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We all know that packing is a time-consuming task. It takes time and a lot of planning. The kitchen is an essential part of every home, and naturally, one of the hardest rooms to pack. A lot of people look for moving services Los Angeles to help them with this task. There are a lot of small, fragile heavy items that require additional attention and specialty boxes. So, before you start packing your kitchen, you need to have a clear plan on where and how to start. And not only that – you need to pack your kitchen in a way that will make the unpacking process a breeze!

Before packing your kitchen – declutter!

The most important step before packing your kitchen is to declutter it. We tend to keep a lot of items that don’t have a purpose anymore. A lot of damaged pans, plates, and glasses are probably still in your kitchen. If you didn’t use the items in more than a year it would be wise to either donate them or throw them away. We know that it can be hard to let go of some items because there is that little voice that always tells you “You might need them one day”. But trust us, if you didn’t use it in the previous year –  chances that you will use it are small.

kitchen full of items ready for packing your kitchen
Decluttering your kitchen will make packing and moving your kitchen easier

Once you are done decluttering, you can start searching for a packing service Los Angeles or you can pack everything on your own. The choice is yours and it depends on your moving budget, the difficulty of packing and what is the type of your relocation is. If you are moving long-distance it might be wise to let professionals handle all those fragile items.

Create an inventory list

A wise thing to do before packing your kitchen for a move from LA is to create an inventory list. Once you are done with the decluttering process, you can write down what you plan to move and pack with you from LA, and start making a plan. Estimate how many boxes you might need, estimate the time you will need to pack, etc. You should know all of those things before you look for moving companies Los Angeles, so you can give them accurate information when you ask for a moving quote. If you know how many items you plan to relocate – you will get a more accurate price.

You need to gather packing materials before you pack your kitchen for a move from LA

People often underestimate how many boxes they will need to pack the kitchen for the relocation. It is much better to get enough boxes than to end up in the middle of the process without boxes. You will need a lot of boxes in different sizes. So make sure to have different boxes in different sizes. Also get enough packing tape, as well as labeling markers. If you want to ensure the safety of your fragile items, get packing peanuts, plastic wrap, and dividers that are used for fragile and heavy items.

moving box with packing peanuts
You will need a lot of different boxes to pack your kitchen

You will need essentials

When you start to pack your kitchen, don’t forget to leave some essentials. When you pack your kitchen you will need a plate, a cup, forks, knives. Also, leave a bowl or two. Basically, leave enough items for a day or two until residential movers Los Angeles come and pick up your boxes. Also leave a dish soap, towel – essentials that you might need to clean essentials that you didn’t pack. And of course, you can leave a coffee maker until the moving day is here. Of course, leave enough place in your moving boxes to pack it safely.

It is important to start somewhere!

We know how overwhelming it can feel when you start packing your kitchen. The best thing that you could do is to clean all the surfaces, so you can lay boxes, packing paper, plastic wrap and start packing one cupboard at a time. It is important to start somewhere. And after that, the whole packing process will be much easier.

Pots and pans

For pots and pans, you will need a large or maybe a medium box. The best way to pack them is to stack them from the larger ones to the small ones. That way, they will be sure and there won’t be any damage. Also, you will have space as well. But remember that you need to secure them in the box by stuffing them with paper, packing peanuts, or dish towels. When it comes to their lids, make sure to secure them especially if they are made from glass. You can pack them around pots and pans, or even better you can pack them in a separate box.

pots and pans on the wall
Be careful how you pack your pots and pans

Glasses and plates

The best way to pack glasses and plates is to use specialty dividers that will ensure their safety. Place them in a box, and start packing your fragile items. Packing your plates and glasses will take time. Although, it is important to note that you still need to wrap them separately to prevent any possible damage. Also, when it comes to plates you can wrap them in plastic wrap and ensure that they won’t move around. Of course, you really should avoid putting anything else in the boxes whit fragile items. They can not endure a lot of additional weight.

Before you pack your kitchen know that appliances will take time

The best scenario when it comes to packing appliances is if you have their original boxes. But even if you don’t – don’t worry. Every one of many long distance moving companies Los Angeles will tell you that the best way to move appliances is to either hire professionals or follow the instructions from the manuals. Packing your kitchen and moving big kitchen appliances can be challenging, and it takes certain knowledge. Also, moving larger appliances means that you need to prepare them for moving by unplugging them, removing hoses if there are any, and securing doors so they won’t open during the transport. It is important to wrap them as well, and when it comes to smaller appliances – to ensure they can’t move in the box.

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