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Moving yourself gets especially expensive if you plan to rent a truck. In fact, you might find out you spent more on a U-Haul than it would have cost to hire a moving company. The following are the typical costs to rent a moving truck:

  • 10′ truck, one-bedroom apartment: $20$30 per day plus $.69$1.10 per mile
  • 14′ rental truck, one-bedroom house: $30$40 per day plus $.69$1.10 per mile
  • 17′ rental truck, two-bedroom house: $32$42 per day plus $.69$1.10 per mile
  • 20′ rental truck, three-bedroom house: $40$50 per day plus $.69$1.10 per mile
  • 24′ rental truck, four-bedroom house: $42$52 per day plus $.69$1.10 per mile
  • 26′ rental truck: five-bedroom house, $45$55 per day plus $.69-$1.10 per mile

There is also the additional cost of moving truck insurance, which is about $20 per day. Furthermore, utility dolly rental fees are typical $10 per day, an appliance dolly is $12, and a furniture dolly is $10. A dozen furniture pads are $10, and you will also find an environment fee at the end of your ride that is $5. Finally, you have to cover the gas costs, and big moving trucks only get about nine miles to the gallon. Add these costs to your daily rate and estimated mileage fee in order to find out if renting a truck is your best bet. Your mileage starts from the time you turn the ignition and head out of the rental truck lot until you return the vehicle, so they add up quickly.

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