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Are you getting ready to swap the city for the suburbs? It is a common right of passage for most people. Maturity finds its way into nearly every soul as families grow and budgets change. For the most part, a move to suburbia is a signal that a family needs more open space and a quieter life. With a move of this magnitude, there is more to the action than just packing and calling a moving company. It is essentially a complete lifestyle shift, as there is real mental and emotional effort involved when evolving into a suburbanite. It almost seems as if your known identity is changing. But Royal Moving & Storage Inc is here to assist! We’ll help you understand the process of moving to the suburbs and experiencing a smooth change in lifestyle.

Is Moving To The Suburbs Worth It? 

You may need a therapist as much as real estate! City life usually revolves around favorite restaurants and social spots, which are not easily accessible in the suburbs. Relocating away from the city may lead to the loss of art and culture. Relocating to the suburbs can bring anxiety, as many people look at it as the end of youthfulness and the beginning of maturity.

Do not be filled with too much concern, though. A rewarding and complete life can be found in suburban neighborhoods. While suburbia is a cliché used by many to describe a place where dreams go to die or a stereotype that is used as a descriptor for those who have given up, there is fulfillment and richness in welcoming neighborhoods.

Crowded city street
If you can’t stand the hustle and bustle of the city, the suburbs are a great choice for a quieter life

Also, do not forget that you are the architect of your life. You can construct it in any way that you find comfortable. Once you have made the decision that suburban life is for you, the next step is hiring a moving services Los Angeles company to ensure a smooth transition to your new home.

Assessing the Suburban Scene Before You Move

There are many positive things associated with the suburbs. The public schools are better, so there is normally a solid education and more options for your kids in the form of extracurricular activities and a richer life outside of school. The suburbs are usually safer and quieter, and crime is always lower. There is more space available, and that space comes at a lower price.

Also, there is less traffic by foot and wheel, though it might be a longer haul to work. You will have to navigate the often congested traffic within the city on a daily basis if you have a long commute to the office. Just remember that if you’re moving from the busy downtown, trust the expertise of apartment movers Los Angeles offers to navigate the challenges of moving in a busy urban environment.

New York skyline
Moving away from the city is often a great choice for people who can’t stand the noise and pollution in dense urban areas

The suburbs are often as diverse as the city, and you will meet folks that are more relative to your current state of being. You will have to maintain a lawn, and you might like planting flowers or even vegetables and working on the landscape of your shrubs, trees, and grass. The first thing you must consider is all the options available in the numerous suburbs that surround the city’s core.

There are plenty of choices, much more than the meager offerings found in downtown apartments and high-rise condominiums. Think about the vibes and scenes in each suburban community, and choose the one best supports your interests. Also, research is required to ensure that public transportation isn’t a hassle or the commute doesn’t leave you stranded on non-moving corridors for hours each day.

The Seven Most Important Things to Consider When Moving to the Suburbs

Now let’s take a look at the most relevant factors you should look at before deciding to move to the suburbs. It’s the only way to figure out if that’s the lifestyle you’ll enjoy and to find the right neighborhood where you will thrive and enjoy.

Suburbs aerial view
Moving to the suburbs brings about a complete lifestyle change, but definitely, a positive one

#1 Check out that Suburban Vibe

You must do more than find the best price and the closest option to your office. Visit each community and figure out the vibe. Check out the parks and the community coffee shop. Go to a few community events, and talk to people while you are there. Your gut will tell you what specific suburb is best for you or if suburban life is a good fit at all.

#2 The Cost of Living in the Suburbs

According to a 2020 Cost of Living Report by Zillowhere is a concise comparison of suburban and city living costs:

  • Home Value Growth: In many regions, urban home value growth outperformed the suburbs. However, in the Midwest, where homes are generally less expensive near city centers, urban home value growth fell behind the suburbs.
  • Sales Volume and Price Growth: Overall, both urban and suburban areas experienced strong growth in home sales volume and sales prices. The growth rates in urban areas matched or exceeded those in the suburbs, indicating high demand in both regions.
  • Rental Market: Urban rent growth lagged behind suburban rent growth in 2020. However, it is expected that urban rents will recover quickly as the pandemic subsides.
  • Inventory and Pending Sales: Suburban areas saw relatively lower inventory levels compared to urban areas. Suburbs experienced a higher velocity of sales, with a shorter time on the market, indicating higher competition.
  • Web Traffic: Zillow web traffic remained similar for each region compared to the previous year, with a slightly declining trend in suburban search traffic.
  • Regional Variations: The trends mentioned above may vary by region. In some of the most expensive markets like New York and San Francisco, urban housing demand softened compared to the surrounding suburbs.

However, it’s important to note that these trends are based on data from 2020, and the real estate market can be subject to fluctuations and changes.

#3 Contemplate the Commute

Before moving to the suburbs, you have to figure out the commute. Longer commutes are associated with a lower quality of life. Also, the daily cost of fueling your car is significant. Traffic jams bring overwhelming stress, boredom, isolation, anger, and frustration, leading to fatigue and anxiety. Psychology Today states that daily traffic contributes to high blood pressure, musculoskeletal issues, and reduced cognitive performance.

Person driving a car
Owning a car is often a must when relocating to the suburbs due to the higher commute times that come with living far from the city

In addition, consider that you might need to buy a car if you do not have one already. If you do own a vehicle, you must ask, is it reliable and capable of sitting in traffic during hot spells? Owning and maintaining a car is an additional cost that might make it less expensive to live in the city near your work because you will not have a car payment, insurance premiums, and parking expenses. If you don’t own a car, then rely on the expertise of local movers Los Angeles provides for a hassle-free move.

Owning a Car has Many Upsides

There is another aspect of car ownership that might prove to be rewarding to you regardless of the additional expense. If the city has had you on lockdown for a while, the freedom that comes with buying an automobile might provide a luxury that you really enjoy. There is a certain percentage of people that find the morning commute peaceful and cathartic.

It provides a way for them to catch up on the news, listen to an audiobook, laugh with the morning and afternoon drive-time jocks, or hear some peaceful tunes. Car owners also have the freedom to escape crowded public transportation and the entire world with a weekend road trip to an interesting place away of their choice. 

#4 Get Help from a Top-notch Real Estate Pro when Moving to the Suburbs

Each suburb should have a superb set of real estate agents that can provide you with all of the ins and outs of the community. They should be able to answer all your questions about the suburban area where they work on a regular basis and do it with expertise and integrity.

A dog in the suburbs
Your pets will greatly appreciate the newfound space in the suburbs!

Additionally, these knowledgeable real estate agents can also provide valuable recommendations for other services you might need during your move, such as the reliable packing services Los Angeles area has to offer. You need those so that your belongings are safely and efficiently packed and transported to your new home.

#5 Get a Top-Notch Education for Your Children

Suburban families do not mess around with the education of their kids. There are very high expectations of the community’s school districts. Unless your child attends an urban magnet school, they will typically receive a higher-rated education in communities outside of the city. In addition, there are more school programs and more money to support extracurricular activities. Finally, the student-to-teacher ratio is better in suburban areas.

#6 More Space to Grow

You will marvel at the amount of space you have to fill when you move from a city apartment to a suburban home. In fact, there might be so much floor and wall space that you will need to figure out ways to fill it with new furnishings and wall art. You will also have more space to work on projects, more rooms for your growing family, and the happiest resident in your home might be your dog, who will have additional space to explore and nestle, a yard to ramble through, and sidewalks that lead to new surprises.

But just in case you find yourself with an abundance of belongings and not enough time to arrange your new suburban home at once, you can always consider renting a storage unit in Los Angeles. Securely store your items there while slowly settling into your suburban lifestyle.

Mover helping moving to the suburbs
A move to the suburbs or any other part of the city can’t be done without reliable moving experts!

#7 Moving Professionals can Greatly Help You with Moving to the Suburbs

Once you have made the decision that suburban life is for you, the next step is hiring a mover. With elevators and steep stairs, busy streets, and limited parking, there is no better way to make your escape from the city than by finding a moving professional to remove all of the headaches and hassle.

Expert movers know the most efficient and effective ways to move your possessions from the city to the suburbs. For smooth and stress-free relocation to the suburbs, rely on the expertise of furniture movers Los Angeles recommends. They will handle the heavy lifting and transportation with care and precision.

A Move to the Suburbs Signifies a Great Change!

To sum it all up, moving to the suburbs brings about a refreshing change in one’s lifestyle. It offers a peaceful and family-friendly environment away from the hustle and bustle of city life. The suburbs provide a sense of community, where neighbors often know and support each other. With more space and quieter surroundings, there are opportunities for outdoor activities and a closer connection to nature.

The suburbs often offer excellent schools, parks, and amenities that cater to families. Embracing the change and the slower pace of suburban life can lead to a more relaxed and fulfilling lifestyle, making it a great choice for those seeking a positive and transformative move. Once you’re ready to move, contact your Los Angeles movers and start packing!

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