Moving to Alhambra: Important facts to help you prepare

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Moving will bring you a new experience, many changes, and a lot of work. You can always rely on moving companies Los Angeles trusts to help you move smoothly. Also, one more thing that will help you prepare for this big step is getting to know your new city. And in most cases, this is the most important part of preparing for your move. In this short guide, we will pay the greatest attention to exactly that. If you do your research and hire professionals moving to Alhambra will be easy. Now let’s see all you need to know about this place before you relocate. Let’s get started!

Things you should know before moving to Alhambra

You have probably already heard several times that moving is a very demanding and tiring job. It requires a lot of effort, work, and time. What is really important is to be well-prepared for this big step in your life and to plan everything well. The fact that can really help you during your moving to Alhambra is that everything must be planned down to the smallest detail. And that’s what all long distance moving companies Los Angeles offers can help you with.

couple packing before moving to Alhambra
With good organization and real professionals by your side, you will overcome every challenge that moving to Alhambra can bring you!

Now we’ll present you with a few important facts that will help you:

  • Choose the appropriate time for your move, according to favourable weather conditions. Summers in Alhambra are short, while winters are long and very cold. So, choosing a period between these two seasons would be best.
  • Find trusted and proven moving companies Alhambra offers to whom you can entrust the entire process of your move.
  • Find a new home and ensure everything is ready for the move. In Alhambra, you have the possibility to rent an apartment or buy a house. Rent prices are around $1,400, while house prices are around $630,000.
  • Make a detailed moving plan and organize your time. This is the only way to successfully complete all preparations for your move. Of course, with the assistance of professionals.

We hope that you have understood what awaits you in the process of your move and that organization is one of the most important things. But there is one more important thing: learning important facts about your new city. So, let’s meet Alhambra!

Welcome to Alhambra!

If you are looking for a peaceful environment and a safe and affordable place to live, you should consider Alhambra. This city is located in the San Gabriel Valley and has about 87,000 residents. It’s home to many families, pensioners, and young people. When we talk about residents, the most represented generation here is the 65+ generation (19%), the 25-35-year-old generation (16%), and the 45- to 54-year-old generation (14%). And what attracts new residents are highly rated schools and a large selection of housing options.

One of the advantages of Alhambra is that it’s only 8 miles from Los Angles, which makes it possible to visit the city of Angel every day. Also another interesting fact is that this city got its name from “The Tale of the Alhambra” by Washington Irving. This culturally diverse town is home to many international companies engaged in international trade, which contributes to the healthy economy of this city.

Alhambra city
Alhambra is a very diverse city with exceptional architecture.

We mentioned that in Alhambra, there are many housing options. Real estate prices can’t be said to be favourable, but they are somewhat affordable. What is characteristic of this city is that different styles of housing are represented here. Some of them are Art Deco, Mid-Century Modern, Craftsman, and Spanish. They are also mostly single-family houses. But also you will be able to find apartments for rent at more affordable prices. Of course, don’t worry about extra space because storage Los Angeles is at your disposal. Storage is the ideal solution when you need some extra space for your items, whether it’s moving or in some other situation.

Interesting facts about Alhambra

Interesting facts about Alhambra will help you prepare even better for moving to this somewhat unusual city. If you remember everything after the move, you will have the feeling that you have been there for years, and nothing will seem unfamiliar to you. So, let’s see!

  • The first inhabitants of Alhambra were the Tongva.
  • Before Alhambra became a city, it was a common country of 300,000 acres. And was owned by the soldier Manuel Nieto of the Los Angeles Presidio.
  • After the Mexican-American occupation, Alhambra became part of the United States of America.
  • The first school in Alhambra was founded in the Ramona Monastery, while the Public High School Alhambra was founded in 1898 before the city’s founding.
  • Alhambra was first defined as a “city of homes” where styles such as Craftsman, Bungalow, Spanish Mediterranean, Spanish Colonial, Italian Fine Arts, and Arts and Crafts were represented.

In addition to all these interesting things and the wonderful history of this city, here you can find several interesting things to do. Some of the places you must visit are Marvel at the Historic Homes of Alhambra and Love the Art at Gallery Nucleus. Also, you can have a drink at Ohana Brewing Company and shop at the Certified Farmers Market.

Kids in school in Alhambra
Alhambra has a very strong and stable education system.

Get ready to move!

Now that you have learned the most important facts about moving to Alhambra, we hope you are ready for this move. Also, another fact is that booking moving services Los Angeles is one of the most useful things during a move. But, at this moment, don’t forget the most important thing: Explore your new city, and organize your move down to the smallest detail! Good luck!


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