The perks of living in Huntington Beach

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When looking for a place to move to, you need to take a lot of factors into consideration. This is not an easy decision to make, and anyone going through this process needs assistance. That is why professional moving help Los Angeles boasts of provided by Royal Moving & Storage Inc is here to assist you with choosing the best place for yourself and your family. One of the best moving companies in California has been all over the state and can inform you about local towns. If you wish to learn more about the perks of living in Huntington Beach, read the following guideline.

Huntington Beach

This coastal town is located in Orange County, southeast of Los Angeles. It boasts 10 miles of long and wide sandy beaches, which are a mecca for surfers and family outdoor activities. It is the most populous beach city in Orange County, with just under 200,000 inhabitants. Downtown Los Angeles is 35 miles away, so the residents of Huntington Beach can experience all big-city advantages on a daily basis.

a town in Orange County
Huntington Beach is a part of Orange County, a very famous and picturesque part of LA

The perks of living in Huntington Beach

Before choosing the best residential movers Los Angeles has to conduct your relocation, you should learn all about the advantages of living in Huntington Beach. This seaside town has many positive features, and it is recommended to look further into each one:

  • sun, sea, and beach
  • low cost of living
  • great education
  • proximity to a big city
  • safety

Sun, sea, and beach

Probably the greatest advantage of Huntington Beach is its long stretch of sandy coast. This town greets over 3 million visitors every year with a great climate, perfect weather, and long summers. It is home to one of the longest piers on the West Coast – Huntington Beach Pier. There are many outdoor activities that you can practice here – hiking, biking, surfing, kayaking, and picnicking. There is even the International Surfing Museum, making this town an even more ideal destination for surfers worldwide. Many resorts and spas located here are a great chance to unwind after a long day. The weather is one of the most comfortable in the United States, as winters are warm and summers are not very hot.

two surfers talking about the perks of living in Huntington Beach
Huntington Beach is famous as Surf City USA, and it is truly a fantastic place for water activities and sports

Low cost of living

Apart from great weather and lifestyle, Huntington Beach boasts a low unemployment rate. The quality of life is very high, and the cost of living is low – lower than the national average and other towns in California. Housing, groceries, utilities, education, and healthcare are affordable compared to the rest of the state. The residents of Huntington Beach are overall satisfied with the quality of life, which makes the livability score of this town above average. There are also some great local service providers, such as one of the best moving companies Huntington Beach offers.

Great education

If someone is looking to move with a family, the quality of local schools is one of the key factors to consider in choosing a place to live. The schools in Huntington Beach offer a safe environment for students, a diverse curriculum, a lot of investment by the local government, and many other essential factors. The town has 35 elementary schools and 5 high schools, while major universities are located across the LA area. This family-friendly community has a lot of perks, and good education is one of them.

Proximity to a big city

It takes approximately around 40 minutes to drive from Huntington Beach to Los Angeles, which is 36 miles away. The same amount of time is necessary to reach Los Angeles International Airport. Living close to a city like Los Angeles gives you endless opportunities and a chance to visit places like Hollywood, Santa Monica, Catalina Island, Beverly Hills, and many more. You can take part in a live taping of your favorite TV shows and have a tour of famous movie star villas. Not to mention the numerous job and educational opportunities that LA offers.

a street in Venice Beach LA
One of the main perks of living in Huntington Beach is the proximity to Los Angeles


When looking for a place to live, the safety parameters are of great importance, whether you are moving alone or with a family. If you are moving from afar to Huntington Beach and are not familiar with the area, make sure that long distance movers LA trusts will assist you with your relocation. However, when it comes to finding out how safe this place is, this is something you would have to find out through your own research. Huntington Beach is family-friendly and a very safe place to live. The crime rate in Huntington Beach is lower than the national average and lower than the state average. Therefore, if safety is the number one on your priority list when choosing a place to move to, rest assured that this California city meets your standards.

California dream come true

If you choose Huntington Beach as a new home, then all your dreams of California will come true. This is the perfect place to experience the real Californian beach lifestyle – diverse cuisine, water activities, and vibrant nightlife make this place alive all year round. And despite a large number of its residents, the town maintains a small-town vibe. And if you need more information about the services and amenities the town offers, read the Orange County community guide and find out all you need.

The importance of hiring reliable movers

When looking for a place to live, bear in mind that a DIY relocation may not be the right choice. If you take the services of a professional moving company, your whole moving process will be much easier. Professional movers, like Royal Moving and Storage, have the adequate tools, skills, equipment, vehicles, and know-how to cater to your type of relocation. When exploring the perks of living in Huntington Beach, remember that great local services are also important to keep the quality of everyday life on a high level.






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