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If you waited until the last minute to find help on moving day, or your friends bailed on you at the last minute, you should immediately call Royal Moving if you are in the Los Angeles area to see if they can get you the help you require for a smooth transition into your new home.

If you simply waited too long to get help, and Royal Moving or your favorite local moving professional isn’t available at the last minute, there are other options available, and you will want to get right to the task of finding a few more hands to get you and your belongings across town.

First, with late minute decisions, you are putting yourself at risk for a bad experience because research is required to make sure that you find an efficient moving company with high ratings and positive reviews, as well as all of the proper insurance to make sure that your possessions are covered against damage and loss.

Taking the route to finding help at the last minute is never recommended, but if your lease is up, and your options are limited, take the following steps to get the help you need. There are choices available for most situations. The three main things that you need to consider are your needs for a maid service, the size of the move, and whether you need help packing.

1) Get Things Done Around the House

There are numerous things that you might need to get done at the last minute that do not involve the move itself. You might need to hire a handyman to fix any repairs that will keep you from getting your deposit back. You might need to have items dissembled or boxes packed. The TaskRabbit app can offer assistance in getting all of these things done at the last minute.

The process begins by creating an account and describing the task you need accomplished. TaskRabbit will then provide you with a list of folks who are qualified to meet your needs. The fully vetted assistants having varying hourly rates. Once you choose a favorite, you can chat with them right in the app to assure they can provide the service you need at the time that you need them.

2) The Move Anything App

Most moving apps work in roughly the same way, and Dolly is one of the best options. Dolly does a background check on their helpers, who arrive on your moving day with pickup trucks, vans, and large SUVs. Their specialty is “micro-moves” within the city, and they do have commercial insurance.  

When you sign into the app and create an account, you can begin your request to find help. The app will ask you how many items you wish to move. “An item
is “one thing” requiring “one trip” to the vehicle. A mattress is one item, a bed frame is one item, one big box is one item, and two-to-three small boxes is one item. You get the picture. In the end, you will provide the number of “trips” to the vehicle that you require, and if you plan to help carry items. If you do, it will reduce the trips to the vehicle and the overall price.

In the end, you can choose to either have your possessions dropped off in the driveway or in front of the apartment, or the option to have the helpers bring everything into the residence. There is a discount to have your belongings dropped outside. Dolly claims that your requested helpers will arrive at the “exact” time you specify instead of within a “four-hour” window.

3) Move Anything with the Push of a Button

Lugg provides the option to schedule a move within minutes by hiring two “strong movers”. The movers are licensed and insured, and Lugg proclaims that your move is backed by a multi-million dollar insurance policy.

If you are moving a few boxes, Lugg will send a pickup, or a van if you are moving a room that includes boxes and some furniture. If you intend to move your entire apartment of small office, Lugg even has helpers on loan who can bring a vehicle larger than a cargo van.

Lugg does not offer a packing service and will not disassemble your items, so these things must be done before the helpers arrive, or you may run into some issues. The service is only available in larger cities in California and Washington. If you are moving at the last minute and Royal Moving is not an option, Lugg is available in Los Angeles.

4) Everything is Better with the Help of a Buddy

BuddyTruk has a simplistic design to their service, which might be exactly what you need at the last minute. The pricing is based on time and distance. Each mile is $1 and each minute is $1 with an additional $2 cargo safety fee. After you determine if the service is something you can afford, you take a picture of the items you need moved, and you will be matched with a “buddy” who will provide you with a local delivery service to wherever you need your items to go.

The service is available in four cities, including Los Angeles. Vehicles are inspected, there is a $1 million liability insurance plan, and drivers are screened through a DMV review and background check.

5) Your Friend with a Truck

If you are really in a pinch, GoShare claims that they can deliver you help in less than an hour, and you can track your move in real time. The process begins by entering the “pickup” and “drop” address, then you choose the vehicle you need. The vehicle options include a small pickup, a large pickup truck, a cargo van, or a box truck. Once you describe the delivery that you need, you will receive an estimate. This service is not for a big move like a three-bedroom house. While they will move furniture and boxes, they are not a full service mover. The service is currently available in nine cities, and Los Angeles is one of them.

If you have a room to move, they will do the work for you, but do not expect the same expertise, professionalism, and efficiency that you will receive with Royal Moving. The same can be said for any of the moving app options that have been discussed. You just won’t get the same top-notch experience with them as you would with Royal Moving.

6) The Handy Experience

It is very possible that if you are moving without preparation that you did not consider that you will need a clean apartment or rental home to get your deposit back from your landlord. “Handy” allows you to hire a cleaner with the tap on your phone. The unreliable and sketchy world of maid services and cleaning agencies is put in its place with a great website and app that allow you to get a next day cleaning service within 60 seconds.

Plan your cleaning for the minute that your last bit of belongings is removed from your old residence, and a screened freelance home cleaner will arrive to clean up your mess and help you get your deposit back.

Handy provides you with a money back guarantee, and will cover the costs of damaged items that occur during the cleaning. The Handy founders claim that it is harder to get into Harvard than to become a Handy freelancer. Out of the hundreds of thousands of applicants, only three percent have been accepted by the cleaning service app.

7) Store Your Stuff

Sometimes, you have to get out quickly with no place to go. You can easily get a few nights in a hotel or stay at a friends or a family member’s place, but what do you do with your possessions? You can contact Clutter. In the Orange County area and other spots in the United States, Clutter will pack your belongings, pick up your belongings, and store your items until you find a permanent residence. Once you find a spot to settle, Clutter will deliver your items to the doorstep of you new home.

Your Best Bet is Royal Moving and Storage

Royal Moving is the #1 mover in Los Angeles, and you would be doing a disservice to yourself to not give them a ring first when you need assistance with moving, even if it is a last minute or emergency move. Royal does local moveslong distance moves, and commercial moves of any size. They also rent plastic containers for packing, which they deliver before the move and pick up upon completion. In addition, they provide “labor-only” services and storage options.

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