What makes Manhattan Beach a great option for millennials

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Manhattan Beach is one of the most unique places in Los Angeles, and it’s also one of its beaches. This place is known for its sandy beach which leaves anyone who visits it breathless. If you do it once, you’ll want to come back again. You must be wondering who lives here. This part of Los Angeles is a favorite for famous people and millennials who love comfort, luxury, and fun. If you also belong to the generation of millennials, and at the same time you are looking for a new place to live, then you should definitely think about Manhattan Beach. And if you decide, moving companies Los Angeles is at your disposal. So, now we’re going to reveal to you what makes Manhattan Beach a great option for millennials. Take a look!

Welcome to Manhattan Beach

Manhattan Beach is located in Los Angeles County, and is known as the “Pearl of LA’s South Bay.” This small community in South Bay is home to about 33,000 people who love the laid-back lifestyle, comfort, fun, and beach activities. This place is small but has everything you need. From schools and health institutions to parks, and shops in the city center, as well as sidewalks, bicycle paths, several hotels, cafes, and restaurants. This is exactly what millennials are looking for.

Manhattan Beach
Manhattan Beach is one of the most beautiful places in California.

The largest percentage of the population of Manhattan Beach is made up of people aged 30 to 65, but also children. Also, most people live in their homes, but this place offers you many options for renting. Also, Manhattan Beach is one of the more luxurious neighborhoods in Los Angeles County, where the average house price is around 2 million dollars. But the annual income of the household goes over 150,000 dollars. And this is one of the reasons why millennials should move here. Moving companies Manhattan Beach are at your disposal for any questions, but at the same time, they will help you with the move and reveal many more details about this place!

This is an ideal place for millennials who loves comfort, luxury, and a fun way of life

Given that millennials live a modern lifestyle, and that freedom is their second name, then Manhattan Beach can be a good option for them. Freedom, comfort, luxury, and fun are what the millennial generation is looking for. And if one place can offer them everything they are looking for, then that is their best option. The way of life of millennials is different from the way of life of other generations, and we can often call that difference a “clash of generations”. This is the most common occurrence if millennials live in a two-generation family environment. And in order to avoid that, they decide to look for a new place to live.

A person sitting on the stairs and talking on the phone
Millennials are looking for freedom and the possibility to work from peaceful places.

What is in trend today is “working from home” and this trend is most popular with the millennial generation. Working from home gives them the opportunity to live anywhere, as well as to work from any location that has internet. This is another reason that affects the road migration of millennials. Millennials usually look for places that offer them as much free space as possible, and what better place to do that than the beach? That is why people from other states in the USA move to Manhattan Beach. And long distance moving companies Los Angeles can confirm that for you. But they can also move you wherever you want.

What makes Manhattan Beach a great option for millennials?

Manhattan Beach is a small coastal town in California. What makes this city special are the beaches, not just for millennials, but for everyone. The beaches of Manhattan Beach are some of the most beautiful beaches in all of California. And why is this coastal city an ideal place for millennials? Because it offers them good weather and outdoor fun 365 days a year, lots of interesting things to do, as well as many more options for life and job. Also, this is one of the tourist spots in California that a large number of tourists visit yearly. And the reason for the visit is, of course, the beaches!

Outdoor activities that makes Manhattan Beach a great option for millennials.
Beaches, outdoor activities, and comfortable life makes Manhattan Beach a great option for millennials.

Manhattan Beach is located near several cities which can also be a good choice when looking for an ideal place to live. These are the cities of El Segundo, Hawthorne, Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach, and Torrance. Millennials really love nature, open space, and freedom. And also, their favorites are outdoor activities, as well as socializing with other people. Millennials often spend their day off at the beach with friends. And if you’re looking for the same, Manhattan Beach weather is on your side.

Affordable life means Manhattan Beach is a great choice for millennials

Millennials love luxury, that’s undeniable. The fact that real estate in Manhattan Beach is very expensive, as well as the fact that this place is home to famous people, make this place a luxury. Millennials here have the opportunity to live in luxury apartments and houses, but only if they are in an excellent financial situation. Also, millennials often change their minds. They would rather shell out $2,500 a month for a rented apartment than shell out $2 million for a house. Also, if you decide to rent an apartment, don’t worry about additional space. We offer you storage Los Angeles. You can use our storage services whenever you want.

The cost of living fits into any budget, and that’s what makes Manhattan Beach a great option for millennials.

Also, what makes Manhattan Beach an ideal option for millennials is the affordable cost of living. And that is very important to them, regardless of how much they earn. That is why we have singled out some of the basic living expenses:

  • Complete monthly expenses for one person amount to about $2,430
  • Rent and utilities costs are about $1,630
  • Food $568
  • Transportation can cost around $55 per month
  • Dinner in a restaurant is about $70
  • Utilities for one person are $72
  • Gas/Fuel is around $1.24 per liter.

Considering the favorable cost of living, Manhattan Beach can be classified as one of the best cities to live in California. The quality of life index is 68, which is very satisfactory, considering that it’s a small coastal town. Also, Manhattan Beach is often said to be “a big city in a small town”.

Job opportunities in Manhattan Beach

In general, Los Angeles County is a place that has a very stable and healthy economy in all of California. Given that the unemployment rate increased during the Covid 19 pandemic, is expected to fall by the end of 2023. Also, the employment rate increased by 4.6 percent in 2021 and will continue to increase. The high-tech industry, aviation, transport, and international trade are represented in Los Angeles County. But in addition, trade, media, and entertainment are important for the economy, because these activities make Los Angeles the world capital when it comes to fun content, entertainment, etc.

Business Meeting
Millennials and other people can expect very good business opportunities in Los Angeles County as well as in Manhattan Beach.

When we talk about Manhattan Beach, the unemployment rate in this coastal city is 6.6%, which is slightly above average. And the good news is that the labor market registered an increase of 0.7%. Also, for labor markets, an increase of up to 35.7% is expected. When it comes to business opportunities in Manhattan Beach, the largest number of people are employed in healthcare facilities at 10.6% of the population, while manufacturing is at around 11.5% of the population. In addition, about 8.5% of people deal with finance, while the largest percentage of the population, 18.5%, provides technical, scientific, and professional services.

So, Manhattan Beach offers great business opportunities, as well as plenty of options for millennials. And also, Manhattan beach is a very good place if you decide to move your company here. You will get economic support and a lot of clients and all of Los Angeles County. Also, if you decide for it, office movers Los Angeles are here and waiting for your call.

Manhattan Beach can be a great option for shopping

In the beginning, we said that there are many shops in this seaside town. Also, when we talk about shopping, did you know that today millennials make up the largest group of consumers? These people love shopping. For this reason, Manhattan Beach can be a good option for millennials. We will introduce you to some of the best places for shopping in Manhattan Beach.

  • Downtown Manhattan Beach. Just a few steps from the beach, there is a shopping center in this town and several excellent restaurants.
  • Farmer’s market. If you like to eat organic fruits and vegetables, walk to the market located near Matlock Plaza behind the Shade Hotel.
  • Manhattan Village. This is a place that has over 80 great stores, including Macy’s, Apple, and Mercado.
  • Boutiques on the beach. There are about 100 local shops here. Here you can find something for everyone’s taste. But there are also shops for children here.
Millennial eating pizza
Pizza is the favorite dish of the millennial generation.

Also, the restaurants in this seaside town must not be forgotten. Manhattan Beach is known as a “Food Lover’s Paradise”. Here you can find over 50 restaurants, and enjoy delicious specialties as well as seafood cuisine. In addition, here you can find Italian cuisine, and enjoy pasta, sandwiches, and pizza. Fast food is what millennials love, right? But there are also pr+ekare, pastry shops, and ice cream that you must try.

A lot of things to do is one of the main reasons that make Manhattan Beach a great option for millennials

This small seaside town located in the South Bay not far from LAX has become the perfect destination for millennials who love fun, adventure, and outdoor activities. If you want to spend the whole day outside, enjoying the sea, waves, and fine sand, then definitely start packing your suitcases. Also, if you decide to move here, you can always use moving services Los Angeles. Now, let’s see what fun Manhattan beach has to offer!

The first thing to do in Manhattan Beach is to stroll along the world-famous pier and take some perfect photos for your social networks. And after that, a visit to the aquarium is the next mandatory thing to do. After that, you can find your perfect place to enjoy or work on Manhattan Beach, which is 3.3 km long. This can become your daily secret vacation spot. On the beach, you can enjoy surfing or playing beach volleyball.

Beach volleyball as one of the activities that makes Manhattan Beach a great option for millennials
Beach volleyball is one of the main outdoor activities in Manhattan Beach.

There is also the Manhattan Beach Art Museum, as well as Polliwog Park. Polliwog Park is the largest park on Manhattan Beach, and here you can find golf courses, other sports fields, an amphitheater where public performances are regularly held, as well as the Manhattan Beach Botanical Garden, which is the main attraction. Another must-see location is the Manhattan Beach Botanical Garden. This is a modern theater where you can enjoy ballet. And after that, have fun at Sand Dune Park.

Is Manhattan Beach a good choice?

So, until now you have had the opportunity to get to know life on Manhattan Beach and to discover some special things about this coastal city. If you are looking for a new place to live, you need to take into account everything you have read so far and make a final decision. But be careful, because the decision to move is one of the most important life decisions. And for that reason, think twice. Also, considering the lifestyle and needs of millennials, Manhattan Beach is an ideal place for them, but not for those who like high temperatures. Consider carefully what makes Manhattan Beach a great option for millennials, and based on your needs and possibilities, make the final decision. Good luck!

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