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Whether you are a young professional looking for opportunities, a parent looking for a future family home, or just in need of a change, San Fernando Valley will surely make the list of places for you to check out. With its rich history and vivacious atmosphere, the city has been attracting newcomers from all over the country. Professionals from Royal Moving Company recently had their hands and trucks full due to the high demand for San Fernando Valley relocation. If this city is one of the places you are considering moving to, you may want to know the reasons why people move to San Fernando Valley. And we can show you some of the most popular ones.

What makes San Fernando Valley a great living place?

Popularly known as “The Valley”, San Fernando Valley has a glittering lifestyle which makes it attractive to numerous people. Being the home of some of the most famous film studios in the business, like Disney and Warner Brothers and with Hollywood close by, The Valley is a place many people dream about. In fact, it is one of the cities with the most diversity. Many people relocate here in hope of having their dreams come true. But besides aspirations of a career in the film industry, there are many more reasons why people hire movers San Fernando Valley to relocate here. Some of them are:

  • Affordability of homes – Of all the cities that surround Los Angeles, The Valley has the best real estate prices
  • Beautiful weather – might be one of the most common reasons why people move to the San Fernando Valley
  • Many activity options – outdoors or indoors, The Valley has you covered for all kinds of activities

There are many options for finding a home in San Fernando Valley

Surprising as it may be, San Fernando Valley has the most affordable real estate prices of all the cities that surround Los Angeles. However, we should take into account that the more people want to move here, the higher the prices will be. Of course, the price will depend on the size, neighborhood, and style of your home as well as whether you are looking to rent or buy. There are many beautifully designed homes you can choose from. Some of the most popular ones are ranch homes and mid-century modern and many people select these styles.

beautiful houses are among the reasons why people move to San Fernando Valley
You have many options when it comes to choosing places to live in The Valley.

Roughly estimated, the price of homes in The Valley is $850,000 or $520 per square foot. So, before hiring apartment movers Los Angles, consider that The Valley’s home market is a seller market since the number of buyers surpasses the number of available homes for sale. We advise you to check all the information about your future home thoroughly before moving.

Dream–like weather is one of the reasons why people move to the San Fernando Valley

Most people view The Valley’s weather as perfect. It is warm and sunny most of the year. You can even feel the warmth early in the morning or late in the evening, which makes it perfect for walks or exercise during this time of the day. However, summer heat waves might be difficult for some to endure. We advise you get an air-condition or some friends who have an indoor pool to cool down during this period.

There are many things to do in The Valley

The city is also surrounded by many mountains, and the residents are big fans of hiking. There are numerous beautiful hiking trails like Chatsworth Park and Griffith Park where you can witness beautiful scenery and rest or have a picnic. If you are more of a beach-type person, the Malibu beach, Santa Monica, and many more are just a half-an-hour drive away.

woman on the beach
The most beautiful beaches are just a drive away!

Restaurants & Shopping options are one of the reasons why people move to the San Fernando Valley

How much we enjoy living in a place depends a lot on the accessibility we have to things we love doing. And if you love having dinners and lunches at quality restaurants and have many shopping options, you should know whether this will be available near you. Luckily, San Fernando Valley has many options when it comes to dining and shopping. It is safe to say that The Valley has the best local Mexican Restaurants. Just visit Graciana Mexican restaurant or El Abuelo restaurant and you’ll know what we are talking about.

table in a restaurant
One of the reasons people move to San Fernando Valley is an array of options for dining and shopping.

As for shopping options, you can have a look at some of the leading shopping malls. You may appreciate Sherman Oaks Galleria or Burbank Town Center. And if that’s not enough to make sure you hire furniture movers Los Angeles to help you set up your new home here, there are numerous boutiques along Ventura Boulevard. That’s 17 miles of shops to be exact.

Museums to visit in The Valley

If you are someone who highly values culture, you’re in for a treat! San Fernando Valley offers you tours of cultural gems like The Museum of the San Fernando Valley, San Fernando Mission, and Nethercutt Museum. The last one probably has the most interesting content. You can see a collection of vintage cars from 1898 to 1997 as well as trains, musical instruments, and furniture. A fun fact about this museum – it was named after Merle Nethercutt Norman, the owner of the company you know today as Merle Norman Cosmetics.

Additional advice when it comes to reasons why people move to the San Fernando Valley

Although there are many reasons why people move to San Fernando Valley, traffic is not one of them. Local transportation is not developed enough, so you must have a car if you wish to move freely. Also, keep in mind that San Fernando Valley has a very good connection to surrounding places by big freeways. Therefore, traffic jams are an everyday situation.

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