleries.

Reasons to move to El Monte

There are numerous reasons why this place would be perfect for you to move. But there are maybe 3 main ones that will definitely help you decide. One of them is the climate of El Monte. Once you realize how much time you will be able to spend outside, you will see that the climate is also very well connected o the activities that you can do in nature.

There are warmer summers and cooler winters, so basically you will be able to experience every season as you should. However, there is no snow in the area. So, if you decide on moving here with some of the best local movers Los Angeles has, you can do it in winter too. There will be no obstacles like storms, etc.

This perfect weather will give you a chance to participate in concerts in parks, annual parades and a lot of festivals that are happening during the whole year. Your whole family will enjoy the time you have spent outside. There are even places for sports activities, picnics and more. And if you have some free days in February, the month when there is the most rain, you can always pay a visit to some of the best restaurants here, such as Bamboo WOk, BBQ Express, Basileia, etc. And after fine dining, go straight to the Edward El Monte 8 where you can see Hollywood’s hottest films.

Education in El Monte

There are 17 elementary schools and all of them are highly rated. Most people who have their kids in this school will tell you that the school and the teacher are giving their best to help students develop skills, knowledge, responsibility, and productivity. Your kids will learn how to be respectful to each other, considering that this place has a high level of diversity. Learning about different cultures and ways of living well prepares your kids from a young age to treat everyone with respect.

When it comes to the high schools, El Monte Unio High School is serving 10 thousand students, with 7 high schools and even two adult sites in its system.

People here have a great sense of community and give a lot to provide security in El Monte. So moving here with kids and with help from the best apartment movers Los Angeles has will mean that you will be moving to a place that has a minimum crime rate. Which is the of the most important thing to search for in someplace when relocating with kids.

kid running in school after you have seen the reasons to move to El Monte
The educational system here is on a high level

One of the reasons to move to El Monte is the employment

If you are searching for a place where you can expand your recurrent business or start a new one, El Monte might be the choice for you. The top fields of employment in El Monte since 2010 are education, government, and transportation.

If you are looking for a job in education, schools here employ over 2 thousand staff members. When it comes to the other two fields, there are over 700 staff people hired almost annually. This means that almost the whole year you will be able to get a job.

The unemployment rate is a little above the national average, but do not let this stop you from moving here. Los Angeles is really close. So if you are working in a big city or you are thinking of expanding your business there you will have no problem doing that while living in El Monte. And the main reason for that is the last one of the reasons for moving to El Monte, the transportation.


El Monte Transit has five-fixed trolley routes that will help you commute from one part or this pace to another in no time. The best thing about transportation here is that it is never late. You will be able to know in a minute when is the next ride. Also, you will be able to plan your day and your arrival someplace in a minute, which means that you will not have to worry about being late. It costs only 50 cents per ride. And one of the most important things is that you can plan your weekend with this transportation because there are convenient weekend hours of operation.

trolley on the street
Transportation is one of the reasons to move to El Monte

By checking these reasons to move to El Monte you will have nothing else but to pack your back, book some of the best moving companies and relocate to this magical place. Just trust your instincts, and give your kids a great chance to grow out in great communities. Look for better job opportunities and have a chance to change the unemployment rate by expanding your business.

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