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So, you are getting ready to swap the city for the suburbs? It is a common right of passage for most people. Maturity finds its way into nearly every soul as families grow and budgets change. For the most part, a move to suburbia is a signal that a family needs more space in their dwelling, more open space around their residence, and a quieter life.

With a move of this magnitude, which essentially is a complete lifestyle shift, there is more to the action than just packing and calling a moving company. No, there is real mental and emotional anguish involved when evolving to a suburbanite; it almost seems as if your known identity is changing. You had the rhythm of the city all figured out, but now you must adapt to the pace of a new setting, in which the beat of the drum is not so heavy and quite a bit slower.

It is possible you will need a therapist as much as you need a real estate agent while contemplating the move. The biggest issue for many people is that their downtown, city-dwelling life was wrapped around favorite restaurants and social spots that were only a short walk or Uber-ride away, and those places are nowhere near the suburbs.

The fear also exists that the art and culture associated with the city will evaporate with a move away from urban life. In addition, there is anxiety attached to what a move to the suburbs signals, and that signal is often associated with the end of youthfulness and the beginning of the mature years.

Do not be filled with too much concern, though. A rewarding and complete life can be found in suburban neighborhoods. While suburbia is a cliché used by many to describe a place where dreams go to die, or a stereotype that is used as a descriptor for those who have given up, there is fulfillment and richness in welcoming neighborhoods.

Also, do not forget that you are the architect of your life, and you can construct it in any way that you find comfortable regardless of whether your address is on Main Street or inside the suburban communities that Main Street anchors, which lie outside of an urban landscape and down highways to tree-lined streets.

Assessing the Suburban Scene before You Move

There are positive many things associated with row of homes and neighborhoods full of settled families. The public schools are better, so there is normally a solid education and a more options for your kids in the form of extracurricular activities and a richer life outside of school. The suburbs are usually safer and quieter, and crime is always lower. There is more space available, and that space comes at a cheaper price. There is less traffic by foot and wheel, though it might be a longer haul to work, which mitigates that traffic benefits on a daily basis if you have a long commute to the office.

The suburbs are often as diverse as the city, and you will meet folks that are more relative to your current state of being, which includes other parents and mellowing adults. You will have to maintain a lawn, and you might like planting flowers, or even vegetables, and working on the landscape of your shrubs, trees, and grass.

The first thing you must consider are all the options available in the numerous suburbs that surround the core city, and there are plenty of choices, much more than the meager offerings found in downtown apartments and high-rise condominiums. Think about the vibes and scenes in each suburban community, and choose the one best supports your interests. Also, research is required to ensure that public transportation isn’t a hassle, or the commute doesn’t leave you stranded on non-moving corridors for hours each day.

The seven move most important things to consider when moving to the suburbs:

Check out that Suburban Vibe. You must do more than find the best price and the closest option to your office. Visit each community and figure out the vibe. Check out the parks and the community coffee shop. Go to a few community events, and talk to people while you are there. Your gut will tell you what specific suburb is a best for you, or if suburban life is a good fit at all.

The Cost of Living in the Suburbs. According to a 2017 Cost of Living Report by Zillow, it is $9,073 “less” expensive on a yearly basis, for a family to live in the suburbs as opposed to the city. The study factored mortgage cost and property taxes. However, this was not the case in all cities. In the Los Angeles area, the cost of living in the city is slightly more advantageous than living in the suburbs, at $407 less.

Contemplate the Commute. You have to figure out the commute. Longer commutes are associated with a lower quality of life. The cost to gas up your car each day is considerable, and the stress associated with traffic jams is overwhelming as boredom, social isolation, anger, and frustration are coupled with an overall sense that control is lost, and these things cause both fatigue and anxiety. Dealing with traffic on a daily basis also causes high blood pressure, musculoskeletal problems, and even reduces cognitive performance, according to Psychology Today.

In addition, consider that you might need to buy a car if you do not have one already. If you do own a vehicle, you must ask, is it reliable and capable of sitting in traffic during hot spells? Owning and maintaining a car is an additional cost that might make it less expensive to live in the city near your work because you will not have a car payment, insurance premiums, and parking expenses.

There is another aspect of car ownership, which might prove to be rewarding to you regardless of the additional expense. Consider that if the city has had you on lock down for a while because you do not have a car and an easy way to escape, the freedom that comes with buying an automobile might provide a luxury that you really enjoy.

There is a certain percentage of people that find the morning commute peaceful and cathartic. It provides a way for them to catch up on the news, listen to an audiobook, laugh with the morning and afternoon drive-time jocks, or hear some peaceful tunes. Car owners also have the freedom to escape crowded public transportation, and the entire world with a weekend road trip to an interesting place away from everything. If you own a car, you will no longer have to rent one or buy a plane ticket to escape your area for a bit.

Get an Assist from a Top-notch Real Estate Pro. Each suburb should have a superb set of real estate agent that can provide you with all of the ins-and-outs of the community. They should be able to answer all your questions about the suburban area where they work on a regular basis, and do it with expertise and integrity.

Get a Top-Notch Education for Your Children. Suburban families do not mess around with the education of their kids; there are very high expectations of the community’s school districts. Unless your child attends an urban magnet school, they will typically receive a higher-rated education in communities outside of the city. Statistics show that more children graduate in the suburbs than urban areas, and standardized test scores are consistently at higher level outside of the city. In addition, there are more school programs and more money to support extracurricular activities. Finally, the student-to-teacher ratio is better in suburban areas.

Check websites like,,,, and to check school ratings, so that you can figure out the best suburban neighborhood for your children’s education.

More Space to Grow. You will marvel at the amount of space you have to fill when you move from a city apartment to a suburban home. In fact, there might be so much floor and wall space that you will need to figure out ways to fill it with new furnishings and wall art.

You will also have more space to work on projects, more rooms for your growing family, and the happiest resident in your home might be your dog who will have additional space to explore and nestle, a yard to ramble through, and sidewalks that lead to new surprises.  

Moving Professionals. Once you have made the decision that suburban life is for you, the next step is hiring a mover. With elevators and steep stairs, and busy streets and limited parking, there is no better way to make your escape from the city than by finding a moving professional to remove all of the headache and hassle. Expert movers know the most efficient and effective ways to move your possessions from the city to the suburbs. In the Los Angeles area, your best bet is to contact Royal Moving for an inexpensive and highly-rated moving experience.

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