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Whether short or long distance, moving is in many cases a tiring and stressful process. Even if moving from Whittier to downtown LA takes only a 25-minute drive, you are still going to need moving help Los Angeles. As for the rest of the details that you need to take care of before you move, the best option is to plan them as soon as possible. The key to reducing the moving stress is organizing in the best possible way.

Get informed about your new hometown

If you are a bit bored of Whittier’s peaceful suburban life and crave a little adventure, Los Angeles is the perfect choice for you. You may have already bought the house of your dreams in a perfect neighborhood. But getting to know your hometown better can only be beneficial in the long run. Some things you may want to know about LA are that you will have numerous possibilities when it comes to outdoor activities. Hiking is very popular, and there are many hiking spots to choose from. Also, you will just love the weather. It’s perfect for enjoying the beach every single day. But keep in mind that Los Angeles has a very high cost of living and that getting a job might not be that easy.

neighborhood in los angeles
Getting to know your hometown and neighborhood can help you plan your move easier.

Making a checklist for moving from Whittier to downtown LA

Once you’ve made sure you have selected the perfect hometown, neighborhood, and house, it’s time to plan your move. Since moving is a process with many details that you need to take into consideration, the best way to prepare is to organize everything in advance. Before hiring movers downtown Los Angeles or doing anything, make a checklist first. To not forget anything, take a piece of paper and write down everything that you need to do. It will make the moving preparations way easier to handle. We have a list you can copy, but feel free to add anything else you might think of.

  • Decluttering and organizing your things – are a great way to organize your things for moving from Whittier to downtown LA
  • Making an inventory list – is easy and helpful in the long run
  • Hiring a moving company – choosing a good moving company is one of the most important tasks
  • Getting moving supplies – it’s best to stick to the essentials
  • Packing – shouldn’t be a problem if you organized it well

Decluttering your home and organizing your belongings

This is one of the most important tasks since it can become very helpful later. The first thing you need to do is to declutter. You don’t want to bring unnecessary things with you to your new home, do you? Start with throwing away anything that is broken or cannot be used anymore. As for the things that can be used but you don’t want or need anymore – like old clothes and children’s toys – there are creative ways to get rid of them. One idea is to have a garage sale, which can help you boost your relocation budget. If you don’t have time for that, consider donating your belongings to charity. That way you will be decluttering and at the same time helping someone in need.

woman selling things to raise budget for moving from Whittier to downtown LA
Having a garage sale is a perfect way to declutter.

Once you select the things you are going to take with you, it’s best to organize them. Preparing your belongings can make packing easier and much more stress-free. Placing them by categories might be the best way to organize them. You can form piles of clothes, small electrical devices and others. Another way to go is to arrange them by room, that is, dividing the things from the living room onto one pile, from the kitchen to another, etc.

Creating an inventory list to make moving from Whittier to downtown LA easier

After sorting your belongings in a way that best suits you, a great idea might be to make an inventory list. It can help you have an insight into the condition of your belongings before transportation. You should be prepared in case there are any damages during the transport. The list doesn’t have to be complicated and hand-written. Simply use your telephone to make a few snaps of your belongings that show their condition. You will be thankful for them if you ever have to collect insurance.

Hiring a moving company

Even if your relocation is a short distance one, the best way to move is to hire a company among moving companies Whittier CA. A good moving company is professional, trustworthy and has a lot of experience. Look for those qualities when looking to hire. It’s best to select a few companies and compare their prices and services. Nowadays, moving companies offer additional services you might inform yourself about. If your budget allows you, you can choose to pay for packing and storage services.

two men and a truck
It’s a good idea to hire a moving company to help you with moving from Whittier to downtown LA.

Getting the right moving supplies

If you decided not to leave packing to the professionals, you will have to do it yourself. But first, you have to find the right moving supplies. When looking to buy packing supplies, it’s best to keep it simple and stick to the essentials. Those would be cardboard boxes, packing paper and bubble wrap. Get as many as you can. But remember that different goods need different packaging. If you have valuable and fragile things, it’s best that you find out more about how to pack them appropriately, so they don’t get damaged.

Packing to prepare for moving from Whittier to downtown LA

The final stage of preparing for the move shouldn’t take much time if you already followed all the steps above. You just have to place your belongings into boxes that you are going to label accordingly. After doing that, the only thing left to do is to wait for your movers to come to pick them up and help with your moving from Whittier to downtown LA.

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