How to pack and move IT equipment

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Moving is a big step in your life, and you are usually excited and can’t wait to get to your new apartment or house. However, before you get to the part, you must pass the daunting process of packing and relocating. Of course, when you hire professionals and reliable movers such as Royal Moving Company, this task gets a lot easier. Nevertheless, you still have a long way ahead of you. Packing clothes is boring and time-consuming, but it is not that difficult. When it comes to furniture, it is heavy, but once you’ve removed it, you are halfway down. Things are different with IT equipment. With those items, you have to be very careful. They are precious, yet easily damaged. So, what can you do? For starters, read on to learn how to pack and move IT equipment.

Hire professionals

When you want to pack your IT equipment, you may want to find professional help. Same as you need movers San Fernando Valley, you need professionals in IT to tell you how to treat your electronic devices. Your chosen moving company will probably be able to detach and reconnect your digital gadgets. This way you won’t have to trouble yourself with finding outside professionals. The moving professional will come to your location and examine your IT equipment. Regardless of how experienced your movers are, accidents sometimes occur. Consider purchasing the proper moving insurance if you want to protect your important possessions from potential hazards or prevent permanent damage. Your movers should refer you to a reliable third-party insurance provider if they are unable to provide the necessary kind of insurance.

To pack and move IT equipment, you have to unplug all the cables

Some of the reasons for hiring professionals when packing IT equipment are:

  • These items are fragile and breakable, so they can get damaged.
  • IT equipment usually consists of a lot of parts. If you lose any of them, it can be difficult or expensive to replace them.
  • There are a lot of cables, and it is easy to get lost when trying to plug them in.

The first step when you want to pack and move IT equipment is to make a plan

If you have a lot of items, the best thing you can do is to make a plan. Start packing with those things you don’t use very often, to the most used IT equipment. Make a list of all the items you own and decide when and how you are going to pack them. Packing and moving the IT equipment usually takes a lot of time. It is important to be patient and start on time. It is better to do it for a little longer than to lose or damage something if you do it in a hurry.

Get rid of useless items

You probably have some old parts of a computer or headphones that don’t work. Or, you have simply upgraded your equipment and you don’t want to use it anymore. In these cases, get rid of the items that don’t work. When it comes to those that you simply don’t need, you can donate them, or sell them on eBay. You probably won’t earn much. However, you will save some time, space, and money on relocation.

Before you pack and move IT equipment, take photographs

Take pictures of where the wires are meant to go before you start taking them out. All of your IT equipment will still need to be unpacked and set up from scratch. And attempting that without directions can be pretty challenging. So, before you disassemble anything for the transfer, make a list of where each cable goes. To make it simpler to reassemble your connections and ports, you might even want to think about naming them.

Don’t put too many pieces of the equipment in one box

Back up your data

Before unplugging and packing anything, make sure you have all the important data backed up. It is always better to be safe than sorry. Of course, with apartment movers Los Angeles, who will handle everything carefully, there is a small chance that something gets damaged. However, you never know with electronics. So, just in case, keep your important electronic documents in more than just one device.

Unplug all the cables and smaller parts

Make sure every gadget is turned off entirely before you start packing. Otherwise, you risk losing crucial data or harming your equipment. Then disconnect each electrically connected component. Finally, fully disassemble each gadget. To do this, all cables must be unplugged, all detachable components must be removed, and all displays, system units, keyboards, mice, speakers, scanners, and printers must be kept apart from one another. Moving IT equipment in pieces is safer and easier than moving it as a complete.

Professionals know how to move IT equipment

Start packing from the smallest pieces

The little loose components should be the first items you pack. This includes keyboards, mice, cords, and other small objects. Before placing them in a bag, organize your cords by the device they connect to and knot them together. Conversely, keyboards and mice may be transported in plastic bags next to one another, without securing them additionally.

Move on to the biggest items

Because they are big, but at the same time breakable, these items get easily damaged. For example, if you don’t protect the computer monitor the way you should, the glass can break before you even put it in the moving truck. Of course, furniture movers Los Angeles know how to transport these items safely and they handle them with great care. However, if you don’t protect them in bubble wrap, or put them in loose boxes, the movers can’t exactly do a lot to avoid the damage. So, prepare all the moving supplies, don’t put too many items in one box, and don’t leave free space in the boxes.

After the relocation

You have seen how to pack and move IT equipment, but you have to be careful when it comes to unpacking too. Unpack the biggest items first, then all the smallest ones. Carefully plug in all the necessary cables and parts. Again, call professionals, if necessary. Once you’ve done it, you can relax until your next move.

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