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Before you jump into the relocation process, you need to thoroughly prepare for it. First of all, you should learn about the tasks that are coming your way, because if you successfully anticipate them, they will be much easier to handle. Then, if you’re moving to Downey, it certainly won’t hurt to get to know the city and what it’s like to live there. This article will help you with this part. And, in the end, if you want to be 100% sure that your Downey relocation ends up being a success, asking for some moving help Los Angeles should be at the top of your list.

What to expect from Downey?

Downey is a wonderful place sitting just 13 miles southeast of Los Angeles. The population of the city is just a little over 100,000 residents, and it offers you a great, and cheap alternative to LA. Downey will give you the opportunity to experience more than just a glimpse of LA life. And, at the same time, it will spare you from all the city noise. It’s a mix of urban and suburban, and as such, it is great for family life. Plus, if you’re already working, or wish to work, in Los Angeles, it is only a short ride away so you’ll be able to do this without any problems. And, finally, it’s quite easy to relocate there, because there are moving companies Downey that will expertly transfer you in the blink of an eye. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Downey is one of the best places to live in California. especially for people who are looking to start a family life.

Benefits of Downey relocation from a financial point of view

Living in Downey instead of Los Angeles will give you the opportunity to save some money. Especially if you have a job in LA with a respectable salary by LA standards while living in Downey. But, even without this, salaries in Downey are quite good and the cost of living is 15% lower than in LA. Truth be told, judging by USA standards, we should say that the City of Downey can be considered an expensive place. The cost of living in Downey is 50% higher than the nation’s average. But, compared to LA, it is significantly cheaper. That is actually the reason why many residents of Los Angeles have lately decided (especially after the outbreak of COVID-19) to move to Downey.

Housing prices

Let’s take a look at the largest expense that falls into the cost of living. That’s housing. Real estate prices are often the main motivation among American movers. This is because we’re talking about significant amounts of money that need to be spent in order to become a homeowner. Even with rent, it is still a big deal, because the quality of your life might depend on it. The median home price in Downey is $825,000, which isn’t cheap. But, it is still nowhere near as large as the median home price in Los Angeles, which is $1M. Plus, these are only averages, so if you want to pay less for your future home, you will find decent houses or apartments in Downey that barely pass the $600,000 mark.

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The cost of living in Downey is much lower than in Los Angeles, so you’ll have more money to spend on yourself.

The other thing we need to cover is rent. There’s an even bigger gap between LA and Downey when it comes to rents because Los Angeles is infamous for jaw-dropping rental prices. So, renters who are moving from LA to Downey have every reason to be excited about life in Downey. Now, we’re going to give you the average price based on the size of the unit, which will give you the best idea on how affordable the rents in Downey really are.

  1. Studio apartment – $1,500
  2. 1-bedroom apartment – $1,850
  3. 2-bedroom apartment – $2,300
  4. 3-bedroom apartment – $3,800
  5. 4-bedroom apartment – $4,200

When you compare these prices with the ones in LA, where the average rent for a 2-bedroom apartment is $3,400, you’ll see why so many people are calling apartment movers Los Angeles to help them relocate to Downey.

Downey relocation: How to do it right?

The first step towards a successful relocation is a good plan. It makes the whole process much easier, and you’ll be able to navigate the upcoming tasks without major issues. So, if you want a well-organized relocation, we definitely recommend that, create a moving checklist before jumping into the process. Speaking of a moving checklist, there is something that each and every one of them should have as a priority. That something is hiring professional moving assistance.

movers holding a couch
If you want a safe Downey relocation, consider asking for expert moving assistance.

At times, it might seem that a DIY move is completely manageable. However, the truth is, it can be way more difficult than you think. Relocation is an exhausting process and hiring movers would relieve you of the majority of these tasks. For example, packing is one of the worst tasks during the move, and if you ask for professional packing services Los Angeles, you will avoid the whole process. And even when you put this aside, moving with experts is, most importantly, the safest option. There will be no need to worry about the safety of your belongings when experienced professionals are handling your Downey relocation. This is why hiring qualified and reputable movers is highly recommended.


There you go. We reached the end of this article, and we hope that you’ve found it helpful. As you were able to see, Downey is definitely a great place to live. One more thing we need to mention about this city is that its residents will welcome you with open arms. With such friendly neighborhoods and a lower cost of living than in Los Angeles, giving a chance to Downey will most certainly be worth it. And, remember, if you want your Downey relocation to be silky smooth, and more importantly, safe, you should ask moving professionals for some help. Good luck!

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