How to Move into a High Rise Apartment?

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Moving can be hard, especially with large and heavy to move furniture, with boxes galore. You’ll be lucky if your apartment has an elevator if you’re not too claustrophobic, but most building management has certain rules on how and when you move making it much more frustrating.
To help you better manage your time as well as your arm strength, today we are going to cover on the top steps to move into a high rise apartment. After all, not everyone has weeks to move, it’s time to get to work and get informed on your new moving project.

1. Bring Fewer Things

Let’s just start off by saying less is more. Moving wise, it’s best to slowly bring boxes to your new place little by little. Although moving can be exciting, the last thing you want is to overwhelm yourself and bring everything over all at once. Not only will this delay your schedule but you may break your belongings along the way. Even with packing in general, if you notice a smelly pile of clothes on your floor you’ve been avoiding for weeks donate them. Chances are you don’t necessarily need them and it’s less stuff to pack up and bring to your new home. Worst comes to worst, rent out a storage unit. Packing can get critical and if you don’t have the time to bring over each box little by little, start storing your junk at a storage unit so you can give yourself more time.

2. Pay Attention to the Rules

First impressions matter, it’s best to follow the rules and regulations to start your new home on the right foot. Stricter rules and regulations aren’t uncommon in high rise apartments, by paying attention and following them you are keeping yourself safe along with everyone else who lives in the building.

3. Make a Reservation

Like many high rise apartments, you may have to contact the apartment owners before you start moving in. Failure to do so may lead to heavy fines and an upset landlord. Not to mention, you’ll need to finalize parking spots, elevators, and dock access, as well as securing a baggage cart to help make the move as swiftly as possible.

4. Clean the Apartment Prior to Move-In

Previous tenants or the building management may clean the apartment before you move in or they may not. This is a necessary step to take before moving all of your things in. Determine if this is a step you must take care of on your own and if so, schedule a time when you can do so. Make sure you do not miss the cabinets, fridge, walls, and anything else when you are cleaning. You can also consider hiring a professional cleaning company to take care of your apartment before moving in.

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5. Obtain a Luggage Cart

If your new building has an elevator, a luggage cart can be extremely useful when moving in. You can usually rent one from a moving company, storage company, or an office supply store. This will make the moving process much quicker as you can use it to transport a few boxes at once. This will also save you effort and prevent you from having to take a million trips up and down the elevator.

6. Create a Furniture Plan

All apartments have limited space, which can create problems when it comes to furniture. Some pieces can be heavy, oversized, or just oddly shaped. Especially in a high rise apartment, you will need to consider not only what can fit in your apartment, but also what will fit in the elevator for moving. These are a few suggestions that can help ease your move.
– Sell some of your furniture before you move. This can cut down on moving costs and even get you a couple of extra dollars.
– Make a floor plan of your new apartment and decide what furniture will fit and where it will go. Doing so will save you time and unnecessary effort on moving day.
– Check the dimensions of the doorways, stairways, and elevator of your new apartment building. This way, you can figure out which pieces of furniture you can move in without issue.

7. Pay Attention to Safety

Safety is an incredibly important factor to keep in mind when moving into a high rise apartment building. Here are a few things to do before you move into your new place to ensure the safety of you and your family.
– Set up a home security system. You will likely be living in the same building as a lot of other people, so a security system can provide you with peace of mind. If the building management does what they are supposed to, then they will have already changed the locks before you moved in.
– Ensure fire alarms and CO2 detectors are installed and working. Also be sure you have a fire extinguisher in a convenient location.

8. Enlist Assistance

No matter what, it can be a pain to move. But it is even more of a pain if you are doing it by yourself. Nobody likes the be “that guy” who asks all of his friends to help him move, but sometimes it’s a necessity. Ask your friends and family to help you out. It will make the process go a lot faster and a lot safer.
If you don’t feel like bothering your friends, it might be a better idea to hire a professional moving company. They will be able to complete the job in no time at all and you do not have to worry about moving large furniture pieces. Get quotes from a few different moving companies to get the best deal.

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