Living in Downtown Los Angeles: A Dynamic Fusion of Art, History, and Urban Living

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There’s something special about Downtown LA that every person living in the area feels. And if you plan on living in Downtown Los Angeles it’s best to know as much as you can about your new area before moving there. This will be easy as we can provide you with Los Angeles movers that can assist you with the relocation process, but also give you a better insight into everything about Downtown LA. From history to some fun events, there’s a lot to learn about it. Here’s some info that can be useful for people planning to move to the area or newcomers that want to learn more about this particular part of LA.

Get to know the history of Downtown Los Angeles

Before we can talk about life in Downtown LA, it’s a good thing to get to know its history. What’s today known as Los Angeles was a settlement created in 1781. as Pueblo de Los Angeles. The city was shaped like all others in the Spanish Empire with a grid-like pattern around the center. You could say that the movers Downtown Los Angeles would have a breeze to move people around back then as the city had around 11,000 residents by 1880.

By then, the city changed hands as after the Spanish, it was part of Mexico, and ultimately part of the US in 1848. After the 1880s the city’s population started booming and by 1896 the population was 100,000 when the construction of the Victorian Downtown Los Angeles began.

An old history book
The history of Downtown LA is full of ups and downs

The rise and fall of Downton LA

The first time Downtown LA truly shined was in the 1920s. It became home to banks and other important financial institutions. Its nickname Wallstreet of the West was well-deserved. With commercial growth came plenty of people and entertainment such as Broadway. Downtown really had a booming period until the end of World War II. That period is characterized by a decline in investments and plenty of clearance projects in certain areas.

A new era of creativity and change

Downtown started roaring back again in the 2000s. That’s when artists and creative people alike moved to it as it had lots of space and low rent. Around 2010 the population of Downtown was majorly young and hip people that wanted a shot at showing off their creativity. In the last 20 years there were plenty of projects to revitalize the old and create new spaces which helped a lot to create a mix of modern and historical places in Downtown Los Angeles. And the future looks bright as the area will hold several events of the 2028 Summer Olympics.

Enjoy the architectural beauty that comes with living in the area

After you get a quick history lesson, it’s a good step to check out some places that will show you just how beautiful Downtown truly is. It has some extraordinary buildings from old to new that are breathtaking and beautiful to see. Even if the apartment movers in Los Angeles have seen them plenty of times, they will be amazed as you are at the outstanding architecture and buildings in the area.

Let’s start with one that is a national historic landmark. The five-story high Bradbury Building has a lot to offer. From ironwork and stairs to a skylit atrium, it has a unique style. If you like movies, TV shows, or music videos, you might already have seen this building as it’s used a lot.

The Walt Disney Concert Hall
Living in Downtown Los Angeles will mean you’ll be able to gaze at some beautiful architecture

Walt Disney Concert Hall

Modern architecture is also present in Downtown LA. Especially places like the Walt Disney Concert Hall which was opened in 2003. It has around 2,200 seats and is home to the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra and is one of the best concert halls in the country and surely among the most beautiful. Lillian Disney made a gift of $50 million to the people of LA and as a tribute to Walt Disney and the Walt Disney Concert Hall is surely an architectural masterpiece that came as a result of it.

Other iconic buildings of Downtown LA

Of course, there are also plenty of other iconic buildings in Downtown LA. However, we think that these two make perfect examples of both older and newer architecture that you can check out in the area. Many of them are landmarks that you absolutely need to see. Especially if you plan on living in the area for longer you need to know some of these masterpieces. Here are some other architectural landmarks that we recommend checking out:

  • Union Station
  • Los Angeles City Hall
  • Central Library
  • OUE Skyscape
  • U.S. Bank Tower

If you love art, you’ll love living in Downtown Los Angeles

As we mentioned the 2000s have been the start of something special in Downtown LA. The artists and people that wanted to showcase their creativity moved to the area in huge numbers. With them came a boost in creativity which continues to this day. They turned an area that was full of warehouses and used the empty commercial space into their canvas. Today there are plenty of things to enjoy in Downtown LA because such people were courageous and creative. Even today the local movers Los Angeles help young and creative people that are looking for their place to shine by moving to the Arts District of Downtown. And maybe you’re the next outstanding artist?

Paint brushes inside plastic cups with paint in them
There is plenty of art you’ll be able to experience living in Downtown Los Angeles

Expect public art to be present around you

Of course, art is not something that is just all about institutions. That’s why Downtown is the perfect place to check out some otherworldly public art and not just museums, galleries, and other places that are indoors. For example, Grave Ave Augmented is a mix of technology and art. The only thing you need is a smartphone and you can enjoy over 40 artworks by more than 20 local artists that will leave you speechless. Another amazing project is LUMINEX. It has made the buildings of Downtown LA into pieces of beautiful art. And how to forget about the Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk? Overall, there are plenty of projects that are worth your time.

Galleries are hallmarks of Downtown LA

Let’s not forget about the fact that Downtown LA has plenty of galleries where you can enjoy some amazing places of art. From just checking out beautiful works of art to maybe buying some potential new masterpieces, you will have plenty of reasons to pay galleries in Downtown LA a visit. From galleries that have already a history of being around for decades to new galleries both local and international, you will have it easy as an art lover in Downtown LA. Here are some galleries we recommend checking out, such as:

  • The Hive Gallery
  • Cirrus Gallery
  • Hauser & Wirth

Life in Downtown LA is easier knowing that you can explore extraordinary museums

There are plenty of things to do if you live in Downtown LA. However, checking out the museums has to be at the top of your list. Living in Downtown Los Angeles will leave you with plenty of options. You couldn’t fill up all the storage Los Angeles has to offer with all the beautiful exhibits and art it has to offer. The Museum of Contemporary Art is a good example of how art has grown in the area since 1979. It’s a must-see destination as it’s home to historically important art collections you don’t want to miss out on.

A more modern museum is The Broad which opened in 2015. From its design to the works of art in it everything is truly art. Check out the artworks of Andy Warhol, Barbara Kruger, and many other extraordinary artists. For music lovers, The Grammy Museum is the place to be.

A girl watching paintings in a museum
The mix of art and history means there are plenty of museums to see in Downtown LA

Downtown Los Angeles is home to some iconic and historic theaters

Do you love theater and want to enjoy it? Downtown LA is the right place for you to live in. With the Broadway Historic Theater District, you will have all that is necessary to enjoy, be it that you love plays or even movies. It’s one of the rare places left in the US with so many theaters and cinemas in such a small area. After the moving services Los Angeles assist you we recommend checking out some of them to enjoy your time.

The last of the theaters was built in 1931. And all of them had turbulent times in the 60s with the rise of television and people moving out of the area. However, recently the Night on Broadway project revitalized the Broadway District. Here are just some of the other places to visit, such as:

  • Globe Theatre
  • Orpheus Theater
  • The Theatre at Ace Hotel
  • The Los Angeles Theater
  • Million Dollar Theatre
  • Palace Theatre
  • Tower Theatre
  • State Theatre

From food markets to extravagant restaurants, there’s always a great place to go eat

Be that you like street food or like to eat in five-star establishments, Downtown LA will provide you with the right options. Especially as the cuisine is extremely diverse. Be it Hispanic, Asian, or any other type of food or cuisine you like, it won’t be hard to find it. After the furniture movers get the job done for you, it will be a good idea to celebrate the task and go out and eat.

One of the iconic places to find quality food in Downtown LA will be the Grand Central Market. The place truly puts all the tastes of LA together. Checking out Chinatown and Little Tokyo for ethnic and genuine cuisine is also a good idea. Besides that, there are also quality options for Indian, Mexican, Korean, and many other options around Downtown LA.

How to get around in an area like Downtown Los Angeles?

For many, Los Angeles might seem like a nightmare to get around. However, for the Downtown area that couldn’t be further from the truth. There are plenty of quality options to get around. Firstly, the Metro is a quality option. You can get all over LA County with it and the day pass is just around $7 which is more than a fair price for quick and efficient public transport. The Metro is also well-connected with buses. But there are also Dash buses to get you all over the main points of Downtown LA during the day. It’s one of the best places to settle in after moving to LA because it also has more short-distance based transport like e-scooters. But also Metro Bike Share which is $5 for a daily pass.

A woman living in Downtown Los Angeles watching the metro arrive
It’s easy to get around in Downtown LA

There are plenty of green spaces to make you forget about the hectic lifestyle of the big city

It’s hard to find a place to relax in the big city. Especially in a big and hectic city like LA. However, Downtown LA will be able to provide you with what you need to just relax and sit down in a park. And after a relocation, a good way to spend your first day off in LA will be to visit a park or an outdoor area to unwind. Thankfully, there won’t be any shortage of amazing options to check out. Here are some of the parks and green spaces overall that you should check out, such as:

  • Blue Ribbon Garden
  • Grand Park
  • LA State Historic Park
  • Pershing Square
  • Maguire Gardens

Living in Downtown Los Angeles goes hand in hand with shopping

A big city like LA will attract plenty of companies and businesses that will provide entertainment for the residents. And shopping is surely one of the fun tasks that plenty of people love doing. Thankfully, the Downtown LA area will have plenty of opportunities where you can go for a shopping spree. From your artisan shops to global brands in big malls, you can expect it all in your area.

Some of the places that make the area more urban are The Last Bookstore, the Fashion District, FIGat7th, and many other places. From buying a book as a gift for someone to buying extravagant shoes, there won’t be problems for you in Downtown LA.

People living in Downtown Los Angeles are celebrating the New Lunar Year
Participate in fun events all over Downtown LA

What are some of the events and festivals that you can experience in Downtown LA?

It’s always fun to participate in some fun events. Downtown LA offers you plenty of them as you can see the area in its whole beauty. We already mentioned some events such as The Night on Broadway that attract lovers of movies and theater overall. But also the Los Angeles Indie Film Festival is completely based on art and cinema overall.

Another cultural event not to miss out on will be Fiesta Broadway which celebrates Mexican culture and Cinco de Mayo overall. And checking out the Golden Dragon Parade to celebrate the Lunar New Year in Chinatown will be a must too if you love Chinese and Asian culture overall as you can experience some extraordinary food and entertainment.

It’s always fun to live in a big city like LA. And an area like Downtown LA has its special benefits and little things that make it stand out. As we already summarized from its early history, later success and struggle, to modern times, the Downtown area really has a lot to explore. That’s why we’re sure that our information will help you in exploring what Downtown LA has to offer. On the other hand, if you plan on living in Downtown Los Angeles in the future make sure to explore our website. There you’ll find more information about quality movers and other facts about LA and beyond.


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