Packing and Moving Your Bathroom

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When packing and moving your bathroom, begin the process by sorting your bathroom items. Some common bathroom groupings include cosmetics, feminine care products, hair care products, toiletries, cleaning supplies, first aid items, medicine, paper products, and towels and linens. Once you have everything sorted according to category, create an essentials box. The essentials box includes everything that you need every day. This box is appropriately labeled and easy to find when it is time to settle into the first night at your new residence because it has everything you need for the first 24 hours, or more, depending on how long it takes you to unpack after moving. In other words, all your essential bathroom items are in this box, so that you will not need to dig through numerous containers to find what you need to shower and prepare for the night and next day. After your essentials box is complete, you can begin packing the rest of your bathroom. First, clearly label all your moving containers, so that you know where your boxes belong after moving them to your new residence. Second, line boxes that contain small items, like bobby pins, or fragile items, with towels to avoid loss and damage. Third, use grocery bags to wrap up plungers and other nasty bathroom items to keep germs from getting on your other belongings. Fourth, put bottles like shampoo and conditioner in gallon plastic bags, Ziploc bags, or use plastic wrap to prevent leaks and spills during your move. Fifth, remember, boxes with towels and washcloths crush easily, so fill the boxes tightly and to the very top. Sixth, boxes with toiletries should be small because large boxes become cumbersome, and make sure to fill all the container’s gaps with packing paper, bubble wrap, towels or washcloths. Next, ensure that everything you pack is dry, from towels to shower curtains, to avoid mildew and mold. Finally, wrap fragile bathroom items like appliances and mirrors with packing paper and bubble wrap that is taped at the end to ensure the items do not come unwrapped.

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