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Moving into a suburban house is a big deal and much different than an apartment move. With a move of this magnitude, which essentially is a complete lifestyle shift, there is more to the action than just packing and calling a moving company. It is possible you will need a therapist as much as you need a real estate agent while contemplating the move.

There are many positive things associated with row of homes and neighborhoods full of settled families. The public schools are better, so there is normally a solid education and more options for your kids in the form of extracurricular activities and a richer life outside of school. The suburbs are usually safer and quieter, and crime is always lower. There is more space available, and that space comes at a cheaper price. There is less traffic by foot and car, though it might be a longer haul to work, which mitigates the daily traffic benefits if you have a long commute to the office. Furthermore, when you move to a house, you will meet folks that are more relative to your current state of being, which includes other parents and mellowing adults. In addition, you will have to maintain a lawn, and you might like planting flowers, or even vegetables, and working on the landscape of your shrubs, trees, and grass.

Each suburban area should have a superb set of real estate agent that can provide you with all the ins-and-outs of the community. They should be able to answer all your questions about the suburban area where they work on a regular basis and do it with expertise and integrity.

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