10 Crucial Tips for Moving out of State

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Making the decision to relocate across state borders can be a demanding endeavor, requiring careful consideration. Yet, armed with thorough planning and meticulous preparation, this monumental task can transform into a seamless transition. The key lies in methodically analyzing every intricate detail of the puzzle, ensuring a well-executed plan that paves the way for a successful and gratifying experience. Our Team at Royal Moving & Storage Inc will share with you the ten crucial tips for moving out of state with ease. Do not worry in advance just because interstate moves look complicated from afar. You’ll soon realize there’s nothing to be scared of!

#1 Calculate Your Moving Budget

Before you embark on your move, it’s crucial to prioritize your moving budget. Take the time to calculate the maximum amount you can allocate for the entire process. While moving your belongings will likely be your most significant expense, it’s vital to consider all the things you will definitely spend money on. Include the cost of your Los Angeles interstate movers, packing supplies, car shipping fees if necessary, and also what you’ll pay for gas, overnight lodging, and other traveling expenses.

Calculating the budget for moving out of state
Set a realistic budget and do not deviate from it so you don’t jeopardize your out-of-state moving

The Cost of a Long-Distance Move

When it comes to long-distance moves, understanding the cost implications is crucial for effective budgeting. The cost of a long-distance DIY move can vary based on the distance traveled and the size of your home. According to the moving.com information table, for distances of around 250 miles, you can expect to pay between $1,123 and $2,260 for a studio to a one-bedroom apartment, while costs for a two to a three-bedroom home range from $2,272 to $4,343.

If you’re planning a move of 1,000 miles or more, prices increase, with estimates ranging from $1,442 to $3,024 for a studio to one-bedroom and $3,145 to $5,958 for a two to a three-bedroom residence. For extensive moves spanning 2,500 miles or more, expenses can range from $1,920 to $4,272 for a studio to one-bedroom and $4,236 to $8,546 for a two to three-bedroom property.

For larger households consisting of four to five bedrooms, costs can reach up to $14,107 for the longest distances. It’s essential to factor in these estimated costs, consider any additional expenses such as packing supplies, fuel, and accommodations, and create a comprehensive budget to ensure a smooth and financially manageable long-distance DIY move.

#2 Find and Schedule Professional Interstate Movers

Start searching for long distance moving companies Los Angeles can offer as soon as you know your move-out and move-in date to ensure that an expert moving company is available. Having a professional schedule will significantly reduce your stress level because there is now a guarantee that an efficient moving crew will be there to load your possessions on the day of your exit to another state.

A truck moving out of state
The delivery spread might be a hindrance when moving out of state, so either plan and prepare for it or hire a company that can commit to a concrete date and stick to it

However, this isn’t your average move. Rather, you will be entrusting everything you own to a team of movers who will be rambling down highways unsupervised for a pretty significant period of time. You need a company that you can trust, and finding those trustworthy professionals requires serious research.

Check on Yelp, Google, and other reviewing sites for 5-star state-to-state movers with a home base in your area. Do not settle for anything less. In addition, check with the U.S. Department of Transportation to make sure that your interstate mover is properly licensed and that your belongings will be insured by a credible provider in case of theft, loss, or damage.  Finally, get a free estimate, and make sure that there will be no hidden charges at the end of the move. Do your best to find an all-inclusive moving package so there are no surprises.

#3 Downsize Your Possessions as You Pack for Moving Out of State

Interstate movers often calculate your moving expenses by weight. Therefore, it is time to purge those things that you haven’t used in forever, and forever, in this case, is about a year. Make three different piles to start:

  • One pile for trash, which includes items that no person would ever want.
  • The second pile for donations includes gently used items like clothes and furniture that are not worth moving or do not meet your standards of style anymore.
  • Lastly, the third pile is for valuable pieces of property that can earn you a bit of money to help cover moving costs.

Selling your items is much easier in the Internet age. Websites like Craigslist provide a virtual market for quick deals, and you never have to leave your house.

#4 Find Free Moving Boxes to Reduce Moving Expenses

Since expenses are pretty hefty when moving out of state, you will probably want to cut your costs as much as possible, and getting free boxes and other moving supplies will help in that respect. Again, Craigslist is a great place to find folks in your area that would rather give away their used boxes than trash them.

Person surrounded by moving boxes while Moving out of State
Downsize and declutter before your out-of-state move to ensure an efficient and smooth relocation

Other places to acquire free boxes include liquor stores, bookstores, large department stores, and grocery stores. You can always ask local movers Los Angeles provides for packing materials, but getting them on your own might be a cheaper alternative if fund-saving is what you are after.

#5 Label Your Moving Boxes for Efficiency

Once you have your boxes, free or otherwise, and begin packing, it is essential that you label each one so that the movers know which room to move your containers to once they arrive at your new residence. It is also helpful to take a picture of each container’s contents and label the photo and the box so that you know the exact contents of each one, which will make unpacking an easy task. To avoid any mistakes or mishaps during this stage, use the best packing services Los Angeles has at its disposal so all your items are safely packed and transported to your new home.

#6 Transfer Utilities and Other Services Before Moving out of State

With any move, transferring utilities and other services is a hassle, but a move to another state adds complications. First, remember to get your and your family’s shot and school records. Don’t forget your dry cleaning. Also, you will want to cancel any local club affiliations that you have, including gym memberships. In addition, your prescriptions will need to be transferred to a pharmacy near your new home.

As for utilities, it will be an entirely different world on the other end. For many utilities such as gas, electricity, water, and sewer, you will need to schedule a connection as soon as possible, but you absolutely must give them at least a week’s notice, or you could be without that service when you move into your new residence.

Key in a door lock
When moving out of state, transfer your utilities ahead of time so your new home is ready for you as soon as you arrive

The same goes for Wi-Fi and cable in many situations. Also, make sure you arrange to have your utility service shut off at your current residence on the day of your move and give them your new address so that you will receive your final bill, or you may never see it, and that could lead to trouble with a collection service.

#7 What to Expect and What You Need to Do When Moving Day Arrives

It is critical to let the moving experts do their job once they arrive. You want the task to be done expediently at this point in your journey, and they are trained and have moved hundreds of homes, so you will only slow them down by offering amateur advice to them. So firstly, make sure to have all your belongings packed and ready before the movers arrive. Empty out your dresser, desk, and storage drawers in advance.

Additionally, clearly mark any fragile items to ensure they are handled with care or what needs to be moved to storage Los Angeles offers. Prior to the movers’ arrival, ensure there is convenient parking and easy access to your residence. It’s important not to leave your residence during the move, as the movers may have questions that require your assistance. Exchange contact information with the movers to maintain communication throughout the process.

A bag and a backpack on the street
Pack an overnight bag that will include all essential things to get you through the night (or nights) during your long-distance move

#8 Pack Your Car and Take a Road Trip (or Don’t)

Unless you are selling your car because you are moving to a pedestrian-friendly city like New York City, you will need to pack your car with items that you need on the other end. Since it is possible that you will beat the moving truck to your new residence, you will need to pack an overnight bag for up to a week. The following are items you will want to bring with you when moving out of state and plan on being on the road for at least a day:

  • Snacks and beverages;
  • First-aid kit and prescription and nonprescription medicine;
  • Toiletries, bath towels, and washcloths;
  • Several changes of clothes;
  • Plastic eating utensils, paper plates, and paper towels;
  • Important records;
  • Tool kit, flashlights, candles, and lighter;
  • Small electronics and chargers.

The other option is to ship your car, but a road trip across state lines can be cathartic. The open highway provides a nice break from the life you left behind to the new one that is ahead. It allows you to clear your mind of all the chaos and stress that accompanied your move while giving you time to do some future planning along the way.

#9 Plan for the “Delivery Spread”

Many moving companies use large trailers and pack more than one customer’s set of belongings in them in order to cut costs. There is a catch, though; there is no guarantee of the exact time and day that the moving company will pick up or drop off your belongings. Instead, the movers give you a “delivery spread,” which is a period that can be as long as several days in length.

A person sitting with a laptop researches moving out of state
Carefully research all available options on the market before hiring a moving company, as that is one of the key aspects of a successful interstate relocation

The movers attempt to do the best they can to reduce the number of days, but they cannot commit to a date and time. The moving company can narrow the time of pick up or delivery as they get closer to your destination. However, some movers honor the customers’ wishes and dates, so make sure to explore all available options.

#10 Moving Out of State Can Be an Exciting Adventure If Planned Properly!

With proper planning and research, moving out of state can be a smooth and successful transition. Prioritize your moving budget and consider all expenses involved. Avoid the complexities and costs of a long-distance DIY move by exploring alternatives. Find and schedule professional interstate movers with a reliable reputation and proper licensing.

Downsize your possessions before packing to reduce moving expenses. Look for free moving boxes to cut costs, and label them for efficiency. Transfer utilities and other services in advance and be prepared for the moving day by having everything packed and ready. Consider whether to pack your car for a road trip or ship it separately. Lastly, plan for the “delivery spread” when scheduling with moving companies. Contact your chosen movers and enjoy your upcoming move to another state!

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