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The first step to moving a mattress is to pack it well, so that you do not damage it in the process. Since mattresses are bulky and awkward, they often scrape the ground or land in a puddle of water or oil. Therefore, remove the sheets and comforter from the mattress and make sure that it is completely dry before you begin to pack it to avoid mold spores caused by humidity and warmth. Next, place the mattress in a mattress bag, which you can find for under $10 from a furniture store, hardware store, or local moving company. Then, tape the ends of the mattress protector shut with quality packing tape, making sure that no part of the mattress is unprotected from the elements. Now, it is ready to move, which typically requires a furniture dolly, straps and a cargo van or a truck because even a large SUV cannot fit a twin-size mattress, let alone, a queen or king. First, all mattress sizes should be able to fit through most doorways, but you will need to slide larger mattress because there is not enough clearance for it to sit on a dolly and roll through the door. However, once it is to the sidewalk or stairwell, you need to maneuver it onto your furniture dolly. Once the mattress is on the furniture dolly, cart it to your waiting vehicle or stairs. If you have stairs to go down, you will have to lose the furniture dolly and slide the mattress carefully down the stairs until you reach the bottom. Once you safely find your way to the end of the stairs, you can reposition your furniture dolly and continue to roll it to your truck or van. If you have a moving truck or large cargo van, place the mattress against the truck wall in an upright position and strap it there. This procedure saves you room and keeps your mattress from getting damaged when other items are loaded onto the truck. If you have a pickup truck, lay the mattress flat in the bed and secure it with straps, ropes, or bungee cords across the top of it.

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