Is Moving Back in With My Parents a Good Idea?

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For many young people, moving out of their parent’s home and getting a place of their own is a rite of passage that marks their new beginning as independent adults. Unfortunately, sometimes circumstances prevent them from staying completely independent, and they end up returning to the nest for a while. That can bring up a lot of mixed feelings for both the parents and their offspring. Hard part is to decide whether to do it or not, and moving is going to go easy with all the moving companies Los Angeles offers. More often than not, moving back in with my parents feels like an involuntary step back. It’s a temporary halt in a grown-up child’s independent gallop through the hardships of life. When a child makes up their mind to return to their childhood home as an adult, the choice can be a direct consequence of financial struggles, too.

Some Reasons Why You Might Want to Move Back In

Another common reason to move back in with your parents can be to give yourself time to plan out your future and save enough money after a recent graduation from a college or university. Going through personal turmoil like a painful breakup or a devastating divorce can also be a valid reason to lay low for a while by moving in with your parents. There’s no need to be too strict with yourself. In a lot of world countries, living with your parents is a totally valid thing. In the end, it always depends on what works best for your particular case. If you’re more comfortable, for any reason, with living with your parents — do it. The decision should be solely 0n you and your parents. In any case, you have already made that important decision, or it has been made for you.

A guy and a girl talking in front of moving boxes, perhaps moving back in with their parents.
Lots of young people have to move back in with their parents at one point in their life.

Now, before you pack up your bags, have a look at the following tips for moving back in with your parents. For better or worse, the rules of the game have changed. When you’re moving back in with my parents, you need to get used to their, perhaps new, lifestyle. This can help you fit in more easily back into your house.

Discuss the Move in With Your Parents

Luckily, the rules for moving back in with your parents aren’t set in stone. The exact way both you and they approach this awkward situation depends primarily on the specific relationship with your folks. If you and your parents have always been on friendly termsand have supported each other through the years, then this is going to work out. You should expect to have understanding and compassion from them. You will most likely be welcome to stay with them until you get back on your feet. According to some of the local movers Los Angeles area, lots of people who move back in with their parents do so if they were close as a family in the past.

Nevertheless, things may have changed since the last time you were in your childhood home. Your first step to surviving a move back in with your parents is to sit down with them and just talk. An open and honest pre-move discussion is a must! It will eliminate false hopes and unpleasant misunderstandings from both parties. You need to remember that the house you’re about to move into is your folk’s home now. You probably won’t be allowed the same freedoms you used to enjoy as a child. After all, your parents are surely making a sacrifice to have you back. Be it temporarily or not, it’s your duty to make the stay as smooth and problem-free as possible.

Two sons talking to their dad.
You need to be open and honest with your parents when asking them about moving back in.

Discuss Sharing Costs After You Decide That Moving Back in With My Parents Is the Right Thing

One of the best pieces of advice on how to move back in with your parents is to act like the adult you have become. After the strongly recommended pre-move discussion, both you and your parents should feel much more comfortable with the new living arrangements. Since you’re not a little kid anymore, you should help them pay for housing costs. This may seem like a big money burden on you, especially after paying for the moving services Los Angeles company has provided you with. However, it’s important to pick up the responsibility. In other words, you should consider making a financial contribution to your parents. You can pay for some kind of rent and/or share the increased household expenses, including the grocery bills.

However, if your financial struggles were the main reason for moving back in with your parents in the first place, then it’s highly possible that you won’t be able to contribute to the family budget. On the other hand, your folks may not want you to pay for anything. That’d give you a great opportunity to save up enough money to find a place of your own in the near future. If that is the case, then don’t forget to offer your assistance anyway. You can help with the various household chores in exchange – you can be sure your parents will appreciate that.

Kids think about moving back in with my parents, as they move into the house.
You probably want to share some of the household costs once you move back in with your parents.

Try Being Helpful After Moving Back in With Parents

Whatever arrangement you are able to make, it may be helpful to remind yourself that it won’t be a permanent state of affairs. Having a realistic goal in mind for reestablishing your independence can give you a framework to chart your progress. It can also help prevent you from becoming discouraged while you’re back living under your parents’ roof. That being said, you must try to help here and there with the house. Depending on your family, it can mean anything from mopping the floors to mowing the lawn.

Respect Their New House Style and Act Accordingly

After moving back to your parents’ house, the main idea is to remain an independent adult. You still need to respect the new house rules. In fact, reverting back to your childhood habits is something you should avoid at all costs. For example, while it’s true that you will no longer have curfews like you used to, common courtesy dictates that you should still inform your folks that you’re going out with friends and that you may be late. After all, having your dad and mom worry about you, again, is not the best start of a harmonious life in a shared home. There’s probably no need for strict rules, but it’s a great idea to use common sense when approaching these problems. It can help you avoid any uncomfortable discussions later down the road.

Daughter talking to her elderly parents.
After deciding that for you, moving back in with my parents is the right thing – talk with them and see what kind of new household rules they want to have.

Moreover, if you and your parents should have disagreements, prove to them that you have become a reasonable man or woman, and approach the issue diplomatically. Find a convenient time to discuss whatever is disturbing the peace and do your best to reach a shrewd solution that will be in everybody’s interest. It’s always better to be open about any issues, than keep them deep down in yourself. Besides, this can be a great time to reconnect and build a stronger relationship with your parents.

Pro Tip: You Can Use Storage Services if They Don’t Have Enough Space for Your Belongings

If your parents live in a smaller house than you all lived in when you were a kid, there’s a chance they don’t have enough space for you. In that situation, it’s a great idea to take care of this by yourself. For example, you may put all the stuff you don’t need regularly, yet you use sometimes, in one of the units for storage in Los Angeles. This will probably work really well with your parents, as well. Making space for a third person in the household can be a tedious task if they don’t have enough space to begin with.

Don’t Forget to Think About Moving Out of Your Parents’ Place

The process of moving back with your parents is not always as straightforward as it may seem at first. The most important aspect of your forced decision to take this backward step is to treat the entire matter as a short-term solution. In other words, you should have a good plan for how and when you’ll be moving out.. First of all, inform your folks that you’re planning on staying with them only until achieving a goal. That can mean saving up enough money to get a place of your own or maybe even until you pay off your debt. As soon as you get your life sorted, you can take moving services Los Angeles companies can provide and move out. Setting some deadlines can help, but it can also put extra pressure on you. Some people like to do it, while it’s too stressful for others.

A man looking at a laptop for moving back into his own place soon enough.
You should come up with a plan on how exacttly you plan to get back on your own feet.

Taking Back Control Over the Situation After Moving Back in With My Parents

It’s important that everybody understands, including yourself, that the new living arrangement is only temporary. This way, it’ll be much easier for all of you to show tolerance and understanding toward your inevitably different lifestyles and points of view. Here’s what you can do:

  1. Set specific goals and work hard to achieve them. Be flexible and adaptive at the same time. If your spending habits get in the way of your successful exit strategy, don’t hesitate to fine-tune or even drastically change how you manage your finances.
  2. Don’t forget to tell your parents how much you love them and how much their invaluable help means to you. This kind of currency is better than money when you are thinking about moving back in with my parents.
  3. Get professional relocation assistance when moving in or out of your parents’ home.  That will help you have enough time to focus on other stuff.

First, you should complete the tasks you set up for yourself and begin to get on your feet financially after moving back in with my parents. Then, start to plan a new move to another location if you desire.  There are lots of great long distance moving companies Los Angeles area offers, so there’s nothing to worry about there. The important thing is to learn from your experiences and move forward! You can do that with more knowledge, experience, and stable financial footing. That will go a long way toward making your next move more rewarding.

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