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Moving is not only about hauling boxes and packing. There is a legal side of the story that has to do with your budget and the moving contract as well. It can be complicated from time to time and it is understandable if you need an explanation regarding some of the topics tied to moving legalities. For example, many people do not know what a binding estimate is and what is used for. So, today, next to packing and searching for apartment movers Los Angeles, we will explain what binding estimates are. Let’s make your relocation less confusing.

What is a binding estimate?

Commonly known as a moving quote, a moving estimate is provided by the movers downtown Los Angeles in order to create a safe, affordable, and pleasant moving experience. The goal is to reach the estimated moving price and at the same time realize the complexity of the move. After the evaluation is completed, your movers will present you with the moving estimates. In laymen’s terms, it is the services movers will provide and how much they will cost. Also, you will be provided with the terms of use, safety standards, a list of prohibited items, etc. Once you have your quote, you can work on your moving budget and create the relocation plan that you are most comfortable with.

a person handing a document to another person
A binding estimate is a legal document inside your moving contract. it holds all the information about your moving price and the services you have purchased.

How can you obtain a binding estimate?

You can obtain a moving quote online, via the phone, or on-site. So, after you inspect your household and note down all furniture and belongings, you will contact your residential movers. Or if you are moving a business with you as well, you will hire commercial movers Los Angeles. Whatever the case might be, they all must evaluate your situation and realize the complexity of the relocation. After your movers complete the survey, they will provide you with the binding estimate or non-binding one.

How does it work?

Out of all quotes and estimates out there, the binding estimate is the easiest one to understand. In one word, it is how much you’ll pay for the service. The word binding is there to tell you that the final price can’t be changed. What you shake on that is what you will get. And before you do, you should talk with your movers about the payment method or any additional services you are thinking about adding later. Make everything nice and clear so both sides can easily follow the moving contract and honor their part of the deal. Lastly, estimates come in writing so you should have a hard copy and make sure to create another copy of it. You never know what can happen.

a woman using her credit card
Do not forget to ask your movers about the payment method. It should be listed on your estimates as well.

What would be your best option?

Now, the choice is entirely up to you. You can choose to obtain a binding estimate and the moving price will be set in stone. Or you can leave it as a non-binding option so you can add an additional moving service along the way. Lastly, there is a binding not-to-exceed estimate as well. Basically, you will agree upon service and in case your cargo is heavier than usual or you add more to it, you will pay extra. There are several options when it comes to moving quotes. But the binding one is the best because you make your deal at the beginning and stick to it. This way you are sure your movers won’t charge you extra in the end.

So, once your movers Burbank CA provide the raw calculation you should check your budget, crunch the numbers, and think about it for a while. You do not have to give them a straight answer right away. You can call them tomorrow or the day after with your final decision. Just keep in mind that reputable companies are booked well in advance. This means you must choose a date at least a month upfront and if you already have a nice deal, you shouldn’t wait for too long.

Find reliable professional movers

The most important thing in the entire story is to hire a reliable and professional Royal Moving & Storage Inc CA company. If you do so, you will significantly lower the chances of moving mishaps, frauds, and unforeseen issues. Therefore, sit down and browse the internet until you find the company that suits you the most. Ensure your company is licensed and with all the tools to operate. More importantly, they must follow all safety standards tied to the moving industry. Just implement your search criteria to narrow your choices down a bit. Once you have a few companies in front of you, start calling them until you find the one for you. Make sure the companies you call have the following:

  • Tool and equipment.
  • Knowledge, experience, and a good reputation.
  • Moving insurance.
  • All moving services you need.
  • Competitive prices.
  • Licenses and permits to operate.
mover working on providing binding estimate
Find a trustworthy moving company and let them inspect your cargo and provide a precise moving quote.

We are sure you will find a match within an hour. As long as you are patient and thorough with your search, you shouldn’t have any problems. A good local moving company is just around the corner. Find it and secure yourself a safe and pleasant relocation.

You can’t hire movers without a moving contract

In the end, we must stress the importance of having a moving contract. No matter what kind of moving quote you agree upon, you must have it all written down on a legal piece of paper. This way you will avoid moving scams and have all the information always listed and easily accessible. On the contract, you will have your costs, services, contact info, and all the information about the locations and transportation.

Also, if you are purchasing moving insurance, it should be added to the contract as well. The same goes for all additional services or special requests. All in all, your moving contract will bring you security and safety. You can be sure you won’t be scammed or something similar. Just make sure to read it a couple of times and understand the content. If you are still unsure, consult a legal body or someone who is more familiar with the subject.

Now you know what the binding estimate is. As you can see, it is easy to understand as long as you communicate clearly with your moving representative. Do so and obtain the estimate most suitable to your moving budget. Good luck.

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