Packing and Moving Jewelry

Packing and Moving Jewelry

To ensure that you do not damage valuable and sentimental pieces of jewelry, there are a several things you must do to safeguard these precious items when packing and moving it. First, earrings get tangled and hooked together easily during a move if you do not take precautions. To avoid damaged earrings while moving use pill organizers to pack them. Place one pair of earrings in each of the separated slots and then wrap the pill organizer in bubble wrap or packing paper. Second, gems can fall out of your rings during a move if you are not careful. To remedy this, egg cartons are great containers to place your rings for safe transportation. Be sure to use a clean and sturdy carton and put one ring in each individual cup. After placing your rings in each cup, fill the rest of the space with packing paper or cotton, close the box, tape it shut, and wrap the entire carton with bubble wrap or packing paper to protect it from damage. Third, bracelets and necklaces become tangled easily on themselves or with other jewelry during a move, which causes damage. Therefore, use drinking straws to safely secure your bracelets and necklaces and keep them from getting knotted. Take a regular drinking straw and cut it if needed for bracelets or short necklaces. Slide the chain through the straw and clasp the end, so that the necklace or chain stays straight when it is packed. Next, remember, a jewelry boxe is designed to protect your jewelry, so use it during your move if you have one. Finally, after properly securing your jewelry, transport it in your own personal vehicle instead of placing it on a moving truck. This will ensure that all your valuable items stay upright and is protected during the transfer to your new residence. 

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