9 Tips for Moving With Kids

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Numerous moving tips flood the internet, but navigating a move with children presents a unique challenge. While adults may recognize that moving is an inevitable part of life, for children, it can be seismic, especially if relocation becomes a frequent occurrence. Circumstances sometimes force us to uproot and leave our current homes, and while this is a reality adults may comprehend, it can be extremely difficult for children. You should not feel a burden of guilt because of this. Instead, you should take extra measures to minimize the impact of relocation on your little ones. Start with hiring Royal Moving & Storage Inc company to help you easily plan and execute your relocation. For more practical steps, continue reading. These tips for moving with kids aim to assist you in doing just that.

Tips for moving with kids

Relocation is never easy, but if you are moving with kids, it can be quite challenging. Kids are more sensitive when it comes to changing places and environments. So, you should be especially careful. As soon as you decide to move, start with preparations. Moving preparations takes time, and it can be even harder with kids. To begin, set up your budget. If you are moving with your family, it is important to know how much you can spend, and be sure you have enough money until you find a new job, if you don’t have one already. These are the following steps:

  • Declutter your home
  • Learn as much as you can about your new city
  • Don’t minimize your children’s concerns
  • Check out kid-friendly places and activities in your new neighborhood
  • Make setting up your child’s room a priority
  • Make an effort to reconnect with your child’s old friends
  • Enlist the help of family and friends
  • Wait until your child is asleep (or in school) to pack up their stuff
  • Don’t let your child see your Goodwill donations
  • Have a going away party
  • Allow some grace for the entire family
  • Hire a reliable moving company
Parents with a kid and sales agent after reading tips for moving with kids
Moving with children requires a good strategy and preparation, so you need to read tips for moving with kids

For a smooth transition to your new home, starting on time and setting up a budget is important, but so are hiring the right movers and talking with your kids. Prepare them for the next step. Look up with them on the internet potential new schools or kindergartens for your children.

Before the move

Even though decluttering is not something you need to do only when moving with kids, it is a very important step. Go through your belongings and decide what to keep or toss. This task has a lot of benefits. First, you can eliminate the items you do not need or use anymore. You will downsize the number of items to pack and reduce packing and moving costs. By doing this, you can sell the items in good condition and earn some money that will be useful for the moving budget. Or, you can donate your items to some charity organization. So, it is a win-win situation. It may be better not to have your kids around during this task. Kids can be very attached to some toys and personal items, so throwing them away can be stressful. 

This is when you call your friends or family and ask them to watch for your kids until you are done. Once you know what to keep, it is time to pack. You will need a lot of packing supplies, especially boxes. Or, you can ask for a packing service Los Angeles. Let experienced movers pack and transport your belongings. You will not have to worry and have more time to spend with your kids and prepare them for the relocation. 

Make setting up your child’s room a priority

Moving can induce fear and anxiety in a child, especially if they are too young to grasp the concept. Your child may not fully comprehend the situation. All they see is their toys and belongings being packed away, and they feel compelled to leave friends behind, particularly if the move entails changing schools. To ease the transition for your child, prioritize setting up their room promptly. Unpack their belongings, arrange furniture, and position toys in a manner reminiscent of their old room. This quick action can help them regain a sense of normality amidst the changes. It would even be okay to let them help with packing up. In this way, they will have a sense of control. Let your residential movers Los Angeles locals recommend, know that maybe your kids will be around. You should find movers who will understand your situation.

Make an effort to reconnect with your child’s old friends

Children are remarkably adaptable and often form new friendships swiftly. However, it’s crucial to facilitate connections with their old friends too. If your previous home is still within driving distance, occasionally take your kids for playdates with their old pals. Alternatively, leverage video calls if physical visits aren’t feasible. Another idea is to organize a substantial sleepover for your children once the new house is settled, inviting all their old friends. Allowing them to share their new space with familiar faces is a reliable method to help them establish a sense of belonging. While moving with kids can be challenging, especially for them, taking proactive measures can significantly ease the process. 

Two kids playing
Organize a gathering with old friends for your kids.

Check out kid-friendly places and activities in your new neighborhood

While your child is making connections at their new school, be prepared to take on the dual role of parent and playmate. Enhance your child’s moving experience by orchestrating enjoyable, thrilling adventures in your new neighborhood. Use Google and research, or drive around and look for places like arcades, indoor trampoline parks, toy stores, amusement parks, libraries, or any other place that welcomes children and can help ease them into their new neighborhood. Looking for places to entertain your kids will do good for you, too. You will get to know your new neighborhood better and the city, in general. Exploring the city will help you and your kid not feel like strangers.

Enlist the help of family and friends

Moving can be a daunting task, especially for children. Inject some enjoyment into the process by seeking assistance from family and friends. On moving days, entrust your kids to the care of trusted individuals who can take them to places like a pizza joint, the park, or a bowling alley—anywhere they find delight. If the friend or family member is familiar with your former community, let your kids spend the day at their house, reconnecting with old neighborhood friends. This arrangement gives you the freedom to maximize your time without constant concern and grants your children a necessary break from the demands of the moving process.

You can include them in this process, but you don’t have to. It really depends on the kid, the time you have at your disposal and the communication with your movers. Be aware that this is a very stressful moment for your kids and that you should start on time to talk about the entire situation and moving process. If you think they would feel better if they participated, let them be. But what is crucial is to start soon with preparations. If moving with kids doesn’t go as smoothly as you thought, it turns out that it is better to ask some close people to help you and take care of them.

A kid asleep
You can wait until your kid is asleep to pack their stuff

Wait until your child is asleep (or in school) to pack up their stuff

Yes, if you do not feel like packing with kids would not go smoothly, arrange that they are not around if you are hiring some of the long distance moving companies Los Angeles citizens recommend. If you have a toddler or a younger child, you’ll likely agree that an excellent moving tip is to wait until your child is not present before packing up their belongings. Have you ever attempted to fill a box with books and other items only to see your child empty it within seconds? This experience can be emotionally taxing for both the child and the parent. To avoid such situations, wait until your little one is out of the way, and always be sure to leave a few of their favorite toys out.

Don’t let your child see your Goodwill donations

Even though your kids may go for months without playing with a specific toy, the moment you suggest donating or giving it away, they can suddenly form an emotional attachment. Maybe your child doesn’t share this tendency, but many children do. Similar to the earlier moving tip, consider waiting until your child is asleep, at school, or elsewhere before assembling your donation pile — especially before placing any of their belongings in it. This approach tends to be less dramatic. So, prepare the pile for donations before you assign local movers Los Angeles habitants recommend packing and transporting your items.

Parents playing with a kid
Don’t forget about your child’s needs after reading tips for moving with kids

Don’t minimize your children’s concerns

Certainly, it might be frustrating to repeatedly explain the concept of “moving” to your toddler, but it’s crucial not to downplay their concerns. Acknowledge that they are undergoing a significant life transition accompanied by many emotions. Take the time to listen to them and try to clarify things as effectively as you can, even if you’ve already done so numerous times today.

Have a going away party

Farewells are never easy, but parties can be enjoyable! One of the tips for moving with kids is to allow your children to host a gathering with their friends a few days before the move for a final celebration. Who knows, it might just add a touch of positivity to the overall moving experience. Also, you can invite your friends. This is a good opportunity to use all the food from the fridge before cleaning it for the relocation. So, take out all the food, prepare snacks and drinks, and have a goodbye party for your friends and family.

Party in the garden and people around the table
Host a goodbye party for your and your kid’s friends.

Allow some grace for the entire family

While routines are beneficial for maintaining order in a child’s life, it’s perfectly fine if your child, who typically goes to bed at eight o’clock, stays up until nine or ten during the first week in their new room. If you ordered pizza three times this week, don’t worry; your children probably appreciate it. Don’t allow guilt to overwhelm you because you haven’t perfectly “held everything together” during the move. Take a moment to relax. Everything will be okay. Embrace your time with family, savor the moving experience, and relish your new home. Grab a slice of pizza and just unwind, alright?

Hire a trusted moving company

One of the tips for moving with kids is looking for skilled movers who can significantly alleviate the stress associated with the process. Hiring professionals ensures a smoother transition, minimizing the risk of damage to your belongings. To find reliable movers, seek recommendations from friends, family, or colleagues who have recently moved. Trusted word-of-mouth suggestions can guide you to reputable moving services Los Angeles movers offer. Additionally, explore online reviews and testimonials to further validate potential movers’ credentials. Requesting a moving quote is crucial. It provides transparency regarding costs and aids in budget planning.

Two persons carrying boxes after reading tips for moving with kids
Maybe you can handle it alone, but it is way better to hire a moving company.

Skillful movers offer physical assistance and a comprehensive service that includes packing, loading, transportation, and unloading. This holistic approach ensures a hassle-free move. Investing in experienced movers saves time and effort and guarantees a smooth and secure transition to your new home. Make your move a breeze with professional moving services in Los Angeles. This is a big deal when moving with kids.

A Move With Kids Can Be Enjoyable

Moving with kids is undoubtedly complex, but incorporating thoughtful strategies can be a positive and transformative experience for the entire family. Implementing tips for moving with kids can greatly ease the emotional impact on children. Remember, it’s essential to acknowledge and address the unique challenges children face during a move. Their emotional well-being should remain a priority. The moving process can be turned into an opportunity for growth and creating lasting memories.

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