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Everyone facing relocation does so hoping that everything will work out. Given the grandeur and complexity of the task, it is easy to see why. But, why only hope, when you can know, for sure, that your relocation will end up an ultimate success? Because, that’s exactly what you’re getting with one of the best moving companies Whittier CA has – Royal Moving & Storage Inc CA. We’re here to provide everything you need for a smooth relocation. From planning to packing to heavy-lifting – our team spares no effort to make your move effortless. Give us a call today and make certainty and reliability the defining traits of your relocation.

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With Royal Moving & Storage Inc CA, you’re not taking any chances

People often tend to take an opportunistic approach to the moving process. Fingers crossed, hoping everything goes the way it’s supposed to. But, the truth is, luck plays only a minor role when moving. Factors essential for a successful relocation are:

  • Meticulous planning;
  • Impeccable organization;
  • Flawless execution.

Therefore, what you need is a team that takes a methodical approach to move. A team that doesn’t deal in chances and leaves nothing to chance. And, when it comes to moving companies in Whittier CA, you can find that team in Royal Moving & Storage Inc.

As a company, we operated for a full decade. During this time, we helped countless clients move without a worry on their minds. Our personnel consists of industry veterans, expertly trained to tackle even the toughest moving challenges. With skills honed through thousands of relocations, we can help you, too have a stress-free, enjoyable relocation.

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Moving is easy when you have the right way to tackle it

Moving your home or business is quite an intricate process. There are a lot of quirks to work out and many tasks to handle, often on a limited schedule. Furthermore, each part of the process demands a specific way to approach it. The whole endeavor can take a great deal of your energy and time. Not to mention – nerves, since everything in moving is such a close call. But, not if you have one of the moving companies Whittier CA relied upon for years by your side. Our moving services are a way to move while avoiding all the hustle:

With us, yours is only to choose the combination that suits you. And, even that is all too easy. Our Whittier moving company experts will guide you the whole way, thus ensuring you’re getting only the services you need. But, we won’t stop there, either.

Get the personalized moving experience with no downsides

Everyone’s moving preferences and requirements are different. What worked in someone else’s relocation, might not work for yours, and vice versa. And, that’s perfectly fine. Moving is, above all, an individual experience. Therefore, your Whittier moving companies’ services must reflect this. That’s why we use every bit of info you provide and adapt our solutions to fit your needs. However, for us, that’s still not enough.

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We’re aware that moving isn’t only challenging, but, also, expensive. As such, we aim to complete the equation by making our services affordable, too. Therefore, you can have all the reliability of professional movers, with no downsides. With Royal Moving & Storage Inc CA, you’re getting the best of both worlds.

Make moving locally as easy as 123

Local relocations do count toward simpler ones. But, that’s only because the distance isn’t that much of a factor. Aside from that, everything else remains the same. There’s still a lot of planning, organizing, and heavy lifting involved. And, while Whittier CA is a great city to live in, it’s still a city. So, it isn’t exempt from common moving problems big cities suffer from. However, with the help of the prime moving companies Whittier CA has, the whole ordeal becomes effortless.

Our movers have been around for quite some time. They know the city inside-out, which allows them to counter potential issues. Aside from making sure your relocation goes without a hitch, they can make sure you’re well-informed about your new neighborhood. So, don’t hesitate to ask. We’re here to help make your move as easy as possible, in any way.

When distance matters, you need one of the finest moving companies Whittier CA has to offer

Compared to local relocations, long-distance ones are much harder to pull off. Still, the basic premise remains the same. You still want the most efficient and effective solutions, that factor in the distance and adapt to it. This is why we employ long-distance movers who are professional, experienced, and dedicated. With them by your side, everything that makes long-distance moving hard becomes the exact opposite.

Our Whittier movers are swift and efficient, as not to waste your time and energy. But, they also approach the whole process with utmost care and attention to detail. Therefore, they’re not sacrificing service quality or risk the safety of your belongings. With Royal Moving & Storage Inc, you’re getting peace of mind, even during the most daunting undertakings.

Enjoy your relocation with one of the most reliable moving companies in Whittier  – Royal Moving & Storage Inc

A relocation free of stress and hustle seems like a fantasy. If so, Royal Moving & Storage Inc CA has ways to make it real. For a full decade, we were among moving companies Whittier CA residents relied upon for all their relocation needs. With a methodical approach to moving, utmost professionalism, and unwavering dedication, we simplify every aspect of the moving process. But, more than that – we make it thoroughly enjoyable for our clients. Get in touch with us today and let us help make your dream of an amazing relocation a reality.

Moving to Whittier? Here is what you can expect once you get to Whittier

Whittier, California, is located in Los Angeles County, about 12 miles southeast of downtown Los Angeles. Whittier shares a border with East Whittier, Hacienda Heights, La Habra, La Habra Heights, Pico Rivera, Rose Hills, Santa Fe Springs, South Whittier, and West Whittier-Los Nietos.

The population of Whittier is 86,630 people, who have a median age of 36.4. The median household income of its residents is $67,431, and the median property value is $458,500, with a homeownership rate of 57.2 percent. The population of Whittier is 68.2 percent Hispanic, 24.3 percent white, and 4.57 percent Asian.

The seeds of modern Whittier roots were planted in 1868 when Jacob Gerkens, a German immigrant, bought 160 acres of public land for $234 under the Homestead Act. Gerkens built a cabin on the property, which, today, is the Jonathan Bailey House. However, the land did change ownership many times before a group of Quakers purchased 1,259acres of land in 1887 that included the area that would become Whittier. The group wanted to create a new community in California, and under the name “Pickering Land and Water Development Company,” they sold lots of the property.

movers with furniture

The town was named after Quaker John Greenleaf Whittier, who was a famous poet, writer, and newspaper editor at the time, though Whittier never even visited the town that bears his name. At the time, it was a farming community that included crops of barley, beans, cabbage, corn, oats, peanuts, tomatoes, along with citrus groves. In fact, by the 1890s,” Quaker Brand” citrus was a well-known commodity around the world. In addition, Whittier became known as the largest walnut-growing community in America.

In 1887, a railroad spur to Whittier “spurred” a population boom, as Whittier grew exponentially, and the community thrived. When World War II ended, Whittier grew at a rapid pace, as orange groves were converted into subdivisions to accommodate the growth. In 1955, the civic center complex was completed, and onMarch 8, 1955, the Whittier City Council met in its new chambers for the first time.

Whittier not only has a strong sense of history but also has a progressive vision for its future, within a dynamic and modern, upscale suburban community. With 14.8 square miles of space, Whittier accommodates 436 professional services, 845 retail stores that include 303 specialty shops and boutiques. There are also more than 200 family restaurants, 37 manufacturing plants, seven hotels and motels, and two car dealerships, which are predominantly located in Uptown Whittier, the Quad shopping mall, and Whittwood Town Center.

There are many services and organizations worth knowing about as a new resident of Whittier. Here is some valuable contact information that you might need in order to settle into your new residence after the moving companies Whittier CA leave your premises. The contact list includes utility companies, community service associations, recreational facilities, as well as important state and local government organizations.

 Utility Companies in HighlandUtility Companies in Whittier

 tvCable TV and Internet



Southern California Edison 


Southern California Gas Company 




 trashTrash Services

Republic Services

 Department of Public WorksCommunity Services in Whittier

 Animal Control OfficerAnimal Control Officer

Los Angeles County Animal Care and Control

 Department of Public WorksDepartment of Public Works


Whittier Hospital Medical Center

 Parks and RecreationParks and Recreation

Post Offices Post Offices

 Public LibraryPublic Library

Whittier Public Library 

 Recycling CentersRecycling Centers

Republic Services

 Emergency Contacts in Playa Del ReyEmergency Contacts in Whittier

Fire Department Fire Department

Los Angeles County Fire Dept. Station 28

 Police DepartmentPolice Department

Whittier Police Department


Los Angeles County Fire Dept. Station 28



Movers in Playa Del Rey Movers in Whittier

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