Best Christmas decorations to make your home merry after moving to LA

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Not every house we move into will be our home. That is if we do not make it our home. During the holidays, especially Christmas, our houses feel like homes a lot more. This is due to Christmas decorations that make our home much more comfortable and inviting. Because of that, today we are going to help you decorate your home after moving, to make it inviting and comfortable. Generally, after Royal Moving & Storage Inc LA helps you relocate, you might have a tough time adapting to your new home. This is often an issue when moving. However, once you unpack and redecorate your home with Christmas ornaments, the house will shine a new light. Moving during the holidays will require a lot more work than usual. On the other hand, one of the biggest advantages of that is the chance to quickly settle into a new home.

Christmas decorations that will make your home merrier

So, you decided to move to the biggest city in the state of California? Los Angeles is a city in Los Angeles County, in the basin in Southern California, on the shoreline of the Pacific Ocean. Due to its position, climate, and entertainment industry, the city of Los Angeles represents the central hub of the West Coast.

a panoramic view of the city of LA
Although snow is not common in LA, that does not mean that the Christmas spirit should not exist

With a diverse and robust economy, the city is constantly attracting new people. Furthermore, with a population of nearly 3.9 million, LA is the second-largest city in the US. Because of this, you might expect crowds of people and heavy traffic throughout the city. Especially during the Christmas holiday. Moreover, because the city is big, you might have a hard time adapting to it at first. So, think about inviting your family and friends to your Christmas party after you settle into your new home.

The Christmas tree corner

No Christmas can pass without a Christmas tree. However, there is more to it than placing ornaments on a tree. So, let us start from the tree itself. What kind of a tree would you want? An artificial one or a real one? This is important because each requires different preparation and work put into acquiring it. Although a real tree would be better, it will create more mess. On the other hand, artificial ones are not as “Christmasy” as the real ones.

Whatever your choice might be, you will also have to work on the surrounding area around the tree. Placing presents for your loved ones, decorating the floor with some hay, or fake snow, etc. Basically, the tree corner should be much more than just a tree placed in it. So, get in touch with local movers Los Angeles and relocate before Christmas.

Is it really Christmas if we do not put the string lights up?

One of the most common and recognizable Christmas decorations is the string lights. Apart from being the telltale sign that Christmas is coming, these lights often put the right atmosphere in our home, and outside of it. Luckily, placing string lights does have to be strictly for inside, but outside as well. This opens up a lot more options when it comes to decorating.

a decorated Christmas tree with string lights as the key component for the Christmas decorations of any sort
From the Christmas tree to every room in the house, string lights offer a great mood setter

Moreover, the best thing about string lights is that they last a long time. Therefore, you can easily use the ones you used last year. Furthermore, because you are or did move, it is best that you store your Christmas ornaments in a storage unit in Los Angeles until you complete the unpacking and settling-in process. More importantly, the string lights can either set a certain mood or create a colorful and festive atmosphere.

Pay attention to small details when you put up the Christmas decorations in your new home

We understand that it might be difficult to go through the process of decorating right after moving. However, this is not something that will take a lot of your time. Furthermore, many people find it quite relaxing and therapeutic. Of course, this does not mean that you have to spend half an hour doing every piece of ornament in your home. Instead, think about where you want to place smaller ornaments and things like:

  • Stockings
  • Santa/Nutcracker figurines
  • Setting up the Nativity scene
  • Candles and other holiday figurines

More importantly, find a way to make the place merry, but not overwhelmed with ornaments. Because of this, you will have to spend time planning and focusing on how you want to do it. The smaller ornaments will probably take the most of your time, but in the end, it will be worth it.

string lights onto a piece of wood, as a holiday decoration
The string lights, as well as other ornaments, can also be placed outside, to create a much welcoming atmosphere

Use the lights, the greenery, and other small ornaments for the key parts of your home

Garlands, wreaths, and potted plants are just some of the things that will serve as a great way to pop up the key parts of your home. From your front door to the staircase and other key components of your home, you can create the perfect and inviting decoration. All you need to do is, hang garlands and wreaths to make them stand out.

Furthermore, garlands are very versatile. So, you can use them above the fireplace, on your Christmas tree, on the door and window frames, etc. In addition, you can mix garlands with string lights to create a nice decoration. Even if you are moving on a longer distance, you can rely on long distance movers Los Angeles to help you relocate your belongings safely. Wreaths are quite fragile, if you plan to transport them, so be careful.

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