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During Christmas, Los Angeles shines with unique vibrancy and offers many free family events, capturing the festive spirit. This guide explores these events, showing how families can enjoy the season without spending much. Known for its diverse culture and dynamic lifestyle, Los Angeles turns into a festive paradise annually. The city dazzles with boat parade lights and heartwarming storytime events, providing various ways for families to celebrate. These events go beyond fun, building community spirit, and bringing holiday joy to everyone. For newcomers assisted by movers in Los Angeles, these free Christmas family events in LA are a perfect chance to discover the city’s festive charm and connect with the community.

Huntington Harbour Holiday Boat Parade

The Huntington Harbour Holiday Boat Parade is an annual spectacle that lights up the waters of Huntington Beach. This event, typically held in mid-December, features a flotilla of boats, each artfully decorated with festive lights and ornaments, parading through the harbor. It’s a visual feast that draws families from all over Los Angeles, offering a unique way to celebrate the holiday season. The reflection of the twinkling lights on the water creates a mesmerizing effect, enchanting viewers of all ages.

Huntington Boat Parade, one of the best free Christmas family events in LA
Huntington Harbour boat parade is considered by many to be among the best free Christmas family events in LA

This parade is more than just a display of lights; it’s a testament to the community’s creativity and collective spirit. The event often includes live commentary, adding an informative and entertaining dimension to the experience. For families, especially those newly relocated to the area by movers in Huntington Beach, this event is a delightful way to dive into the holiday spirit and witness a unique blend of nautical and Christmas traditions.

Holiday Storytime at Westfield Culver City

The Holiday Storytime at Westfield Culver City is a cherished event that brings the magic of Christmas stories to life. Set against the backdrop of the bustling mall, this event creates an oasis of enchantment where children can immerse themselves in the tales of the festive season. The event, typically held on weekends leading up to Christmas, features a selection of holiday stories, each chosen for their warmth and joyous spirit. The storytellers, often dressed in festive attire, add to the immersive experience with their animated and engaging narration styles.

It’s an opportunity for children to not only enjoy the stories but also interact, ask questions, and express their imagination. Beyond the storytelling, the event often includes related activities like coloring sessions or simple craft-making, making it a more interactive experience. For families in Culver City,  this event is a wonderful way to engage in community activities and indulge in the simple joys of the holiday season. So if this sounds appealing consider reaching out to movers in Culver City and have them move your belongings in time for the festivities.

Holiday Celebration at the Long Beach Towne Center

The Long Beach Towne Center becomes a hub of festive joy with its annual Holiday Celebration. This event, usually held throughout December, offers a diverse array of activities that cater to the entire family. The celebration includes live performances, featuring local musicians and dance groups who bring a mix of traditional and contemporary Christmas music and dance to the stage. The atmosphere buzzes with energy, as the performances are often interactive, encouraging audience participation.

A brass band performing Christmas music
Holiday celebration at the Long Beach Towne Center is rightfully considered to be one of the best free Christmas family events in LA

Alongside the entertainment, the event hosts a variety of craft workshops where families can engage in creating their own holiday decorations or gifts, adding a personal touch to the season. The presence of food stalls and hot chocolate stands adds to the festive ambiance, allowing families to enjoy seasonal treats as they partake in the activities. For families who have relocated to Long Beach, this event stands as a highlight among free Christmas family events in LA, offering a chance to make new memories and join in the communal celebration of the festive spirit. If you are moving to Long Beach and you do not want to sacrifice precious family time, think about contacting reliable movers in Long Beach CA. Let them deal with the moving logistics while you relax and enjoy the holidays.

Selfies With Santa – One of the Most Fun Free Christmas Family Events in LA

The ‘Selfies with Santa’ event at 2nd & PCH in Long Beach brings a contemporary twist to the classic Santa Claus experience. This event, perfect for the digital age, lets families capture their festive moments in a modern setting. Santa, dressed in his traditional red and white, is ready for selfies, creating a fun, interactive space for both kids and adults. The setting, decorated with festive ornaments, sets the scene for unforgettable holiday photos. Children get the chance to meet Santa, and families can craft personalized Christmas keepsakes. The casual, welcoming atmosphere is great for shy children who may find crowded, formal Santa encounters overwhelming. Local families will find this event a fresh, enjoyable way to celebrate the season and create lasting memories.

Yuletide Caroling at the Original Farmer’s Market

Yuletide Caroling at the Original Farmer’s Market in Los Angeles is a heartwarming event that revives the timeless tradition of Christmas caroling. Set in the iconic Farmer’s Market, this event features groups of carolers strolling through the market, their voices harmonizing with classic holiday songs. The carolers, often dressed in festive or period attire, add a touch of nostalgia and charm to the shopping experience. This event is not just about music; it’s an immersive experience that transports visitors to the essence of Christmas past.

Parents kissing their child
Spontaneous caroling performances contribute to the overall Christmas spirit of Los Angeles

The caroling is often spontaneous, with performances taking place at different spots throughout the market, making this one of the most enjoyable free Christmas family events in LA. It’s an ideal event for families looking to experience the traditional sounds of Christmas in a historic and lively setting. For those new to the area, particularly families, the Yuletide Caroling event is a perfect opportunity to experience the communal and joyful spirit of the season in one of LA’s most beloved locales. If you decide to move to Los Angeles and are worried about missing this festivity, you might benefit from hiring experienced movers in West Hollywood. These companies can make sure you move quickly and stress-free.

Menorah Lighting Ceremony at Ovation Hollywood

Ovation Hollywood hosts the Menorah Lighting Ceremony, a key event celebrating the Jewish festival of Hanukkah in Los Angeles. Each Hanukkah evening, this ceremony lights a new menorah candle, representing the festival’s ancient miracle. Music, traditional foods like latkes and sufganiyot (jelly donuts), and children’s activities such as dreidel games and crafts typically accompany the event.

The event honors Jewish traditions and welcomes people from all backgrounds, promoting inclusivity and cultural understanding. It often features speeches or stories about Hanukkah’s history and significance, providing an educational experience. For families, especially those new to Hollywood, the ceremony is a chance to engage in and learn about a unique cultural celebration, enhancing their insight into Los Angeles’ diverse community. If this sounds appealing you should consider reaching out to reliable movers in Hollywood CA and have them explain to you what to expect from this neighborhood.

Santa Claus at the Brentwood Country Mart

Santa Claus’s appearance at Brentwood Country Mart is a beloved Los Angeles family holiday tradition. Set in the Country Mart’s quaint and cozy surroundings, it allows children a more intimate and relaxed setting to meet Santa. The Brentwood Country Mart, unlike larger, more commercial venues, offers a homely and inviting atmosphere. This makes it a top choice for families wanting a personal and unhurried experience with Santa. The event typically includes a beautifully decorated Santa’s grotto. Here, children can sit and chat with Santa, share their Christmas wishes, and take photos.

Santa giving present to a child and one of the best free Christmas family events in LA you can't miss
Brentwood Country Mart holds its annual Santa meetup catered to their young neighbors

The calm environment is particularly suitable for younger children or those who might feel overwhelmed by larger crowds. In addition to meeting Santa, families can enjoy the various shops and eateries at the Country Mart, making it a full day of festive enjoyment.

Parks After Dark: Winter Wonderland

“Parks After Dark: Winter Wonderland” is a holiday event in various Los Angeles parks. It turns local parks into festive areas with lights, decorations, and seasonal activities. The aim is to give families a fun and safe holiday experience close to home. Each park lights up with decorations and has its own theme, making each visit different. There are activities for all ages, including:

  • Outdoor ice skating
  • Live music
  • Dance performances
  • Holiday craft workshops
A woman and a man in Santa Claus costumes walking a dog
At night Los Angeles parks take on a whole new look

Visitors can also enjoy food trucks and stalls selling hot drinks and snacks. The event is a chance for the community to come together, with local organizations and volunteers helping out. This event is more than just fun; it’s about community, celebrating the season, and enjoying LA’s parks. It’s perfect for creating new holiday traditions and memories, especially for local residents or those new to the area.

’Twas the Heist Before Christmas Escape Room

The ‘Twas the Heist Before Christmas Escape Room offers a unique and interactive family experience during the holiday season. Located centrally, this escape room is designed with a festive theme, providing a fun and engaging holiday adventure. The storyline typically revolves around a holiday heist where families work together to solve puzzles and clues to ‘save Christmas.’ The escape room is designed to be age-appropriate, making it a suitable activity for families with children. It’s not only a fun experience but also an excellent way for families to engage in teamwork and problem-solving.

The escape room injects excitement into traditional holiday activities, offering families a fresh approach to creating Christmas traditions. Its appeal lies in providing an adventurous alternative to typical holiday events, making festive celebrations more thrilling. Families, especially newcomers to Los Angeles seeking distinctive holiday experiences, will find the ‘Twas the Heist Before Christmas Escape Room an exhilarating and unforgettable adventure.

Annual Lighting of the Bay – One of the Best Free Christmas Family Events in LA

The Annual Lighting of the Bay at Newport Beach is a captivating event that marks the beginning of the holiday season for many families in Los Angeles. This event, typically held in early December, transforms the bay into a luminous spectacle. Hundreds of floating lights are set adrift, creating a mesmerizing reflection on the water that is visible from various points around the bay. The event often begins with a festive ceremony that includes live music performances, creating a joyous atmosphere. Food stalls and vendors selling holiday treats add to the festive feel, making it a perfect outing for families.

A crowd lighting lanterns at one of the best free Christmas family events in LA
The view of hundreds of lanterns illuminating the sky is sure to leave you speechless

The Lighting of the Bay shines bright with Santa Claus’s arrival by boat, captivating children and adults. More than a visual feast, it unites the community to welcome the holiday season in a festive atmosphere. For new families in the area, helped by local movers in Los Angeles, this event is a magical embodiment of Southern California’s Christmas spirit.

Come and Enjoy the Holiday Season in LA!

Los Angeles offers a wide range of free Christmas events perfect for families. You can enjoy everything from boat parades at Huntington Harbour to the ‘Twas the Heist Before Christmas Escape Room. These free Christmas family events in LA are great for fun, bringing people together, and making memories. These free Christmas events in LA are a great way for families, including newcomers, to enjoy the holiday season. They offer a look at LA’s holiday scene, from traditional to modern and cultural to creative. Participating in these events helps you become part of LA’s community during Christmas. We suggest families take advantage of these free events. Christmas is a time for joy, community, and creating memories, and LA’s variety of events has something for every family to enjoy.

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