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Moving your office is frustrating because you cannot shut down your business during your move but It’s also difficult to conduct normal business. First, understand that during the moving process, production is reduced because computer networks need to be re-established and office furniture needs to be re-organized to fit the new space. Second, plan the move with key members of your organization three to five months in advance of moving week. Every critical member of the office must take on a portion of the overall responsibility of the move with key deadlines included. You will also need a “moving manager” to keep the process organized and make sure this that person’s number one priority until the transition is complete. Third, this process involves a blueprint of the new office, and an outline of where you will place teams and their office furniture, as well as where you will place common areas. Fourth, you must establish a moving budget and work out the costs in a spreadsheet. Do your very best to not stray far from the maximum amount allowed, which requires a lot of discipline. Finally, when hiring an office moving company to transport your entire business, find a reliable mover with a great track record of moving offices.

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