Long Distance Moves

Long Distance Moves (Interstate Moves)

Moving within the same city is a big undertaking with patches of anxiety, but interstate moving is a great deal more stressful. Planning your interstate move early is critical because it provides you with a solid state of mind, so that you can focus on other issues that might arise along the way. A moving checklist is required, so that you do not miss any important details and get to your destination safely. Schedule a professional moving company when you know your move-out and move-in date to ensure that a reputable mover will be available. Once you have a professional company scheduled, the relief will cut your anxiety in half. Remember a few things while you research long-distance interstate moving companies. First, long-distance movers must abide by federal guidelines provided by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Second, interstate moving companies must provide arbitration if issues involved during the move cannot be resolved in an amicable fashion after the move. If a dispute occurs without a favorable outcome in your opinion, contact the FMCSA, and they will launch an investigation regarding the matter. Furthermore, federal regulation requires interstate movers to give every customer a copy of the "Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move" brochure. This brochure outlines the ways consumers can find legitimate movers, outlines moving estimates, discusses the required paperwork involved in the process, and provides insurance considerations. Finally, many moving companies use semi-trailer trucks that haul long trailers, and these trailers hold more than one customer's set of possessions to cut costs. Usually, there is no guarantee on the exact time and day when a moving company will pick up and drop off your belongings. Instead, moving companies give their customers a "delivery spread." A delivery spread is an estimation of when the moving crew will arrive, and that window can be several days in length.

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