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Relocating furniture can be a complex task and requires careful planning and execution. Whether you’re moving across town or to a new city, it’s crucial to understand the basics of furniture relocation. This process involves packing, transporting, and unpacking your belongings efficiently. Hiring professional movers Los Angeles can simplify the task, ensuring your furniture is handled with care. Proper coordination and timing are key elements in a successful move. You need to disassemble large items and secure delicate pieces. Additionally, organizing your furniture and keeping track of all components prevents confusion. Knowing the right techniques for lifting and carrying can also prevent injuries and damage. With these considerations in mind, you can streamline the process and reduce stress. So, without further ado, here are some moving tips for furniture.

What Do You Really Need to Move?

Before you begin packing, consider whether each item is truly necessary for your journey. When making a list for moving, you might believe that all items in your house need to be listed. Think about whether that large, cumbersome object is worth the trouble.
You don’t need to discard objects simply due to their inconvenience, yet certain things may not be worth the hassle of transporting.

A man and a woman holding a white round lamp
Packing can be a creative process as well

These might include:

  • Cushioned and upholstered items more than 10 years old, especially mattresses.
  • Visibly damaged items.
  • Items that no longer work correctly.
  • Items you don’t have a place for.

These aren’t the only cases where discarding furniture is justified, but there’s no need to keep something that’s damaged or deteriorating, especially if it takes a lot of effort to move it. Moving can be a great time to declutter. Either get rid of items entirely or upgrade and replace them at your new destination. Include furniture in your decluttering plans.

Get Creative With Applying Moving Tips for Furniture

When you need to move furniture, your initial reaction may be to lift it and take it through the front entrance. However, this is not always the most effective approach. Moving big furniture involves discovering the correct angles, even if that entails tipping it over at a 30-degree angle. If that provides the best handholds and lets you pivot it down the stairs and out the door, then that’s what you need to do.

When using moving services Los Angeles, remember that efficiency is key. If you have patio or bay doors leading to your backyard, use them for easier access. It’s often simpler to carry items a bit farther than to struggle through a narrow entryway. If your garage offers a clearer path than the front door, use it as a staging area for loading the truck. Remove doors from hinges when possible for more clearance and less risk of damage or injury. In tight spaces, consider temporarily removing railings and handrails to create more room.

Use tools

When moving, you probably already have a hand truck. It’s great for boxes, but not so much for furniture. Instead, try getting a set of moving straps. Some companies rent them with your truck, or you can buy them at any hardware store for about thirty bucks. They’re definitely worth the investment. Another helpful tool is a set of furniture dollies, often available from local movers Los Angeles. These look like those scooters from elementary gym class but are made of wood and carpet, rated up to a thousand pounds.

You can buy them at hardware stores if rental isn’t an option. They make moving a recliner sofa feel like pushing a shopping cart. Protect everything during your move. Sharp corners can damage other items once they’re in the truck. Wrap and pad your furniture using moving blankets, towels, or quilts. Invest in a stretch wrap for securing and protecting items. It’s like heavy-duty saran wrap and is fun to use. Get more than you think you’ll need.

Various tools on a white piece of paper
Make sure to use proper tools when applying moving tips for furniture

Moving tips for furniture: couch

Your couch is probably the most challenging item to move. It’s also likely the most used piece of furniture, so inspect it critically to ensure it’s worth bringing along.

If it is, you’ll need at least two people to help. You might need more recliners or hideaway beds. The advice we’ve discussed applies perfectly to couches. To recap:

  • Ensure you have a clear, easy route to where you’re loading.
  • Furniture dollies make everything but stairs a breeze.
  • Use a spotter for stairs.
  • Carrying the couch at an angle or upside down makes it easier to fit through doors.
  • Remove doors from their hinges if clearance is a concern.

Furniture movers Los Angeles can be invaluable for challenging moves. The more you think ahead, the less work this will be. Granted, you will still have to lift the couch, but the less time spent doing that, the better.

Learn how to prepare your beds for relocation

Beds are generally easy to move as they break down into mattresses, box springs, and frames. If you’re lucky, the frame separates into headboard, footboard, rails, and slats. While these pieces aren’t usually too heavy, a solid wood headboard may require furniture dollies for easier transport. Overall, moving a bed is straightforward despite its size. First, disassemble the bed into as many parts as possible. Place the mattress in a mattress bag to protect it. Use furniture dollies to move the mattress and any other difficult-to-carry parts. While you don’t need to use dollies for the mattress, it’s an awkward shape and hard to grip, even with a bag. Apartment movers Los Angeles often recommend these steps to simplify the process. By breaking down the bed and using the right tools, you can make the task much more manageable.

A man holding a leg of a sofa bed
Beds can be one of the most challenging pieces of furniture to prepare for relocation

Move dressers

If your dresser drawers are removable, you’re in luck because this simplifies the moving process significantly. With removable drawers, you can keep all your items inside, secure them by wrapping the drawers in stretch wrap, and then use the drawers themselves as makeshift moving boxes. This approach saves time and effort in packing and unpacking.

However, if the drawers do not detach, you’ll need to handle things differently. First, remove all contents from the drawers to lighten the dresser and prevent items from shifting or breaking during the move. Once empty, secure the drawers by wrapping them in stretch wrap to ensure they stay closed while being moved.

Use moving tips for furniture for your dining sets

If you need to move a dining set, consider breaking it down into smaller pieces to simplify the task. For a lot of dining tables, the legs can be disconnected and reconnected easily without causing damage. First, determine if the table legs can be removed. If so, transport the flat tabletop in a vertical orientation, similar to carrying a large painting after detaching them. Securely wrap the tabletop together with the legs and place them vertically in the moving truck to save space and stabilize the load.

However, if the table legs cannot be removed, you should still carry the tabletop vertically or at a slight angle to avoid damage. Once in the moving truck, position the table so that the legs point upwards and secure it with a quilt or moving blanket for added protection. This method helps because table legs are designed to support weight vertically. In the middle of planning your move, contacting reliable and affordable movers Downtown Los Angeles can offer professional advice and services tailored to handle delicate items like dining sets safely and efficiently. Improper handling, such as lifting a table by its legs or applying uneven force, might cause the legs to weaken or break. Always remember, when planning a move, it’s essential to consider how to protect each piece of furniture.

A man and a woman reading moving tips for furniture
Your dining sets need proper packing and handling as well

Prepare kitchen appliances

Before deciding to move your current appliances, consider if it’s truly necessary. You might arrange for those moving into your old home to keep them or check if the new home already includes appliances. Often, buying new appliances ensures they fit perfectly and work efficiently in your new space.

Keep in mind that appliances are heavy and delicate. Any shifting while in transit can result in harm not just to the appliances but also to other objects. To minimize this risk, think about using robust shipping crates for reliable protection. Also, make sure to fasten your appliances with lashings to the front wall of the truck or trailer to avoid them moving around while being transported. Securing appliances adequately will protect them and your other possessions during the move.

Hire Professional Movers

Sometimes, one of the best moving tips for furniture is to rely on the expertise of professionals, especially when it comes to moving. Hiring local movers in Los Angeles not only saves you time but also spares you the physical effort. These professionals bring both skill and experience to the table, ensuring to handle your furniture and belongings with utmost care. Additionally, professional movers are equipped with the right tools to transport your items safely, reducing the risk of damage during the move. When you choose residential movers in Los Angeles, you also benefit from their knowledge of the area, which can streamline the moving process significantly. They understand how to navigate the local traffic and parking regulations, which can be particularly challenging in a city like Los Angeles.

movers carrying furniture
Hire professional movers who know how to apply moving tips for your items and furniture efficiently

Load the truck efficiently

Properly loading a moving truck is crucial for a secure and smooth transition. Start by putting the heaviest objects at the bottom of the truck. This could involve bulky items such as couches and closets or cumbersome devices like fridges and laundry machines. This results in a solid foundation and decreases the load’s center of gravity, minimizing the chances of tipping while moving. Above this layer, stack lighter items. Boxes filled with household items like dishes, books, and clothing should be placed on top of the heavier items to prevent damage. This strategic placement ensures that lighter items won’t get crushed under the weight of heavier objects.

In addition to careful stacking, securing all items, particularly furniture is crucial. Use strong straps or ropes to anchor your furniture to the truck’s side rails. Seeking assistance from movers West Los Angeles can provide professional insight into the best ways to secure your belongings. Lastly, pay special attention to items that are more prone to sliding or moving. Place these items against the truck’s walls and strap them down firmly.

Unpack and Reassemble

Upon arriving at your new home, prioritize reassembling the larger pieces of furniture first. Begin with essentials like beds, dining tables, and wardrobes. This setup allows you to organize the space around these key items and makes it easier to move in smaller pieces later. Start by consulting your clearly labeled bags of screws and bolts; these labels will guide you swiftly to the right fasteners for each piece of furniture, simplifying the assembly process. Take your time during this stage to ensure the correct assembling of your items. This careful approach ensures that everything is secure and stable, preventing issues later on. As you progress, check each piece for stability and make any necessary adjustments.

a man carrying furniture
Be careful with bulky furniture

Follow Moving Tips for Furniture

When wrapping up your moving day, remember that following moving tips for furniture can significantly ease the transition. Ensure all furniture is thoroughly checked for any damage that might have occurred during transit. If you need any adjustments, handle them promptly to prevent further issues. Clean the furniture as it is reassembled and placed, allowing you to enjoy a fresh start in your new home. Lastly, organize your living spaces by positioning furniture before unpacking smaller items, which helps in visualizing and executing your desired layout efficiently. These steps will help you create a functional and welcoming environment right from the start.

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