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Finding motivation and energy is never easy when you are a pregnant mother, but the anxiety of moving while battling morning sickness and numerous aches and pains makes things even worse. Remember, feel free to express yourself emotionally and always get help whenever and wherever you need it during the moving process. In addition, talk with your physician to get expert advice from a professional who knows what your body and mind can and cannot be handled during this stressful time. There are many things you must consider when moving while pregnant for the health of you and your baby. First, heavy lifting is out of the question and moving anything up and down staircases is a bad idea when you are carrying a baby. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health advises that expecting mothers should not lift items that are heavier than 18 pounds if you are 20 weeks pregnant or less, and you should do not lift anything that weighs more than 13 pounds if you are more than 20 weeks pregnant. Second, it is unhealthy for anyone to inhale the fumes of some cleaning supplies while tidying your old residence or new home, especially expecting mothers. Furthermore, many paints are dangerous, along with some glues, solvents, aerosol sprays, used cat litter, and dust. Toxic fumes from these items are detrimental to an unborn child, and even though ammonia and chlorine might not harm the baby, they could make you nauseous or lightheaded. This could lead to a fall and serious injury. Finally, there is a thing called “pregnancy brain,” which occurs when hormonal changes and stress from pregnancy create a “lack of focus,” which can lead to memory lapses. If you are not careful, you will forget to transfer the utilities, pack your belongings in a timely fashion, or hire a cleaning service. Therefore, it important to make a list of things to do early in the planning phase and continue to add to the list as you think of things you need to do along the way. Finally, hire a professional mover as soon as you know your move-in date because it is a welcome relief to know that part out of the way because hiring a pro reduces emotional, mental, and physical stress during a move.

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