Organizing Your Donations before You Move and the Best Places to Take Them

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As you prepare to move, sorting out and organizing your donations is something you should focus on. Not only will you have less to pack, but your move will cost less if there are fewer possessions to put on the truck. So, take a look at the guide Royal Moving & Storage Inc CA team has prepared and explore all these options in detail!

Organizing Your Donations: The Power is in Preparation

As you begin the process of downsizing, you will want to create piles of possessions according to where those belongings are headed next. You will have a pile for “donating”, a pile for “selling”, a pile for “recycling or trashing”, and another pile for “keeping”. That way, you will exactly know which items should go with your LA local movers that will handle your relocation.

Keep in mind that not every unwanted item that you currently possess is something that should be donated, so that is the reason why there is a pile for recycling or trash. Items that are ripped, stained, or broken need to be permanently evacuated from your life. Items that you believe are unusable or cannot be repaired are not usable to anyone.

Boxes labeled keep, donate, trash.
Sort out your belongings in different categories.

Before you finish the process of donation, you will want to consider that you might have more items to donate after you have a garage sale or yard sale or once you determine that the items you listed online are not going to sell before the move.

There is no “Maybe” When Downsizing

As you downsize and put items into piles, sift through one room or area at a time. Try not to do all of the organizing in one day, or you might become burned out by the process. Create a schedule, and spend a few hours at a time going through the spaces in your home. Start with the areas in your home that are the least used, starting with your garage, basement, and spare rooms, and then move through the rooms that you use the most. Your moving services Los Angeles provider will have fewer items to load up their trucks. This will save you and them plenty of time when uploading and unloading the truck at your new location.

In any downsizing situation, never create a “maybe” pile. There are no open-ended decisions in this situation because creating another pile will convolute the process, consumes more time, and make things more difficult in the end. Items stay, or they go. This is called the OHIO rule: “Only Handle It Once”. Use a two-year rule to determine what to donate or sell. If it has been two years since you used the item last, remove the item from your life.

Where to Bring Your Organized Donations

As soon as you are done sorting out your items and organizing your donations, you should also make sure to get rid of those unwanted possessions. So your apartment movers Los Angeles can pick up your things and relocate them to your new location. Here are some of the places you can bring your donations:

  • Non-profit stores
  • Libraries
  • Public schools
  • Homeless shelters
  • The “Donation Pile”

The Non-Profit Stores

There are many nonprofit stores that take unwanted items and sell them to the public. That way, they make money to serve their causes and support the community at large. These places will take your clothing, furniture, bedding, kitchen supplies, toys, and electronics.

The Goodwill Store organizing your donations.
You help create opportunities for people in your community to build job skills and find jobs when organizing your donations properly

Here are some nonprofit store options:

  • Goodwill. By donating your furniture to Goodwill, you help create opportunities for people in your community to build job skills and find jobs. You can hire furniture movers in LA for this job. The individuals you are helping include military families, single parents, and homeless people
  • Salvation Army. If you donate your furniture to the Salvation Army, you will help support their rehabilitation programs that focus on addiction treatment.
  • Habitat. The ReStores accept any kind of donation, from furniture and appliances to housewares and building materials.


Your local library will often take donated used books. And even if they don’t take your books, they will offer places that need them. Those places include local literary groups that are run by library services, sister libraries in rural areas, and other locations that are not as well equipped or funded as the libraries in the city. In some cases, your local library will find homes for your magazine collection as well.

Public Schools

Not all schools are well equipped with adequate books and school supplies, so ask the schools in your area if they have any use for your used books and supplies. Magazines are also welcome because they can be used for crafts as long as they are age-appropriate. Office supplies in the form of copying paper, slightly used colored pencils, and crayons are also welcome in many cases.

Homeless Shelters

Shelters mostly need household items like bedding and clothing. Many of them also have in-house libraries; therefore, they often take used books and magazines. Usually, they will also take working computers and electronics.

A man holding a stack of books.
Libraries will gladly accept all your books in good condition as well as your well-kept magazine collection.

The “Donation Pile”

Once you have a pile of things that you wish to donate, you will want to organize the items further, depending on where the belonging will be sent. Some charity organizations will come to your house and pick up your donations. So once you decide where you want them to go, ask if there is an option to pick up the items. Especially if you have a large amount that will be difficult to load and unload. Charity organizations often have big trucks and staff members who will gladly take the items from your driveway before your residential movers in LA come to take the rest to your new home.

Streamlining Your Generosity: Smart Donations and Ideal Destinations

Organizing your donations before you move can make a significant difference in the impact they have on others. So, take the time to sort and categorize your items. You will ensure that they reach those in need efficiently, maximizing their potential to bring about positive change. Additionally, identifying the best places to take your donations ensures that they go to organizations or individuals who can benefit from them the most.

Whether it’s donating clothing to a local shelter or providing household items to a charity that supports families in need, your thoughtful approach can make a world of difference. So, as you prepare for your move with trustworthy movers, consider the power of managing your donations and giving them to the right places, as your generosity can truly change lives.

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