How to Prepare for an LA Summer Move?

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Moving to Los Angeles is a dream come true for many people. As the summer season is ahead of us, LA moves will be common, and you will see many moving trucks driving in your area. If you are one of the lucky people moving to LA this summer, then maybe you should prepare carefully before you start the process. Each move is challenging, and summer moves are no exception. Once the temperatures go up and the humidity levels rise, your relocation can become even trickier. But don’t worry! If you find the right moving and storage Los Angeles services, your next move will be a breeze. Read more to get some tips on how to prepare for an LA summer move and start packing your belongings.

Summer in Los Angeles

Los Angeles boasts great weather throughout the year. If you are a fan of summer, you will surely enjoy the nice atmosphere LA offers. Beautiful palm trees, crowds of people relaxing in the park, and many amazing summer festivals are just some of the things you will experience. You should know that Los Angeles is quite dry in summer, with very little rain. July is the driest month, with almost no rainfall at all. The temperatures are around 28-36 degrees, but they drop to 12-15 during the night. The sky is clear blue, and there is little possibility of a sudden change or natural disaster. Thunderstorms and high humidity are possible to happen in early summer. If you think you can withstand the heat, then read more to prepare and handle your LA summer move well.

A couple holding hands at the beach and thinking how to prepare for an LA summer move
Living in Los Angeles is an adventure that not many people have a chance to experience.

What Should You Do to Prepare for an LA Summer Move?

Beating the heat in LA does not need to be so hard. If you develop well-planned strategies, you will have a successful move. Whether you hire Los Angeles local movers to help you with relocation or prefer to do it on your own, here are some ideas for a good summer move to the City of Angels.

  • Beat the traffic
  • Stay hydrated
  • Protect your belongings
  • Make a plan for parking your car
  • Use climate-controlled storage
  • Hire reliable movers
  • Check local regulations
  • Protect yourself from the sun
  • Plan for pet care
  • Stay flexible

Following the tips above will make your summer relocation easier. Remember, you need to plan your move in advance, not at the very last moment. Therefore, before you set the date and time, make sure you think everything through carefully. If this is your first time moving, ask your friends, family, or relatives to help you out.

Trying to beat the traffic is the first step in the process

Summer is people’s favorite season for moving. Moreover, it is the peak season, so you can expect a lot of crowds on the streets, moving trucks, and fewer available movers. As millions of people navigate LA streets in July and August, things can get spicy here. To avoid traffic jams, delays, and inconveniences, schedule your move during the off-peak season and design a good plan. You should know that Los Angeles streets and traffic are brutal. If you have to move in summer, avoid afternoons, as many people are coming back from work at that time. Early mornings and late evenings are the best times to move to LA to avoid congestion but also the heat. Study Los Angeles maps carefully before you start your trip. If this is a difficult task for you, you can leave all the moving tasks to movers from Downtown Los Angeles and relax.

Traffic on a highway
To prepare for an LA summer move, make sure you develop a good plan for busy LA streets.

Bring a lot of water

We already mentioned that summer in LA is quite hot and dry. Therefore, if you decide to move in this season, make sure you bring plenty of water bottles for you and your movers. If you are not hiring furniture movers from Los Angeles to load your heavy items, you will quickly lose energy and get dehydrated. Therefore, always have some water at hand in case you notice any signs of dehydration. Keep in mind that dizziness, loss of consciousness, and nausea are serious symptoms that require urgent medical care. To avoid this, bring some electrolyte drinks and water or lemonade. Try to refrain from using coffee, sparkling drinks, and drinks with a lot of sugar.

Protect your belongings from the heat

There are many items in your home that just don’t like the heat. These are usually electronic devices, food that can easily go off, and some things that can melt, like candles and soaps. If you still need to move these items to Los Angeles, make sure they are properly packed and transported. Going for a packing service in Los Angeles can help you have a piece of mind that all of your items are packed in the right way. Why is this a good idea? Most professional packers have appropriate boxes in all sizes, as well as air-conditioned vehicles and trucks, to move your items safely.

Make sure you know where to park your moving truck

In a metropolis like Los Angeles, finding an empty parking lot may be challenging. This is especially true in summer when so many people move their homes, and tourists come to visit this amazing city. Therefore, before you start your relocation journey, reserve an available spot so your movers can park without any difficulties. If you are moving from afar with the help of Los Angeles interstate movers, you may not know LA streets well. That is why you should book a spot at least a week before. Wandering around busy streets when the temperatures are so high will not be helpful. It will only make you sweat too much and bring a lot of stress.

A parking zone sign
Find available parking lots in your area before the move to avoid trouble and confusion.

Choose a climate-controlled storage for your belongings

As already mentioned above, summer is not a good season for many items in your home. It is because we don’t have good conditions for preserving sensitive items. Luckily, Los Angeles is a large city with plenty of storage options. If you choose some of the best storage Los Angeles options, you can rest assured that your belongings will be safe and protected. Why should you opt for climate-controlled storage? There are several reasons for this. First of all, the temperature in this unit is suitable for many items. It is not too hot or too cold inside, and there are no sudden changes like outside. Your items are protected from mold, dampness, darkness, and sunlight. Next, most of these units have video surveillance, so no one can go in and steal any of your precious items.

If you want to prepare for an LA summer move, hire professional movers

Moving in summer is not something you should try alone. Many things can go wrong during the process. If you don’t know the route, you will experience delays. Moreover, wandering around crowded LA streets on a scorching hot day is not recommended. Carefully search for reliable movers in your area and read the reviews about them. Get several moving quotes before you make a decision, and ask family or friends for recommendations. Remember, the highest offer doesn’t mean you will get good movers, just as the lowest one doesn’t always mean something bad. Once you have found the right long distance moving companies in Los Angeles, communicate with your movers! Don’t be afraid to ask questions or concerns you may have. After all, moving to LA is not something that happens every day!

A mover holding a moving box
Movers can help you navigate Los Angeles streets and move in an easy way in summer.

Make sure you follow all rules and regulations

Each city has its rules and regulations that we need to follow during the moving process. Therefore, it is always a good idea to prepare in advance. Here are some of the things that you will need to obey when you prepare for an LA summer move. Depending on the size of your move and the specific circumstances, you may need permits for oversized vehicles or temporary street closures. Contact the appropriate authorities or your moving company for guidance on obtaining the necessary permits for your move.

Also, Los Angeles has noise ordinances in place to ensure peace and quiet for residents. Be mindful of noise levels during your move, especially if it involves late hours or heavy machinery. Avoid excessive noise that could disturb neighbors and potentially result in fines. Additionally, California has strict regulations regarding waste disposal and recycling. To reduce waste, make sure to properly dispose of any packing materials, boxes, or unwanted items according to local guidelines. Consider donating usable items to local charities or recycling centers.

Friends sitting on the grass and talking about how to prepare for an LA summer move
If possible, take some time to sit down and rest. Your health should be your top priority during the summer move.

Mind your health

And this means you should protect yourself from the sun. Now that your items are well taken care of, it is your turn. If you want to enjoy your new LA home to the fullest, you need to be healthy and in a good mood. Cover your skin with light-weight clothes, wear a hat sunglasses, and apply sunscreen. Drink a lot of water and take some breaks to grab a bite or eat a chocolate bar. If possible, stop by the road to sit in the shade and have a rest. Listen to your body and give yourself enough time to handle the situation. Don’t push yourself too much, as this can only worsen your condition. If you experience any signs of fatigue or exhaustion, stop and rest right away. This is the only right way to prepare for an LA summer move and keep your good health.

Make a plan for your pet

Bringing your furry friend on a journey may be tricky. That is why you should make good conditions so your pet doesn’t feel traumatized or lonely. If you don’t want to put your pet in a pet center, then prepare a bag with all of your pet essentials. These are water, food, medications, toys, bedding, and other items your pet uses. Put your pet in a pet carrier and place it in the back of the well-ventilated car. Make enough breaks so your pet can go to the toilet or drink water. After you settle in, go for long walks so your pet can adjust to Los Angeles. After you learn where vets, groomers, and dog parks are, you can start living your LA dream with your little buddy!

A cat and a dog lying in a sunny park
Your pets will be thankful if you provide good conditions during the summer move to LA.

Keep a positive attitude!

Remember that moving to LA in the summer is just the beginning of an exciting journey. Stay optimistic about the possibilities that lie ahead and trust that everything will fall into place with time. Keep a positive outlook and approach each day with gratitude and enthusiasm for the adventure ahead. Instead of dwelling on the challenges or inconveniences of moving, focus on the positive aspects and opportunities it brings. Celebrate small victories and milestones along the way, whether it’s finding the perfect apartment, making new friends, or discovering your favorite local spot.

Why Do People Move to Los Angeles in Summer?

First of all, if you want to enjoy wonderful weather all year long. Los Angeles has warm and sunny weather year-round, making it an attractive destination for those seeking a climate with mild winters and hot summers. People from colder regions may choose to relocate to LA in the summer to escape the cold and enjoy the abundant sunshine and outdoor activities. Next, Los Angeles is a perfect summer destination because there are so many things to do! You can go to the beach, hike up a mountain, go biking, surfing, and play beach volleyball. If you happen to move to LA, don’t miss the chance to visit the Hollywood Walk of Fame, a popular Venice Beach, The Getty Center, and the renowned Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Summer in LA Is All You Could Ask For

Are you ready to spend your next summer in Los Angeles? We are sure you can’t wait to do so! However, make sure you prepare for an LA summer move thoroughly. If you hire reliable movers, drink a lot of water, and protect yourself from the sun, you can have a smooth move. Moreover, choosing the right storage and handling the wild LA traffic are also things you need to do. Once everything is ready, you can start your adventure. Los Angeles is waiting for you with open arms.

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