7 Ways to Hire Help in a Pinch when Moving

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Moving needs a lot of planning, but sometimes you just do not have enough time. It may happen that you waited until the last moment to find help on moving day, or your friends bailed on you at the last minute. Either way, you should hire help in a pinch when moving. Ideally, you would immediately call reputable movers in the Los Angeles area to see if they can get you the help you require for a smooth transition into your new home. Professionals will surely help you with your last-minute relocation. However, Royal Moving & Storage Inc CA team will present you with other ways to hire help in a pinch when transferring to your new destination!

Last-Minute Moving Made Easy

Looking for last-minute movers can be extremely stressful. No matter if you want to hire long-distance or local movers Los Angeles offers, an emergency move is tough. That is why we present you with the ways that will help you in this particular situation:

  • Get things done around the house
  • Utilize the moving apps
  • Gather adequate packing supplies
  • Pack room by room
  • GoShare solutions
  • Hiring cleaners
  • Storing your belongings

#1 Getting Things Done Around the House

There are numerous things that you might need to get done at the last minute that do not involve the move itself. You might need to hire a handyman to fix any repairs that will keep you from getting your deposit back. Gathering your belongings and sorting them out is also something you need to take care of. As soon as you do that, dispose of excess by donating belongings in good condition to various charity organizations.

A woman sitting in front of boxes.
Gather your belongings and sort them out or hire help in a pinch when moving.

#2 Use the Moving Apps

Most moving apps work in roughly the same way, and Dolly is one of the best options. Dolly does a background check on their helpers, who arrive on your moving day with pickup trucks, vans, and large SUVs. Their specialty is “micro-moves” within the city, and they do have commercial insurance.  You might also want to check some residential movers Los Angeles trusts that will provide assistance. The option you choose depends on your needs. In the end, you can choose to either have your possessions dropped off in the driveway or in front of the apartment or the option to have the helpers bring everything into the residence.

#3 Gathering the Essential Supplies

Even for last-minute moves, you have to acquire the right packing materials. Since you won’t have that much time to check for those supplies within your home, make sure to gather them in one place. Look for cardboard boxes in different sizes, packing tape, a dolly, and bubble bags. You want to make sure your items are safely packed and prepared for the move. Otherwise, make sure to book a packing service Los Angeles residents recommend. Packing bulky items requires experts for completion, as you can easily get injured.

#4 Pack Like a Pro, or Hire Help in a Pinch When Moving

You want to do this smoothly and fast as you can because of the time frame. Sure, you are going to be stressed and overwhelmed because of the whole relocation. But you have to stay focused and organized in these kind of situations. Going room by room will help you deal with tasks quicker. That way, your trustworthy movers will only have to pick up the boxes and bags and load them into the truck. Label your boxes so the movers know where to assign those when unpacking.

Person wrapping items is a way to hire help in a pinch when moving
Gather the right packing supplies for your move and secure your belongings.

#5 Streamline Your Move with GoShare

If you really need to hire help in a pinch when moving, GoShare claims that they can deliver you help in less than an hour, and you can track your relocation in real-time. The process begins by entering the “pickup” and “drop” addresses; then, you choose the vehicle you need. The vehicle options include a small pickup, a large pickup truck, a cargo van, or a box truck.

Once you describe the delivery that you need, you will receive an estimate. This service is not for a big move like a three-bedroom house. It is currently available in nine cities, and Los Angeles is one of them. While they will move furniture and boxes, they are not reputable full-service furniture movers Los Angeles trusts.

#6 Try the Handy Experience

It is possible that if you are moving without preparation, you did not consider that you will need a clean apartment or rental home to get your deposit back from your landlord. “Handy” allows you to hire a cleaner with a tap on your phone.

The unreliable and sketchy world of maid services and cleaning agencies is put in its place with a great website and app that allow you to get a next-day cleaning service within 60 seconds. Plan your cleaning for the minute that your last bit of belongings is removed from your old residence, and a screened freelance home cleaner will arrive to clean up your mess and help you get your deposit back.

Cleaners in orange uniforms are a way to hire help in a pinch when moving.
Hire a professional cleaning service and get your deposit back.

#7 Store Your Stuff Safely

Sometimes, you have to get out quickly with no place to go. You can easily get a few nights in a hotel or stay at a friend’s or a family member’s place, but what do you do with your possessions? You’d want to check storage Los Angeles solutions to put your items in, at least, until you can arrange for their transportation and sort your things out.

Embrace Ease and Efficiency: The Power of Hiring Help for a Seamless Move

Nobody likes a last-minute move,  but when it happens, you need to act fast. Hire help in a pinch when moving is crucial to have a smooth and stress-free relocation. We presented you with a couple of ways that will help you deal with this particular situation. Make use of all those info and prepare for your last-minute move the right way. After you’re done with it, you can finally enjoy your new home and begin a new chapter.

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